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'Teen Mom' Star

In BRUTAL Catfight


3/25/2011 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans ferociously ATTACKED another woman in North Carolina this week ... while her scumbag friends cheered her on ... and the brutal assault was all caught on tape.

19-year-old Jenelle is clearly the instigator -- spewing all sorts of nasty insults at a woman named Britany ... before the reality star suddenly socks the other woman in the face with a closed fist. 

The two women tussle to the ground ... where Jenelle continues to pummel Britany ... even AFTER it's clear she can no longer defend herself.

With Britany bleeding from her face, one of Jenelle's scumbag friends pulls the reality star off the other woman ... while Janelle continues to drop verbal insults.

It's unclear why Jenelle wanted to fight Britany ... but sources connected to the incident claim it had something to do with Jenelle's boyfriend.

Story developing ...


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Real classy....

1259 days ago


Reading all the comments above really proves that those who say that they don't care, really do. They care enough to look it up, watch it and than comment on it. I don't think that what she is doing is the smartest things. But who actually does what the should at that age. Yeah we should expect that she grew up once having a child. But even some adults don't grow up after they have a child. It ain't just teen moms on welfare either, it is mostly adults. There is more to this story than what meets the eye. The truth of it all is we don't know how these kids were brought up or what is going on in their mind at the time. Now I have never nor would I ever of acted this way with or without a child. But I know that I was brought up not to. I also know that I have never been in a situation that would cause me to fight. But I can understand this, she is one still a teenager and is still learning from her mistakes. Two she obviously wants to fit in, wants these peoples approval no matter what trouble it could bring her. Three she needs guidance, she needs that constant parent to help guide her better through life. But, I also want to say that MTV made this show to let the viewers see how hard it really is to be a teen mom. Teen mom came about because of the uprise in teen pregnancy. We have to look at this at all sides. If there wasn't all this publicity, than teen mom would be more affective. If kids were really taught about the truth about sex and the consequences than maybe they would be more careful. What I am trying to say is that it isn't all just because of one teen show. It is society today, and parents everywhere need to take a stand and let these kids know the truth, the plain ugly truth. We need to educate. I also want to say is that not all of the teen moms on the show are acting out. They truely are taking responsibility for their children and have matured. You can see the love they have for their children. But most importantly I want all of you that have something bad to say is, take a look at yourself, remember what it was like when you were a teenager. What was constantly on your mind, what things have you done that now you know was wrong. Look at your mistakes and realize that they weren't on a t.v. show for all to see. Yeah, she went on this show knowing that she will be judged. But we also need to remember this, we shouldn't judge others when we ourselves are not perfect..

1259 days ago

Better Weather    

The fact that she got into a fight doesn't make her a bad mom..... she was a bad mom already. The fight over the loser boyfriend on camera made her a dumba$$. I think that she wants to do good but she doesn't have a good support system and all of you people cheering her on are not helping. Get it together girl and you can come back from this. Everybody makes mistakes you just have to learn from them.

1259 days ago


This is why she'll never get custody of her son. Her mother deserves to keep him forever. Stupid chicks like this shouldn't have children. She's white trash and a dope head.. Kiefer is a low life, no job having punk.. This makes me sick that no one stood up for the girl.. Karma is a bitch!!

1259 days ago


Not everybody's perfect, and there's more to the story than people really know.

1259 days ago


duuuuude... this is really ****ed up, hope she goes to jail, freakin' psycho

1258 days ago


what about the girl that kept pushing her into the other girl, shouldn't something happen to that piece of trash?

1258 days ago


I just have to say that it doesn't matter the story, this is overboard on all of their accounts. This is why we are considered barbarians. I weep for the future. Pathetic. It is also pathetic to excuse this because we don't know the story. Please! Really? When did it become okay to beat the hell out of someone because there is an audience and a story we may not know? Stupidity at its best. Reality tv is the worst thing to happen to us as human beings and since its inception, our i.q.'s have dropped and we think it's okay to egg on bull%$#t. The bad thing is that it plays to our human nature to be voyeurs. We don't know how to look away, myself included even when I'm disgusted by what I see.

1258 days ago

Alexander Carneiro    

Wow, this is disgusting and very upsetting. Jenelle is obviously a trashy immature slutty ass bitch. I'm disappointed in that guy, he should never disrespect a lady like that. He should of stopped the fight from the beginning. If I were there, I would of stopped it. I really feel bad for Britany. And tell that big fat black bitch to go back to KFC, that bitch was so entertained by the fight because she remembers a few years back when she used to get her ass kicked. Good times.

1258 days ago


Kelsey bitch, I hope you are more intelligent than you are letting on.

1258 days ago


****in a riteee! I love this girll shes the best, continue what yu do babbbyyy ;)

1258 days ago


nothing but WHITE TRASH!! and a slut ...goodthing her mother have custody of jace

1257 days ago


wow! this video embarrases me to watch it! she should be absolutely humiliated for that! yea, i agree with the fact that janelles mother should keep custody.

1257 days ago


This girl is trash and needs to be in jail. If her mom continues to let this tramp back in her house again the authorities should take the child. They should get her friends too.

1257 days ago


You all act like you havent done anything wrong in your life, not one person commenting has been in a fight? Has talked ****? Because she's in TV is why youre making a huge deal. I dont like her boyfriend he's ****...and she isnt any better, she treats her son like a little brother. She needs help not for people to throw insolts at her constantly and from the looks of it her mom did that her whole life so it obviously created the monster. Im a teen mom, ive made mistakes ive done stupid ****, i went through a time when i got so scared i was losing everything in my life that i partied and got in fights but i love my daughter with everything and i changed so i look and see someone who is lost and scared and has no idea what she is going to do. Her mom does not give her suport and never tells her that she CAN be a mom her mom just wanted to hurt her and do whatever it took to make her own daughter look like a jackass and now all she had is to act like the jackass her mom obviouly raised her to be. I have her in my prays not **** list

1257 days ago
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