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'Teen Mom' Fight

Triggers D.A. Investigation

3/25/2011 3:57 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Officials in North Carolina have launched an investigation into the brutal porch brawl featuring Jenelle Evans from MTV's "Teen Mom 2" ... TMZ has learned.

The Brunswick County District Attorney's Office tells us the matter is "under investigation" ... noting it is "working closely with the Brunswick County Sheriff's Department."

As we previously reported, Jenelle was caught on tape beating the crap out of another woman earlier this week.

UPDATE 12:40 PM PT: Sources tell us the D.A.'s office has contacted both sides, but there is nothing they can do unless Britany comes forward and presses charges.


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The nut doesn't fall far from the tree.

1268 days ago


she really needs a wake up call,and her mom needs 2 keep her away period until she gets her life 2gether... sooner or later she is going 2 be a junkie on drugs and selling her body.

1268 days ago


throw that dumb stupid no good trash wanna be mother ass in jail where she belongs,she do not need a baby actions needs 2 b taken real soon... and the boyfriend lock his ass up too and throw away the key on his ass he looks and sound real retarded and he is a damn bum and that stupid bitch dont see it,she rather be with him than her own child her mother needs 2 beat her ass. and why is he around her child anyway that baby needs a loving and caring stable home and parent.

1268 days ago


that's dumb jenelle shouldn't go to jail she was just self defending.

1268 days ago


the true victems in this ordeal is the kids... who the hell is watching the babies while this so called mother is running the streets and why is it ok for the instigaters to get away with nothing on them? they are just as guily at the 2 hookers fighting over prolly drama and some he said she said crap. i think someones parents should have steped up and either made the girl give up the baby or have an abortion it would have been the most responible thing instead of allowing some trailer trash whore bring up a child that she should have never spread her legs to have in the first plave

1268 days ago


i hope her cell mate hands it right back at the scank!! had her mother only raised her like a real mother does, jenelle wouldnt act the way she does. they should lock her worthless mother up with her too! good luck to the poor baby stuck in all of this mess. I agree with Anotherfnday--this scank is probably starting her shoot for the show called Lock Up-North Carolina Dept. of Corrections. I hope they lose the key

1267 days ago


If you listen closely to the video you hear jenelle say to the girl " Britney why are you going to invite me over here & talk sh*t on the phone?" The girl obviously set her up.
Yes, it is trashy. Yes, Jenelle needs about a million parenting classes. But, that girl set her up because she knows she would get 15 seconds of fame.
They all deserved to be arrested and they all deserve whatever they get for the fight. But the girl called her over there and Jenelles friend did instigate.

1267 days ago


I am so glad that Jenelle's mother had the common sense to take Jace away from her. Any judge that would return this adorable little boy to this imbecile would be NUTS. People criticize Jenelle's mother, but I think probably Jenelle has driven her to the point of serious anxiety and depression. She can't be all that bad because she has managed to maintain a nice home in a nice neighborhood and works hard at her job. Jenelle is so stupid and selfish that she doesn't even realize just how much her mother has done for her -- supporting her during her pregnancy, providing her with a home, food, clothes and babysitting her child while she ran she streets. Yet to Jenelle, this was not enough. She thinks her mother owes it to her to take care of her child while she goes out and acts like a hellion. Just watch the earlier shows -- Jace hadn't even been home a week before this girl was out running the streets with her trashy friends. And just look at that trashy boyfriend - he was using her for everything he could get and refused to get a job. Jenelle thought her mother should support him, too! Then, after all her mother had done for her, Jenelle and her boyfriend stole her mom's credit cards. I would have filed charges and had her arrested. Not to mention the times Jenelle and her boyfriend smoked pot on her mother's front porch. I would have definitely called the police so I could have seen some peace.

1267 days ago


The state should take the kid and steralize the s***bag. Her son doesn't stand a chance in life with a piece of trash like her for a mother,remove him a put him in a decent home, at least he will have a fighting chance of being a worth while member of society. FIX her so this is the the last kid we will have to support, expel from school and incarcerate in prison as the years go by. I for one am sick of paying my hard earned money to support the s*** of the country.
Wake up America!

1267 days ago


that girl brittany should of pressed charges on jenelle shes just a dumb girl who needs to learn her lesson, what she doesnt realize is that her mom does everything for her and then all jenelle does is **** on her and date crack head guys and get her kid taken away from her. Jenelle that baby jace is lucky that your mom is trying to give him a better life as crazy as she is shes doing a hell of better job that you could ever do, so stop saying that your going to try and get jace back cuz we all know that you really dont want that baby thats why you just pretty much handed him away. your a really sucky parent

1267 days ago


She needs direction I blame it on bad parenting. If her mom loved her she wouldnt let her daughter ever hang around trash like that!

1266 days ago


I hate this b**** Jenelle. she should go to jail including her friend and that girl who got beat up shouldnt be charge for anything she was only protecting herself. So much for her friends backing her up. They need to put this hoe in jail and someone in jail should teach does two a lesson. Dumb hillbillies.

1266 days ago


Humm Jenelle and Keffer (What a name) should both get a lot of time to keep there druggy ways, and their lives will be better away from the baby. Good luck to the mom...I hope Jenelle don't get paid for this show,, will go for drugs and bailing Keffer out of Jail again... Throw away the key on both of them... Nasty dirty people....

1266 days ago


What a bunch of low lifes!

1266 days ago


haha i think this was hilariouus ; she got into a fight oh welll everyone does it & that other girl got her *** beatt haha love teen mom girls ! keeep the drama cominn (:

1265 days ago
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