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TMZ Live -- How 'Teen Mom' Spawned Lawyer Brawl

3/25/2011 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The real reason Harvey and Jason fought over the "Teen Mom 2" assault video ... And, why Jenelle Evans escaped criminal charges for the brutal beatdown. Plus, why the "Barefoot Contessa" said no to a cancer-stricken boy's request to cook a meal together.

We answer these and 28 other questions on today's TMZ Live!


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(0:56) Christie talks about the time she got arrested in a french maid's outfit -- and she shows us her AWESOME mug shot.
(5:24) The "Teen Mom 2" fight -- so brutal -- and why no charges will be filed.
(11:30) Evan's passionate stance on the "Barefoot Contessa"/Make-a-Wish controversy.
(14:25) Evan rehashes the "Teen Mom" brawl ... and it's the beginning of a SERIOUS argument.
(16:20) The gloves are off! Harvey and Jason's reenactment of the fight begins!!!
(18:45) The argument gains steam ... if that's even possible at this point!
(23:40) Dennis talks to cops LIVE about the fight ... and it doesn't really help the situation.
(25:00) 10 LONG minutes have passed ... and the fight is finally over.
(31:30) Twitter questions: What is Max working on during TMZ Live? Will Harvey ever be roasted on Comedy Central?
(40:00) We go to Anna on the confessional camera ... to talk about her glasses.
(43:00) Daniel is moving to New York this week ... so Harvey gives him crap about it.
(49:00) 49 minutes of fun later ... we call it a day.


No Avatar


"teen mom" the girl was pushed TWICE by the same girl in the back behind her before she took the steps forward before she punched her. I am on HARVEY'S SIDE!!!!

1311 days ago



Do you think Lawyer Friday needs to be renamed "Jason just had his ass handed to him again thanks to Harvey?

1311 days ago


Jason kinda bullied Harvey there. Did not ever consider that Jason enjoys dominating people, interesting. I wonder what facet of Jason is mired in insecurity?

1311 days ago

Janelle need's to fall off the face of the earth.

1311 days ago

who dat    

TMZ has officially jumped the shark when so much time is spent discussing these worthless trailer park hos.

1311 days ago

who dat    

Kristi is such an airhead. Bet it's easy to get her naked.

Teen mom white trash. Why do you put the shi* on this site. Send em back to the trailer park.

1311 days ago


I think we need to see these two apologize and hug it out.

1311 days ago


They can't go back to loving eachother if they don't apologize!!! Hug and kisses!!!

1311 days ago


Ebony and Ivory, live together in perfect harmony! Side by side on piano keyboard oh lawd why don't we??


1311 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

hey harvey! forget 'my way'! it's time for you to remake rebecca black's 'friday'!

1311 days ago


Jason, I sympathize with your wife.

When you really get into it, you kind of become a bully.

Ordinarily you're pretty cool, so... it's worth thinking about.

1311 days ago


I agree with both jason and harvey. The girl puts her arms out to try to show the girl that she is more dominant but i dont think she was prepared for the punch. Ive seen several fights that start out this way, pushing and name calling, but rarely is the punch thrown.

1311 days ago


I disagree with u Harvey Jenelle did not start that fight the girl who pushed her did as far as the other girl she DID take 3 steps forward and did put out her arms looking for a fight so Jenelle gave her one

1311 days ago


So I guess whatever the opposite of what Jason says is the way to go?

1311 days ago


If I close my eyes and picture Jason as a caveman, bone in his nose, deerskin clothes and holding a spear lawyer Friday makes perfect sense now.

If I had any talent i'd animate that and upload it to the internet.

1311 days ago
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