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Bret Michaels Sues

The Tonys Almost KILLED Me

3/25/2011 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bret Michaels blames the 2009 Tony Awards for causing the brain hemorrhage that nearly killed him ... after he was whacked in the head by a piece of scenery while performing on the show.

Michaels has filed a lawsuit against Tony Award Productions, CBS and others ... blaming producers for not instructing him on how to safely exit the stage after his performance was over ... because while he tried to exit, he was "smacked" in the face by a piece of the set.

In the suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Michaels claims he had to be hospitalized for a broken nose and a cut lip.

Six months after the awards, Bret nearly died from a subarachnoid brain hemorrhage -- and the rocker insists it was NO coincidence.

In his suit, Michaels claims, "One of the most common causes of this type of hemorrhage is head trauma -- exactly like the one Michaels suffered at the hands of the Tony Awards."

0325_bret_michaels_video_smallMichaels notes, "Through his sheer will to live, to see his children grow up, [he] was able to survive this trauma."

Bret says producers have "failed and refused" to remedy the situation ... and even blamed him for the mishap at the Tony Awards, claiming he "missed his mark."

Michaels is suing for unspecified damages. A rep for the Tonys had no comment.


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more artists should sue for those mishaps Curtis Mayfield became paralyzed from that and eventually died, Teena Marie had a picture from a hotel fall on her head which also lead to an early death.

1253 days ago


Bret Michaels doesn't need to sue anyone to have $$$ the guy is loaded.
I'm sure if he were to win this case the $$$$ would probably be donated to a JD charity /research . That's just the way he rolls.
His daughters are sooo cute! Especially Gorja (oops! Can't remember how they spell it??!). She is a wild child! Lol. {o:

1253 days ago

Hey Now    

"people sue and win for less. My opinion is that, Bret is entitled, that production is liable, and can afford to be held financially responsible for their errors. Bret didn't walk and fall off the stage, that thing came down without regard for any people still on the stage. "


I believe this is a case that will be settled easily.

1253 days ago

Hey Now    


It's Jorja with a 'J' :) I think Jorja Bleu

1253 days ago


He should have been watching. I can't stand him. $$$ is all this is about. I'll bet where he got hit isn't even where he hemorrhaged and if he got hurt that bad the blow would have knocked out and needed medical attention with in a few moments if not hours after the incident.

1253 days ago


I really don't know whose fault it was, but the Tonys treated Bret terribly. If it had been a bigger name star they would have been crapping themselves, but they acted like it was no big deal and never offered any apology to him afterward or were even concerned or saddened he was hurt. I remember they were like..oh well, no big deal, who cares?!
Sue em' Bret!

1253 days ago


Give me a freakin break. Everyone else jumped out of the way real quick. Brett took his time. It's his own damn fault in my opinion.

1253 days ago


Not true....a sub hemorrhage can occur at any time after a head injury. And you don't necessarily have to be knocked unconscious either.

@Hey Now
Thank you, you know as soon as I hit send I thought about that. Yep...Jorja Bleu
Thanks! {o:

1253 days ago


Well if that was the cause of his brain hemorrhage then I am all for him seeking justice!!/pages/Recognition-Magazine/199307413413045

1253 days ago


Um, NO it wasnt the Tony's that almost killed you, it was was your years of hard partying and drugs that almost killed you. Dumbasss!

1253 days ago


Hey twilightmom-
Remember the weird, delusional woman who kept flaming us on the other Bret posts when he was first injured? Remember how she kept saying he was really disabled and there was no way he could be walking and talking after his injury, and he and his doctors were lying about his recovery because nobody had seen him?
She sure shut up quickly, didn't she? LOL.

1253 days ago

Peta Vale    

running out of money are we?? What a joke.

1253 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

I agree with him, but why did he wait so long?

1253 days ago


I guess if he can't earn money the old fashion way like earning it with his music or whoring himself out on MTV, then do the next best thing in America, SUE FOR IT.

1253 days ago


I think I love you Darryll

"It's the talents responsibility to show up to rehearsal and learn where to exit. Bret was offered all opportunities on how to safely interact with the stage he was on. Bret understood when agreeing to perform on the show that incidents might occur that could possibly harm him but agreed not to take them into court if he was harmed.

The first thing you're instructed when entering a stage for rehearsal is where to exit after your performance. All talent is responsible for exiting properly and in a timely manner. He has no legitimate cause to sue the production team for the terrible injuries he suffered.

This is nothing more than an attempt to force them to settle in order to avoid making it public.

It's blackmail."

1253 days ago
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