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"Teen Mom" Victim -- I'm Not Pressing Charges

3/25/2011 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The girl who got pummeled by "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans tells TMZ she has no plans on pressing charges and just wants the whole thing "to go away."

Britany Truett tells us the gnarly fight was over a boy -- aren't they all? -- who just happens to be Jenelle's ex, Kieffer. She says Kieffer made a pass at her when the three of them were hanging out and Jenelle was not pleased.

Britany says she was shocked that Jenelle got so angry, since they have been friends for seven years and Brit has no interest in Kieffer.

Britany claims she has a bruise on her eye, scratches on her face and a bite mark on her breast. She says she's spoken to Jenelle since the fight went down, but only through Facebook ... in messages she described as Jenelle "smack talking."

Britany tells us she will not be pressing charges -- so it looks like Jenelle dodged a huge bullet.


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Where's that chunky Australian kid when you need him? I would pay bookoo bucks to see this girl get dropped on her head.

1308 days ago


Aww hell naw!!

Why did she let that skank ass Jenelle get the best of her??

I wouldn't press charges either, because I would be waiting for Jenelle's ass when no one else was around to record a thing!!
You can believe that!!!

1308 days ago



1308 days ago


PEOPLE Domestic Violence is ONLY if a person is lovers, has a child in common,is related, and/or lives with the victim. This would be a case of battery and/or assault, not domestic violence. I'm not sure of the laws in other states, but in Indiana (yes, unfortunately I live close to Amber) domestic violence victims don't need to press charges in order for the state to file. I am a victim of domestic violence and the state almost always picks up the case automatically with or without your consent. This is why Amber and Gary didn't have an option for the charges. As far as Jenelle, unless the girl decides to press charges, the DA isn't gonna waste their time putting a case together for a victim that isn't going to pursue or help out in their own case. This is sad.

And as far as Jenelle's mom goes, I think people need to open their eyes. Jenelle makes her own decisions, not her mother. Where would that poor baby be if Jenelle's mom didn't take custody of him? Right there in Jenelle's arms while she throws punches? It's very possible! Jenelle should be doing everything she can to praise her mother for stepping up when she didn't! I have seen many people, as a social worker, who come from horrible homes with crack head parents living on and off the streets, that have grown up to become successful college graduates! So, no, Jenelle's mother didn't make Jenelle the monster that she is.

I hope this girl changes her mind and presses charges before that statues of limitations run out! This is sad & completely appalling coming from a mother's standpoint! Poor baby Jace :(

1308 days ago


This Brittany girl is making a mistake. This isn't the last time this nasty Jenelle girl will do this to someone. Maybe she needs to spend a little time in jail, to practice for her future there. I'm sure the other ladies will LOVE her in there!!

1308 days ago


Jenelle is nothing but a LOSER!!! Her fighting skills will come in handy in prison which is no doubt where she will end up. On the show she steals her mother's credit cards and takes off on a road trip to Jersey with her loser boyfriend. Man, did her baby get a bum deal. Fate can be so cruel, I feel so sorry for baby Jace.

1308 days ago


@ She IS A Lezzie Jenelle has Daddy issues. Her mom has done the best job she could but JENELLE continues to make mistake after mistake. If anything her mother needs to kick her stupid a33 out for good and let her fend for herself and sleep in her car because thats what she deserves. She wines and says her mom doesnt say i love you doesnt care, yet her mother is taking care of her child and constantly tells her she wants her to do the right things (its hard to believe someone when they continue to make mistakes). Her mother has made it clear that life is about FAMILY yet Jenelle feels that no one loves her so she attaches herself to loser dudes. She needs that male companionship because she has DADDY ISSUES, Her mother is not the problem, Jenelle needs to be sent away to a mental facility that will put her on the correct meds and teach her to live a productive life because all she is doing right now is taking a gnarly ride on a downward spiral. The poor girl needs help and hopefully her mother grows the balls to sign that looney up for intervention, teen mom is def not the show for her.

1308 days ago


the cops saw this it is proof of a crime.
if they dont arrest her. its because their related to her or something this is a crime.

1308 days ago

Eliezer smith    

Why do not You Pressing the charge?It is very great movement for the actress.

Super Probiotic

1308 days ago


well the girl helping jenelle fight should be charged also,she kept pushing jenelle on the girl at the beginning..jenelle thinks that just because shes on a show she can get away with alot...mtv is going in the hole for this girl because you know they are paying for everything...just let her go to jail for awhile..maybe just maybe it will do her some good...but i doubt it

1308 days ago


#109 RIGHT ON!! She has money from MTV. Lots. Take it away from her.

1308 days ago


Britany is a nice girl, hands down. But Janelle should face the consequences of what she did: her friends also should face serious consequences. Britany must understand that she has the chance to help all the teens in this Country facing this kind of bullism. The "friends" must face an investigation, absolutely. In any case good luck to you Britany. You're a good person.

1308 days ago


My very first impression of Janelle when she was on 16 & Pregnant is far different than my impression of her in Teen Mom2. She was so cute when she was pregnant, talking about taking her son to the beach, making him into a little surfer, like she was.
But her life has taken such a tragic turn during the teen mom episodes. She's with this complete loser Kiefer, who is using her for her money or should I say for her mother's money.
She battles with her mother on every single episode, and she truly is going to turn into a criminal if she continues on the path she's going on.
She hates her mother who is now raising her child because she's incapable of taking care of him, or for that matter, loving him the way a mother should love.
To her this baby is an inconvience, she isn't bonded with him, and she just keeps getting into trouble.
What a sad excuse for a mother.
I'm glad this show is actually showing the struggles that teen girls will have if they become pregnant. The man usually leaves her, gets no child support, and is left to raise the baby alone.
As this season shows, all but one couple has remained together. So the girls who think a boy will stay with them if they get themselves pregnant on purpose, watch this show. The boy never stays around for you or the child.

1308 days ago


Stupid. Somebody's mother brawling on the street like a thug. Real mom's don't do that.

1308 days ago


Does anyone on here have a high school diploma? 95% of what is being written here is incoherent garbage. I'm not the commenter police or anything, but when a person can't form a sentence, and then spell correctly. That person shouldn't be posting comment's.
Or are you the new generation of kids making comments here, the generation that didn't have to learn how to write in school because the teachers don't care anymore?
What a waste of life for all of you who can't spell and write like a normal humanbeing. So pathetic!
And as far as calling anyone trailer trash, white trailer trash. Isn't that racism at its finest. Why be politically correct when it involves white people, but called foul when it pertains to a black person? Let's be clear here, name calling is just a cheap shot because you can't think of anything else to write.

1308 days ago
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