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Celeb Chef -- Too Busy for 'Make-A-Wish' Kid

3/25/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Make-a-Wish Foundation had to break some bad news to a 6-year-old cancer patient this week ... when Food Network star Ina Garten informed them she was too busy to cook a meal with the boy ... TMZ has learned.

Ina Garten Enzo

A family member involved with the Make-A-Wish foundation tells us ... a little boy named Enzo was approached by the organization after he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia three years ago.

Enzo told Make-A-Wish ... he really wanted to cook with the "Barefoot Contessa" host because he would often watch the show with his mother while resting in bed.

M.A.W. approached Garten with the wish last year ... but at the time, she was unable to meet with Enzo due to a book tour.  The organization urged Enzo to pick another wish, but he told them he wanted to wait until she becomes available.

We're told the organization went back to Ina this year ... but her team responded with a "definite no" ... once again, citing scheduling conflicts. 

A member of Enzo's family says the 6-year-old is heartbroken ... and asked parents, "Why doesn't she want to meet me?"

When we called Make-A-Wish for comment on this story, they told us, "From time to time, planning for wishes doesn't turn out as originally envisioned, despite people’s best intentions and efforts throughout the wish-granting process."

They noted that Ina is a "good friend" of the foundation.

A rep for Garten tells us, "Despite her demanding schedule, [Ina] participates and helps as many organizations as she can throughout the year, helping children and adults like Enzo with life threatening and compromising illnesses.

The rep continues, "Unfortunately, as much as she would like to, it's absolutely impossible for her to grant every request she receives."

We're told Enzo has now made a new wish -- he wants to swim with dolphins ... and he's already taking lessons to make his dream come true.


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Remember the old adage "to those much is given.....much is EXPECTED! " That is what comes with the territory of being on TV and in the spotlight.. She mentions in every episode she lives in the Hamptons...and has Mel Brooks and other celebrities as her neighbors.....yet saddends me to see that after watching her all these years, she is nothing more than a fraud. She is truly a heartless person, only looking to hob-knob and rub elbows for her image - and that is really very sad. I WILL NOT buy anything associated with her on TV.....i hope she is happy sitting in her big house.....making foods for her rich friends....and she has to hope that none of THEM get stricken with cancer....or none of the friends children get sick with cancer...and have their last wish on Earth denied. The shoe pinches when it is on YOUR foot Ina.....just remember that. Every dog has its day....and yours WILL come. Only bad karma comes from being this mean and selfish...Glad Enzo will ride the Dolphins and have a nice time in San Diego......believe me..he is better off being with Dolphins than with a uncaring fat elephant like Ina.

1209 days ago


Ok, Ina probably didn't handle the situation correctly, but let's not jump to conclusions or name calling. Nobody has any idea what kind of schedule she may or may not have. Meeting with a MAW kid would involve cameras, and LOTS of time. If she seriously just, "blew him off twice" then I believe it's fair to to come to a conclusion about her work with charity. However if she WAS really busy she should of offered a more conducive time for her, so she's at least reaching out to him and showing him that she cares and would still like to meet him.

If you aren't a fan of Ina so be it. (I happen to love her shows and recipes) Her show, her clothes, have nothing to do with this situation. Let's be real people, she just handled the situation poorly....doesn't make her a bad person.

1209 days ago

Lisa E.    

Well CdB, obviously you haven't lost a child if you even have children, which I hope you don't, children die everyday yes and it's a tragedy, we will never meet b/c you and I are not going to be spending eternity in the same place, I'll be with the angels and you'll be casted into the lake of fire with that mentality!!!! Rot you old dirty pig!!!!

1207 days ago


**** that Bitch. She'll get hers.

1207 days ago


Bad,bad guilt trip all around. If you remove the emothional component it's just a bunch of whining. "My kid did'nt get what he/she deserved." Take care of your sick family member. That's the priority. Stop thinking everybody owes you something.
Being a care aide working in acute care settings, regardless of age or diagnosis, they ALL have wishes!

1204 days ago

Connie Benton    

I hope this **** can sleep at night. How hard is it to go and visit the child in the hospital, or at least invite the child on her show. What a sorry bitch.

1202 days ago


To all of you who are crucifying Ina Garten. You're all a bunch of goofs falling for all of this. That kids' mother now has a paypay account and is asking for donations to help her and her child.
Nice eh? why don't you pour your madness into her paypal account, it will make you feel better.

1199 days ago


2 words come to mind, selfish and bitch. Put them together and you've got this pre madona, self assuming 'chef'. I try not to wish bad upon anyone, and thankfully I don't believe I will need to. Stick a fork in her career, she's done!

1196 days ago


Unbelievable. I am sure Make A Wish is not knocking down her door with requests of her time. In my book, this is one foundation like none other. Regardless of busy celebrity schedules, this Ina-idiot or any of her ilk should drop whatever they are doing to honor requests such as this. Has she heard the concept of KARMA!!!

1195 days ago


Dear Enzo, better to swim with the dolphins that cook with Shamu.

1193 days ago


I watch her show all the time and liked it,alway's thought she was kind of sweet,, till i heard what she did to make a wish,not going to watch her anymore,you can tell by the friends she has on her show, she thinks she is better than everyone and you never see no children on her show, ever.

1176 days ago


wow shocking, i'm sorry but you'd make time for a child dying of cancer, has she no heart?

1172 days ago


Wow-I will never watch her show again & I wish her ill will.
what a mean mean woman.Hope you rot in hell!

1168 days ago


Ina is a fat selfish pig. I will take my Barefoot Contessa cookbooks down to the dumpster tonight and never watch her silly show again. I've heard her ridiculous "don't have any fun until I get back" and "how easy is that?" line one too many times!

1167 days ago

Plinky Plunky    

Just because someone is a celebrity it doesn't mean they have to jump up for every charity that happens to ask them.
Just because someone is dying it doesn't mean you should grant his every wish.

1152 days ago
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