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Guardian Angels

We'll Protect Liz from

Evil Church!

3/24/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The L.A. chapter of the Guardian Angels is on "full alert" -- and ready for action -- after those evil people from that evil church in Kansas announced they would be protesting Liz Taylor's funeral ... TMZ has learned.


Peter Steeves -- a proud supporter of the red beret -- tells us ... "[Those evil people] have been arrested for doing this before, and if they get out of hand here in L.A., we'll see to it that it happens again, and I'll be signing their arrest documents."

As TMZ first reported, the funeral is set to go down later today -- we're told the Angels are currently "getting ready."

Stay tuned.


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In my humble opinion, this so call "church" displays hate and evil instead of Christian love. They need to lose their non-profit status because they are not a church but a temple of hate.

1287 days ago


I've seen several people here bring up the maibn point of the WBC, publicity for Fred Phelps, not any message but Fred. The WBC is composed completely of his family members and most are lawyers to help with the law cases. When his press coverage and attention drop he jumps on this or the tragedy in Japen. I have no doubt he probably is checking these comments too, to feed his need for attention. The way I understand things, having the guardian angels there isn't needed, they usually know the exact laws where they are and will push them as far as they can to make sure they get the attention Fred needs so much. If you think he is horribly, check out the information about Kevin Smith's new movie Red State.

1287 days ago

PRO US    

This church attack. This church on crack. This cult tumult. This cult occult.

1287 days ago


How about the gay community organizing a "Kiss In" at the same location as any of the protests?

1287 days ago

Tom Jones    

You'll need the Hell's Angels as well.

1287 days ago


Religion is the ROOT OF ALL EVIL

Do away with it and we all grow up

1287 days ago


What are Fred Phelps and the WBC afraid of? Rainbows? Unicorns? A flaming pink queer apocalypse? I attempted to address this with a portrait of the good reverend on my artist’s blog at Drop in and let me know what you think!

1287 days ago


If those knuckle draggers had any brains they would have known that a Jewish funeral takes place (usually) within 24hrs of death... Glad they missed it, but angry that they do their bile dumping at services for our fallen military.

1287 days ago

Mac McNeill    

I would bet if some body actually shot them the cops would say they couldn't find the culprit. They would just walk away, not even bother to look for a shooter.

Face it people as long as there is Press giving them news they will protest. The press is just as guilty as they are.

1287 days ago


1287 days ago


how dare TMZ insult that horses arse by superimposing the name of those freaks on it!

1287 days ago


Thank you TMZ for not giving the name of "those evil people." They don't deserve any media attention. Thanks again!

1287 days ago


These idiots were supposed to protest a military funeral where I live. We were ready for them with umbrellas to block them from the family and the service. Thank God they didn't show up. If this is a matter of freedom of speech, then why is it that they can get away with saying outlandish things, but if we say anything back to them, they can sue us, and win? Where are our rights? I was told when I went to this military funeral not to say anything to these ppl, or they could sue me. Unbelievable!!!

1287 days ago


The truth about the child abusing, possible child molester Phelps..what happened in Phelps' childhood to abuse his wife and children, spread hate?

1287 days ago


Just a fundamentally ignorant, hateful, embarrassing organization that has no followers except for the family members of their deeply closeted founder. I wish them nothing but eternal irrelevance and an eternity of shame.

1287 days ago
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