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"Teen Mom" Victim -- I'm Not Pressing Charges

3/25/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The girl who got pummeled by "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans tells TMZ she has no plans on pressing charges and just wants the whole thing "to go away."

Britany Truett tells us the gnarly fight was over a boy -- aren't they all? -- who just happens to be Jenelle's ex, Kieffer. She says Kieffer made a pass at her when the three of them were hanging out and Jenelle was not pleased.

Britany says she was shocked that Jenelle got so angry, since they have been friends for seven years and Brit has no interest in Kieffer.

Britany claims she has a bruise on her eye, scratches on her face and a bite mark on her breast. She says she's spoken to Jenelle since the fight went down, but only through Facebook ... in messages she described as Jenelle "smack talking."

Britany tells us she will not be pressing charges -- so it looks like Jenelle dodged a huge bullet.


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Hmm. So she's not going to press charges? Something smells fishy. Maybe this was really just a fake fight to get more 15 minutes of fame. If this was me or my daughter. I'd press charges. You never lay your hand on anyone. Man. These kids these days just feel like they are entitled to everything and their NOT! There parents must be just as bad cause they certainly haven't raise their kids well at all.

1311 days ago

Straight Talkin Texan    

Typical young and dumb girl. She should press charges so people like her attacker will receive the punishment they deserve for acting like animals.

1311 days ago


If it's on film for the world to see, why can't the police press charges anyway?

1311 days ago


I hope this girl changes her mind and presses charges. Jenelle needs to learn a lesson here since she basically thinks she can do whatever she chooses to anyone and get away with it. I wouldn't only press charges I would be suing her ass for every Teen Mom dollar she makes.

1311 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

Great no justice again Jenelle is a animal she needs to be locked up and the "whole thing to go away" i don't think is gonna happen.People will be watching this video for awhile.

1311 days ago



Sad...this crazy chick needs to be in a cage with the other animals!!!


1311 days ago


Uh, this girl is stupid. If someone beats the **** out of you, you don't let them get away with it.

1311 days ago


Great, another ignorant girl with no values suffering no consequences for her actions. A little white trash thug in the making. Sooner or later she'll pick on the wrong person & HOPEFULLY she'll get her ass whipped and end up with some serious jail time. Another menace to society.

1311 days ago


There's no reason the case can't be prosecuted. It's on video, so they don't need the victim. They just need one person who was there to testify that the video accurately depicts what happened and identify the people in it.

1311 days ago


Well they are low class trailer if we go by the usual on Jerry Springer, this "boyfriend" is probably black and an unemployed drug dealing pimp. Should invite everyone that appeared in the video to a barn dance...and then burn it down.

1311 days ago


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1311 days ago


Does this story really warrant the top 3 positions on your website? I know you don't order these strictly by post time, so drop these down and put something interesting higher up.

1311 days ago


Hell, if she presses charges then they take back the huge chunk of change she got paid by the producers of that teen mom show chause you can bet yur bottom dollar it it be on the show.....

Trashy bunch of idiots.....

1311 days ago


i just think this girl is scared to press charges...
think about when you were a young girl in a small town where everybody new each other...
she does not want people to be negative towards her for sending Janelle to jail since there will be other ignorant kids who are friends of Janelle who knows what will happen to this girl if she pressed charges?

just think she is a scared little girl!

1311 days ago


What??? Okay, so this is the deal. Either this whole thing was fake or this girl who was beat up is scared for her life. Maybe she is afraid of retaliation? Whatever the case, this is ridiculous. And the D.A. should be able to press charges anyway.

1311 days ago
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