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Lindsay -- FURIOUS After Ex-GF Kisses Another Girl

3/25/2011 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is STEAMING MAD after photos surfaced showing her ex-girlfriend Samantha Ronson making out with a mystery woman in L.A. yesterday ... TMZ has learned.


Sources close to Lohan tell us ... even though LiLo and Sam officially aren't dating, Lindsay was under the impression Ronson wasn't seeing anyone else ... and Lindsay feels hurt and betrayed. 

In fact, we're told Ronson recently dropped the L-bomb to Lohan ... telling her "I love you" as recently as this morning.

And buckle up ... because we're told Lindsay plans on confronting Ronson about the situation when Sam gets off the plane in NY later today.

Stay tuned.


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What the hell did she do her hair it washed her out. Yikes I go both ways but that's just a no.

1308 days ago


Lindsay, the sooner you come to grips with how "you" have screwed up your life be ready for most troubled times ahead.

You won't need anymore "Samantha Ronsons" once you understand who you are in Jesus and who Jesus is in you.

Call the prison minister and see if he still has his offer open to you. You need at least 12 months of faith-based residential treatment to overcome all of your life's troubles.... Samantha Ronson being only one of them.

Replace Samantha Ronson with the Holy Ghost and watch your life straighten out. He gives you real peace, real joy, real love, and real POWER to overcome .... not the phoney things you have tried so far that has not worked.

1308 days ago


This grosses me out. Not that Lilo is very hot herself, but Sam looks like the walking dead with those druggie eyes...and no, I don't think it's from a lack of sleep.

Seriously Lindsey, you can find a better looking shemale to lick your kitty There are plenty of them out there, and some of them are actually nice looking...or definitely an improvement over Sam.

1308 days ago


MOVE THE HELL ON ALREADY, GURLZ....I highly doubt Lindsey is FURIOUS....or is this another fatal attraction scenario?

1308 days ago


Excellent! Get ready for Lohan Lunacy. It's been a while since we've seen just how out of control Lindsay can get. Get the popcorn!!

1308 days ago


Sounds like a clam bake to me...they should get really junked up and paint the town RED! Lindsay needs some NY Legal TROUBLE to add to her portfolio!

1308 days ago


Lindsay was caught by surprise and feels Ronson pulled the "rug" out from under her.

1308 days ago


Disgusting lesbians!!!

1308 days ago

Alan Carver

Here is the FUNNIEST story ... just Lindsay. Yeah like this REPEAT CRIMINAL OFFENDER would ever be in the same league as a Madonna, Cher, Bette, Celine, Elizabeth ... LMAOROTF! What an idiot! Her mother DINA-LING thinks that this is stupid stunt is going to reverse the affects of their negative name monikor? Whatev! The delusional LOHAN's are just that DELUSIONAL! LOL!

1308 days ago

Hugh Jass    

Sam should audition for a role as a biker on "Sons of Anarchy."
Then SamRo could be a "SAMCRO" !!!! :)

1308 days ago

Paul Lynde    

Ronson is anti-attractive.

1308 days ago


I for one admire Sam. Have you ever read a bad word against anyone from her?? She keeps her mouth shut and goes about her business. True, she looks better with dark hair due to her skin tone. Her family has the dark circles also, and she does not wear makeup which would cover it up.

1308 days ago

how lame    

lindsay is a mess but come on ...she can do better than sam Ronson, no? Sam Ronson looks like a junkie.

1308 days ago


Ronson doesn't look well at all in this picture. Could someone please check her liver and kidney enzymes? She looks like walking death.

1308 days ago


#48: I honestly think that this world would be a much better place if it were free from all the ''JUDGEMENT AND CRUELTY THAT PEOPLE PROJECT'' Lindsey Lohan is obviously a very INSECURE LITTLE GIRL who never had dadies love classic textbook! I feel sorry for those who gain happiness from someone's misery!
Posted at 10:39 AM on Mar 25, 2011 by Breanna

Really?! You wished there is a world..blah, blah, etc. free from judgement but yet you took the time out to read the article much less TMZ so I think you are looking in the wrong place for what you are wishing. Even if you were to blow out those candles for your wish, this wish will not come true. Sorry to rain on your parade.

1308 days ago
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