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'Teen Mom' Star

In BRUTAL Catfight


3/25/2011 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Teen Mom 2" star Jenelle Evans ferociously ATTACKED another woman in North Carolina this week ... while her scumbag friends cheered her on ... and the brutal assault was all caught on tape.

19-year-old Jenelle is clearly the instigator -- spewing all sorts of nasty insults at a woman named Britany ... before the reality star suddenly socks the other woman in the face with a closed fist. 

The two women tussle to the ground ... where Jenelle continues to pummel Britany ... even AFTER it's clear she can no longer defend herself.

With Britany bleeding from her face, one of Jenelle's scumbag friends pulls the reality star off the other woman ... while Janelle continues to drop verbal insults.

It's unclear why Jenelle wanted to fight Britany ... but sources connected to the incident claim it had something to do with Jenelle's boyfriend.

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Christ she makes Ellie May Clampett look like the Queen of England.

Why do these people keep breeding? If they spent as much time educating themselves as they do at truck pulls, roller derby matches and mud wrestling perhaps they may be better people.

But in this case, probably not.

1286 days ago

J Johnson    

This loser MUST be charged. Apparently you can follow any old douchebag around with a camera these days and people will watch it. The state of "entertainment" right now is embarrassing. Justin Bieber, Willow Smith, Housewives from wherever, Jersey Shore, and the list goes on and on. It's sad really. (oh, and Charlie Sheen selling out everywhere, Jeez.)

1286 days ago


it is so sad to see females act this way. it's time to grow up you have a baby and to fight over a boy? c'mon now!!! these reality shows have got to stop but without any creativity to write a good sitcom or drama show we are stuck with these stupid reality shows and whores.

1286 days ago


Im so glad that she lost custody of her kid to her own mother. She is such a mess. She needs to get off the drugs get away from that loser of a boyfriend and get a clue. She already was arrested once and with this video she better be arrested for assault. I hope the girl ( Brittney ) is ok and sues the crap out of her.

1286 days ago


I haven't watched this trash but from the description the term Catfight hardly is accurate. More like First Degree Assault. Enjoy jail.

1286 days ago


And I'm sure now she's bragging to all of her loser friends like this was some cool thing she did. I hope to God she goes to jail for this AND loses custody of her kid that she should have lost ages ago. All I can say is PATHETIC LOSER!!!!!

1286 days ago


IF it turns out Brittany aided and abetted Jenelle's boyfreind cheat, then I'm okay with Jenelle beating her a_s_s. Women/Men who assist those in relatyionship cheat should get their a_s_s kicked.

1286 days ago


Doesn't she already have two other pending court cases and trying to get custody back? Looks like someone is going to go behind bars soon. Poor baby she does know he'll see all the dumb shizz she's doing one day.

1286 days ago


I can't tell from the video but last that was said she is no longer with Kiefer infact he was suing her just a week or so ago? And does anyone else think it looks pretty staged? Maybe get more press since Teen Mom 2 is just about over. And those talking about taking her son. She does NOT have custody of him, her mom does.

1286 days ago


*(Banjo Music)*
Ding ding ding
ding ding ding ding ding dinggggg....

Ding ding ding
ding ding ding ding ding dinggggg...

They all got purdy mouths

1286 days ago


White trash at it's finest! When garbage like that and the people from Jersey can get their own show you know the world is about to end.

1286 days ago


Well, any money she made on MTV just went out the window.

White trash is as white trash does. Pass the cheeese in a can and diet rite.

1286 days ago


i would definately be getting a lawyer if i was britt before this skank deliverance inbreed spends all the im a slut money.

1286 days ago


This makes me sick! I was just saying she is such trash and her mom should never give over custody. The loser friends of her should all go to jail too. You are all so tough screaming in the background. Her boyfriend is a loser and she fits perfectly with him.

1286 days ago



1286 days ago
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