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Jaden Smith

I'm Not Dead

3/24/2011 5:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jaden Smith is ALIVE -- very alive -- despite some sick, stupid BOGUS Internet report that he died in a snowboarding accident in Switzerland.

Jaden Smith
Just like Will Ferrell, Adam Sandler, Jeff Goldblum, Urkel and Pat Sajak ... some moron published a FALSE report thinking it would be funny. 

But Smith's rep tells us, "It's absolutely not true."

So, there ya go ...

Jaden Smith.
1998 - ???


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You can buy fame for a bit but not talent. He will never dip into the top 20. Hey maybe they can start a new Cosby show.

1253 days ago


Too bad it wasnt true

1253 days ago



1253 days ago


That's not funny, but you know what is funny? The Clap!

1253 days ago


to all u haters go hug transformer!,will smith and his family will always be safe in jesus name!.

1253 days ago


my little sister thinks you're really cute and talented...when are you coming to New Jersey?

1253 days ago

J Johnson    

When did they stop teaching spelling in American schools? Three quarters of the people on here couldn't spell cat if you spotted them the c and the a...

1253 days ago


/b/ strikes again

good jorb /b/rothers

Posted at 2:18 PM on Mar 24, 2011 by Coolface

1253 days ago


He did die. Xenu brought him back to life.

1253 days ago

Bobby Joe    

All the Gayden lovers spell like they have a head injury.

1253 days ago


So many racists writing hateful posts on TMZ's stories. A preponderance of anti-Black slurs, a heavy sprinkling of anti-Jewish insults and a few flashes of anti-White curses and anti-Asian attacks. For instance, Blacks reading many of the posts on this story would probably reflexively start to hate whites just in self-defense at seeing a Black child and Blacks in general being attacked so viciously. If the Blacks reading those posts were very understanding, they might just pity those hateful whitefolk and think there's no hope for them. But the haters here don't have the capacity to feel empathy so they'll never, even as an experiment, for 1 minute, put themselves in the shoes of a Black man and imagine how he would feel reading these hateful posts. If that hateful White guy did that, he might feel guilty, embarrassed or ashamed, but since he won't do that, he'll keep feeling he's so smart, so funny and so superior.

Of course, most people posting here are regular, normal people who work hard, love their families, friends and country and believe in traditional values of honesty, hard work, decency and charity. But they don't want to get involved so they will never comment about all the sickening posts by prejudiced people.

But there are also many others who, like little children who cannot control their impulses, run amuck, spewing venomous vitriol against groups they've been brainwashed to hate, against people they've never met and do not know. They just assume those people are bad because they look different or worship in another way than they do or even speak with a different accent or wear a dress instead of pants. These prejudiced people never seem to doubt their beliefs. They think they're right to hate, that it's smart or funny to hate others. They're encouraged by the people who surround them who think like they do, their enablers.

Yes, it can be interesting to read the posts to see the wide gamut of opinions on different subjects, but the hateful, disgusting insults are just stupid, boring, repetitive and silly. Hate and prejudice is the lowest level of communication. If you're not brave enough to rise above that and just treat each person as an individual and show a modi*** of respect for others and try to follow the golden rule, then what are you so proud of? Proud of your hatred? That's not much. It's less than you think. If you hate someone or some group, they're just more likely to hate you back. What good does that do? Nothing. No good. No one's trying to change you. Only you can change you. It's your life. You want to spend it hating and being negative, knock yourself out. For everyone who laughs with you here, there's another one or more who's laughing at you, when you hate. So, you want to fool yourself, have at it.

1253 days ago


I don't this kid any hard my any means but he is such a poor child actor. How can you people say otherwise with a straight face?

The name Smith is the Only reason he has has a job aside from possibly flipping burgers otherwise. His Dad is awesome, His mom is.. meh.. okish but the kids are just products of mass marketing and doors opened by their father.

1253 days ago


yolana and robertA, EAT IT

1253 days ago


hey howie, in my city last year there were 99 murders, all black on black, those are the cold hard facts, give me an explanation for why that is, oh, no answer, go back to your'e useless life

1253 days ago


ok for one me and my little girl love's him he is the cutiest little boy and yes just like his dad he will be the best and very funny mind you so for all of you that call him ugly dont be mad and hate on him cause it's you that's ugly im sure of it lol !!! ,,, and im happy to know he is ok

1252 days ago
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