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Liz Taylor's Funeral

The A-List Rabbi

3/24/2011 5:54 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Liz Taylor's funeral will be officiated by a man with plenty of celebrity experience -- because he's helped bury dozens of them ... TMZ has learned.

Liz Taylor Funeral
Taylor is having a traditional Jewish burial ceremony at Forest Lawn cemetery in Glendale, CA right now -- and the man doing the service is Rabbi Jerry Cutler

Cutler has presided over the funeral services for Milton Berle, Shelley Winters, Walter Matthau, Red Buttons and Jan Murray.

We're told Cutler had met Taylor through Jon Voight ... and Taylor's family specifically requested Rabbi Cutler to do her funeral.


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sue shrewsberry    

To Post#5 Wow and who are you? She was a legend. None can replace her. She done more for charity,films,and she was real. Unlike so many today. If you don't have anything nice to say about her don't say anything because it makes you look like a person that is a real A-hole.

1278 days ago


Harvey Levin/TMZ...The A-List Rabbi...A new low.

1278 days ago

Yes indeed!    

Elizabeth Taylor was baptized as a Christian Scientist and known as a Protestant as her mother and father were. Her mother was Christian but later Taylor converted to Judaism to keep her husband, Todd's family happy and be respectful to her new family.

Taylor did not practice Judaism but respected the religion and she also wore a cross to respect her own original religion - Christianity.

I have heard from people who knew her that Taylor was in fact a spiritual woman and did not really believe the exact rules of either religion just in a higher power. But she certainly wanted to keep her Christian side and her respect for her husband's Jewish side also. In the end her kids opted for a jewish ceremony. Probably for fast burial and to have her friend Cutler perform the burial.

I would not want to be buried within 24 hrs of my death as you never know if I could awaken after a day or 2.... I do not believe in cremation either... I want to contribute to the resources and animals of this planet with my own nutrients. :P

1278 days ago


I am Jewish and I don't know of a law that prohibits cremation. I am happy Dame Elizabeth still kept the Jewish religion despite her many marriages after Mike Todd and Eddie Fisher. She suffered long and hard and fought the good fight. She brought joy and happiness to those who were entertained by her, as well as those who loved her. She remained a good and true friend to those who knew her. I hope she is free from pain and at rest.

1278 days ago


I do not believe in cremation either... I want to contribute to the resources and animals of this planet with my own nutrients. :P

Posted at 8:12 PM on Mar 24, 2011 by Yes indeed!

Well, only the maggots will devour your skin and organs. So, what animals could you nourish when you are under the earth? Just curious.

1278 days ago

Donald Ray    

TMZ, you SUCK for deleting my post, just because I DIDN'T KISS Liz's ass with my comments.

1278 days ago

Donald Ray    

I don't understand how all the media are praising Liz as being "so classy". How is committing adultery "classy"? How is being married EIGHT TIMES "CLASSY"? I'll bet, in a few months, someone will come out with a tell-all book with the truth about this so-called "classy lady".

1278 days ago


Um Liz nor the name Taylor is Jewish am I confused or just high and think I'm confused?

1277 days ago


Miss Taylor was one of the most beautiful women in the world, ever! And her charity work to fight AIDS should get her to heaven non stop.

1277 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Hey Howie #46-- you ask me if i'm Normal?? since you think I bash Jews all the time??? Please,--- Is Liz a NORMAL JEW???? Would you consider her life-style NORMAL for Jewish Morality??Is there any Jew in Hollywood that is NORMAL? Name one!!!!Is Larry King a NORMAL JEW??? Like Liz, married every gal he met??? Trouble is Howie, is that for every Jew, there is a RABBI who will allow them to think as they may-- Each to his or her own morality- In Judaism, there is a Rabbi for every JEW-

1277 days ago


BUTT< she really is not Jewish as most Americans..Real Jews are few..I wonder if She makes eaven?? I doubt it, shame on Me

1277 days ago


Charity Work and giving away millions $$$$ DOES NOT get You into HEAVEN

1277 days ago


Elizabeth Taylor converted from Christianity to Judaism in 1959. The media coverage of her death seems focused on the cost of her casket $11,000. No mention of "Taharah" ; sacred , dignified traditions for the dead according to the Jewish faith. Dignified.

This Episcopalian (Gentile) hopes that Elizabeth Taylor was attended to and sent off according to her Jewish faith (she had a Rabbi officiate at the funeral).

Condolences to the family of Elizabeth Taylor,
Blessings to all,

1276 days ago


#15 SiouxCityBoy: According to, none of Elizabeth Taylor's former husbands are buried in Forest Lawn-Glendale, as far as is publicly known. Nicky Hilton was buried at Holy Cross Cemetery in Culver City; Michael Wilding was cremated and his ashes were scattered; Eddie Fisher was buried at Cypress Lawn in Colma; and, as mentioned elsewhere in this thread, Richard Burton was buried in Switzerland.

Mike Todd was originally buried at Waldheim Jewish Cemetery in Forest Park, Illinois, but his casket was vandalized by grave robbers in 1977, after which he was reburied at an undisclosed location. So his current burial site is not publicly known.

Liz's other two husbands, John Warner and Larry Fortensky, are both still alive.

1276 days ago

Sleeping With The Enemy     

Only if Rhianna had picked up a gun and shot his nasty ball bag off, would there be justice for that snivelling coward cry baby Chris Brown. " Number five " as we shall call him from this day forward, is all talk while hiding behind his computer screen with his bucket of fried chicken and case of beer, but I assure you if any real woman got pissed at him, that bitch would be heading for the hills or back to his momma, who sold him when he was born because she didn't have to feed the after birth and kept it instead. No man should hit a woman and no woman should hit a man, unless it is life or death situation. Hate crimes in families simply means we'll be raising up angry kids who will spend thier days in prison or worse, in a pine box but who could have been leading greater nations on to success. I for one resent the fact that " Number Five " is breathing my air. What a total waist of time and carbon that is. We can only hope his screen runs out of ink soon so we dont have to listen to his dithering uneducated bull****.

1275 days ago
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