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Britney Spears -- Hits the Stage in Las Vegas

3/26/2011 5:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears made a return to the stage last night in Las Vegas, debuting a new song called "Big Fat Bass" -- and TMZ has the video.

Brit performed three songs during the mini-concert at Rain nightclub in the Palms Casino & Resort -- "Hold It Against Me," "Big Fat Bass" and "Till the World Ends." During "Bass," Brit can be seen climbing up and down various props and sitting down on boxes -- not a lot of choreography going on here.

Draw your own conclusions.



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You cut out the actual dancing in the breakdown. And she danced a lot more in HIAM and TTWE. What sort of journalism is this.

1277 days ago


LMAO at all you hater trolls. GTFO. All you do is complain about what anyone does, none of you ever have anything nice to say about anyone.

Sorry y'all live such boring lives & that you remain inferior to Ms. brinny. while you're sitting here typing away and eating junk food homegirl is out makin big $$$$.


1277 days ago


Pathetic. As has been said, "humping the furniture" isn't impressive.

1277 days ago


where the dance break tmz she did a amazing dance break and why don't you show the till the wolrd ends performance she did amazing on that one and she danced amazing? where that tmz? clearly you just starting to start up ****. where the rest of the **** go away with your cheap editing tmz. clearly your doing this because you hate britney nice edit ****ers. you edit out the dance break she did. get the **** out drama queens.

1277 days ago


OMG...What hapened to Britney? She doesnt move nor sing...Shes doing playback AGAIN!!!

1277 days ago


who would want to watch Britney breaking down,

1277 days ago


Hey claque. We've all seen the breakdown. TMZ chronicled the breakdown. They head shaving ... the crotch showing. Not one human being breathing on earth missed her breakdown.

1277 days ago


woowww love how tmz cut out the dance breakdown at about 2:20 sure its only about 15 seconds of good dancing but i love how tmz didnt show it. go on youtube and look at the real video

1277 days ago


Lady GooGoo is an ugly freak and Britney is and always will be the real Queen of Pop.

1277 days ago


Time to accept that you are moving into the "nostalgia tour" stage of your career. I don't see her getting another hit song based on the merits of the song itself anymore.

1277 days ago


WHAT SONG??????? It's the same phrase over and today is all about the beat , the lyrics(no matter how sparse) and the tune have very little to do with it...the artist is really irrelevant. This is probably the worst I have seen Britany as an "entertainer"...let's face it, she hasn't sung live in ages, but she was a great dancer and now that is gone too.(Probably because of the medication she is on for her medical problems).It's sad!

1277 days ago


Wow.....I wanted Britney really to succeed. But this is really really bad. I have to be fair and vocally and performance wise its not up to par with other artists. I know she has a bad knee injury so she cant dance like she used to and maybe that causes her timidness in performing. But if she cant BRING IT...she should stay home. I can see why now she has not another music show performance since that disastrous MTV show. At the time we all thought she was so doped out she couldnt move. It is evident that she no longer has what it takes and I would demand a refund. Sorry had a great run for a while and maybe one day your story will be told on the big screen, but hate to say it...but you are DONE as an artist!!! Maybe she could venture out in a different area of the industry.

1277 days ago


Not a hater, but come on. The dancin is kinda slow, just hand dancing but thats not the point. The point is: WHY SHES PLAYING THE CD TRACK??????
SHES the only singer NOWDAYS to do it. no one do it anymore. even Jennifer Lopez, Kesha, Katy Perry, Rihanna can hold a song.
Thats a shame.

1277 days ago


Utterly Terrible,

Why do folks let her get away with Lip Synching anymore?
Of course, your going to sound the same live, we get that, but at least try.
Lady GaGa, Katy Perry, Rhianna, they at least sing live,
those days of what Brits doing, are long gone.
I don't get her at all, and her new cd sucks bad.
"Circus" was a great album, (for this type of stuff), this one,

but folks will still pay her.

1277 days ago


I think it's just hard for her now to remember the words to her songs in order to lip sync and dance all at the same time. I can't believe people actaully pay to see her lip sync. She needs to try dancing again...she sucks

1277 days ago
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