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'Teen Mom' Fight

Triggers D.A. Investigation

3/25/2011 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials in North Carolina have launched an investigation into the brutal porch brawl featuring Jenelle Evans from MTV's "Teen Mom 2" ... TMZ has learned.

The Brunswick County District Attorney's Office tells us the matter is "under investigation" ... noting it is "working closely with the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department."

As we previously reported, Jenelle was caught on tape beating the crap out of another woman earlier this week.

UPDATE 12:40 PM PT: Sources tell us the D.A.'s office has contacted both sides, but there is nothing they can do unless Britany comes forward and presses charges.


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UPDATE: Your still White Trash Jenelle! Should have left your pants on.

ANOTHER UPDATE: She is still driving her piece of crap with a missing bumper.

1276 days ago


Jenelle is such a worthless unfit mother. she needs to go to jail, that is the only way Jace will ever grow up to be a good kid. Jenelle will never be a good mom. all she does is get stoned and sleep around. take her @ss to jail.

1276 days ago


Janelle should be charged as well as the girl that pushed her into Brittney, whoever taped this and each and everyone that stood by and watched. Absolute idiots.

1276 days ago


Trash in, Trash out,

Hard to blame anyone but the ho's mothers.....

See what you trailer trash ho's hatched?

Sure they're celebs, but everyone's laughing at them....

How funny's that you dumb ho's?

1276 days ago


It does not matter if the other girl does not want to press charges, the video speaks for its self. She should be arrested and charged and the child should be taken away and given to the father or either grandparents she has proven that she is a violent person. If this is the way she treats other humans, I call into question on how she treats her kids/kid. Shameful. Her so called friends should be charged as well for being the instigators.

1276 days ago


Are you people for real? You act as if you were never in a fight in your lives or done anything wrong.. I'm sure everyone of you pointing your fingers talking about "she should be in jail" have your own personal demons to deal with.

Who cares if she was in a fight, why the big hype? Maybe you should worry about people committing real crimes, like child molesters and drug dealers and other types of human trash!!

1276 days ago


That's just ****ed up. if MTV keeps this trailer trash bitch on ,they should be boycotted

1276 days ago

Brian Keene    

What white trash s***. Her and her monkey ass boyfriend can kill themselves. What a piss poor representation of struggling single teen mom in the world. DON"T DO DRUGS....

1276 days ago


Jenelle is nothing but a LOSER!!! Her fighting skills will come in handy in prison which is no doubt where she will end up. On the show she steals her mother's credit cards and goes on a road trip to Jersey with her loser boyfriend. Man, did her baby get a bum deal. Fate can be so cruel, I feel so sorry for baby Jace.

1276 days ago

mitzi campbell    

remember jenell mother is not rap to tight so the apple is not falling far from the tree and she really was beating her mother ass calling her bitches a no good mother iam not saying this is okay but she has no love so she just acting out some one ass she needs help and the show has not help

1276 days ago


What a trashy whore ahhaa.. for the looks of it.. she is a scub bag trashy big whore! haha

1276 days ago


If she does not press charges, this pathetic excuse for a mother is going to continue to do this time and time again to her and other people too for that matter unless Brittany acts like an adult and presses charges!!! I cant believe that Jenelle has custody of her child!! where is the State. At some point u have to grow up and not let losers u call friends bully u into fighting. What r u in first grade???

1276 days ago


Wow the comments, no wonder I can't make it in the south, you all profile me as one these. You make fun and make yourself feel better about yourself, some of us don't act like this, but if one of our kids do, we are all trash. A teacher of 35 years once told me. "Over the years I have seen "good" parents have bad kids, yet I have seen "bad" parents with the best kids, but I still tried to teach them all" (John Barker). Any-who, because you are amused by the way we talk, you edit to enhance, seek out bad examples then you can feel better about you and your kids. Why? Maybe because you made or influenced your daughter kill her mistake? I don't know but its all wrong, some can still see what I call "See do's", simply You say Don't do this, yet you do it cause your in control". I truly believe that "down to earth people are a endangered species, hen fire, I could be the only one left!" Ouzzy88 For Prez 2012! :)

1276 days ago


Get over it ppl this kind of stuff happens everyday, its just a fight and more than likely the britney girl nagged it on. I dont like Janelle at all, but really get over it. they are teenagers and teenagers fight, hell adults fight, get on youtube and see for yourselves, everyone just wants someone elses drama to complain about.

1275 days ago


The DA does not need to investigate, they need to address the evidence and take care of buisness!! Shocking how immature and classless Jenelle really is. I feel sorry for that kid there is no role model. Jenelles friends are as pathetic as her, who physically pushes their friend into a fight except a hillbilly loser who wanted it on tape. Shouldn't she be doing something instead of fighting in the street and talking like a sailor??? oh yeah, she should be home taking care of her baby! What Trash!

1275 days ago
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