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Oprah Winfrey -- The Day My Show Will End FOREVER

3/25/2011 3:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Oprah Winfrey show has exactly two months left to live ... this according to O's production company.


After 25 years, Oprah has announced her final show will air on May 25 ... before she turns her full attention to her new network, OWN.

So far, Oprah has not revealed who her final guest will be.


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Its about time.

1272 days ago


It's all re-runs anyway! OWN needs more programming. Too many old movies.

1272 days ago

Christopher Kandrat    

About time she retired from the show, but I'm sure she'll start ANOTHER one

1272 days ago


If the guest isnt God, I'm not interested...and please, no Black superstars who are supposed to be representative of all that is Good in Humanity---they are as corrupt as any other Race, this much I've learned over the year, and dangerous as any other Race too. Oprah had us conned and feeling guilty and sorry for that Race for a long while, until it got exposed as no better or worse than any other. So quit pushing the "Black experience" on the rest of us please.

Thank please work on OWN...watching reruns of Dr Phil, the movie, Private Benjamin and a phony Apprentice rip off show has become insulting. How dare you started that Channel when it wasnt ready.

I predict it will be a continued failure upon your and Rosies arrivals. Sorry---you had your Day...its over now like it is for Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and now you.

1272 days ago


OPRAH HAS DONE MORE FOR THIS COUNTRY THAN ANYONE. YET ALL THESE HATERS WILL COME ON LINE TO SPEW HATE. She gets it from both the white and black community. What is all boils down to is she has helped millions, while haters don't help themselves or their families. WE LOVE YOUR OPRAH!!!!!

Posted at 11:54 AM on Mar 25, 2011 by Brandon"

Good Goin' Brian ! I couldn't agree more let's re-visit some of the many improvements she's made for us:
1. the girls school in Africa

2. Gayle

3. Reading books-duh

4. Her favorite things- i mean we wouldn't of ever known about all that cool stuff if it weren't for her.

5. uhhhhhhh (crickets) i'm sure there's plenty more . so that's a lot losers.

6.Oh i almost forgot, now this new network she making for us, we'll be sure to see many fine quality
brainwashing programs.

1272 days ago


the past 2 weeks have been reruns. why didn't they just end it when the reruns started?

1272 days ago

Selebraties Suck    

I watch Judge Judy - she never cries

1272 days ago


#34 good, now if we could just change OWN back to Discovery Health.
Posted at 12:22 PM on Mar 25, 2011 by tuna marie

Couldn't agree with you more. Discovery Health was more useful and informative than this wind bag and her senseless giveaways and EGO, just annoying and time to move on, go exercise or camping or something. And she bumped off Dr. G Medical Examiner! I learned so much from that show.

1272 days ago


But she'll now be on OWN,forever,ugh. (no, I won't watch)

Hey Oprah, please retire, we are so bored with your overinflated ego. Go camping or work out or something.

1272 days ago


TMZ so dumb as if she's just going to have 1 guest morons, I'm sure Obama, Tom Cruise, John Travolta will all be there even Kelly Preston who wore a fake belly pad to think we all are stupid and she actually had a baby while going through menopause, right....

1272 days ago


I think her last guest should be Stedman!!!! He has been a class act and a rock beside her for 25 years.

1272 days ago


all of the money she- has-why should we care-so what?????

1272 days ago



1272 days ago


Her last guest will be you really think she's going to share that spot light?'s going to be ALL Oprah...ALL Hour, with the BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...

She should have pulled the plug years ago.

1272 days ago


Orka, the " I wanna be white so bad" Phinfry, (check out her nose over the past few years, ha-ha!) is nuttin but a closet lesbo. Good luck, beyotch, LMAO

1272 days ago
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