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"Teen Mom" Victim -- I'm Not Pressing Charges

3/25/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The girl who got pummeled by "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans tells TMZ she has no plans on pressing charges and just wants the whole thing "to go away."

Britany Truett tells us the gnarly fight was over a boy -- aren't they all? -- who just happens to be Jenelle's ex, Kieffer. She says Kieffer made a pass at her when the three of them were hanging out and Jenelle was not pleased.

Britany says she was shocked that Jenelle got so angry, since they have been friends for seven years and Brit has no interest in Kieffer.

Britany claims she has a bruise on her eye, scratches on her face and a bite mark on her breast. She says she's spoken to Jenelle since the fight went down, but only through Facebook ... in messages she described as Jenelle "smack talking."

Britany tells us she will not be pressing charges -- so it looks like Jenelle dodged a huge bullet.


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the kids weren't helping, every single one of them should do community service in their area. The girl was on the phone, the one girl pushed the girl into her and still the girl wasn't going to fight. So the one that got hit should walk free........the others should have to clean streets for a month. They have so much free time.

1272 days ago


Even if she does not press charges, can't that other girl still get arrested? I watch COPS sometimes and even if the battered woman does not want to press charges, the husband still gets arrested....if there is proof. Which clearly there is plenty of proof here.

1272 days ago


hahaha TCJ you're a moron.. her other legal problems are totally irrelevant to this fight.. that's not the problem she was trying to solver here.. that's like you saying a burger solved my hunger problem and me saying "yeah but did it solve your mental handicap?". It's about the issue at hand.. which apparently was about a boy who that girl will never try to do anything with ever again.. sounds solved to me. Nothing bad will come of this unless a bunch of whiny, prude, dumb americans won't let it go..

1272 days ago


Lol good call jessie.. don't read books just watch cops to get all your legal knowledge.. haha are you serious with that comment?

1272 days ago


I would hope since the whole thing was recorded they throw the book at this bully Jenelle as well as the other bully the kept pushing Jenelle into Britany. Britany is probably to intimidated to press charges, but this can not be ignored. Jenelle is needs her butt kicked by the Court system, she keeps getting away with illegal behavior.

1271 days ago


LMFAO all over that low life piece of ****? Yeah he's worth risking jail and having your child taken away and an ex at that! Stupid, stupid trashy little girls!

1271 days ago


How can the police not press charges with that kind of evidence? How awful that this person has a child. The poor kid doesn't stand a chance inn life with a "mother" who behaves like that. More than likely she will in time get violent and beat her child. I mean if this is how she reacts to anothe female over a guy that she is not even involved with. Time to stop glorifing teen knocked up chicks. End result they sit on welfare and us working stiff pay for them to do so

1271 days ago


I don't know if it would teach Jenelle a lesson. She has already been arrested and put in jail befor and it still hasn't stopped her. The girl needs a reality cheeck bad. She knows that she can do what she wants and mommy will bail her out. That is whats wrong with people today, whatever they do mommy and daddy will bail them out so they don't care. If this was me I would be right there pressing charges. And everyone involved should go to jail too for encouraging the fight and not stopping it they are just as stupid as Jenelle. She needs a good old fashion butt busting. I think the DA should go ahead and file charges since it was filmed and everyone involved should go to jail. Didn't they press charges against Amber Portwood for fighting her babys father? So why not Jenelle???

1271 days ago


She doesn't have to press charges. It is in the DA hands. The police and DA can still press charges with the mothers doing anything.

1271 days ago


I live in Wilmington, NC and I wish the girl would just pack her bags and head back down the road to Bolivia or wherever the hell she came from. We've got enough trash of our own in this county without importing it from the next one over.

1271 days ago


Question, so why does the state step in when a husband beats his wife but not when it is the same gender or not in a relationship? What is the difference? This girl is a bigger idiot than her attacker. There is no way in hell I would allow someone to beat me plus get it on video and then not press charges. How stupid. I'm not to sure if it is fake just because this "teen mom" or "teen idiot" is a violent fire cracker and I think she would beat someone for not liking her boyfriend. Jealous idiot, she should be worrying about her baby that is always waiting for her at the door.

1271 days ago


stupid laws you have, you dont need anyones permission to press charges, its on video and open to inerpatation and expressed an assault occured and it was incited with others,we call that mob mentality, i think felony you americans call it,throw them all in jail, especialy the one who was punching and the one who pushed the girl into the assaultee then threatened to step on her face for defending herself, and these idiots you pay to be on tv wow im imressed with the stupidity...thanx harvey you and your tv crew are fun to watch and enjoyable...luv ya in vancouver canada

1271 days ago


Translation-She started it.

1271 days ago


Is it just me or did the punches look fake just like the show? Just another publicity stunt to get people to watch?

1271 days ago



1271 days ago
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