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Celeb Chefs to 'Wish' Kid -- We'll Cook With You!

3/26/2011 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two TV chefs have stepped up to the plate -- and have offered to cook for a "Make-A-Wish" kid who was snubbed by "Barefoot Contessa" star Ina Garten ... TMZ has learned.

Food Network star Beau MacMillan and "Iron Chef" Michael Symon are both reaching out to 6-year-old Enzo ... hoping they can fill the void Garten left after she turned down the kid's "wish" to cook a meal together.

In fact, MacMillan tells us he's ready to fly Enzo and his entire family out to Arizona STAT -- put them up in a fancy resort and treat them all to a VIP dinner at his 5-star restaurant.

MacMillan says he also wants to bring Enzo into the kitchen so they can prepare the meal together.
As for Symon -- the chef tells us he'll be in Enzo's home state of Oregon in the very near future and would be more than happy to swing by Enzo's house to "cook a dish" with him too.

Bon appetit!


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INA needs to lay off her high and mighty horse and stop making "episodes" of her cooking for her friends! HELLO! not everyone ENTERTAINS guest... atleast make it look real and not like your trying so hard to make it look like you have friends! COOK THE KIDS A FREAKIN MEAL YOU WANNA BE POPULAR... ISHT!

1117 days ago


I hope food network cancels Ina Garten's show.

Hey Food Network, we don't want to watch shows starring kid-haters.

1117 days ago


so Enzo's mother takes money? to burn Ina's books because her son can't have his wish? Are you people for real??? This is so insane and idiotic...Let's see does Mom want to meet Ina??? Oh no, and she tells Enzo, in his sicken state we will tear her apart, ruin her reputation for not coming here after you asked repeatedly....I am sure Enzo sits in his hospital bed and just LOVES the cooking channel as he feels sicker after his treatments....does he control the remote Mom??? My kids liked cartoons and Disney Channel at 6 years old....this smells like a real bad recipe for extortion....but all you bleeding hearts sent Mom money, she's saving it so Enzo can be a chef and have his own show, right!!! How about Disneyland? That's where Enzo may want to go...And other chefs have offered to cook for him, but that's not good enough? For who, Mom or Enzo(he has pictures and recipes all over his room of Ina, sure) Wake up, she's not going to fufill a wish for Mom...but Mom will take your money...Shame on You Mom, lets hear Enzo's real wish, some sports player, musician, special place that kids like???? Give Ina a break, hey Mom learn how to cook yourself! Or is the heat in the kitchen too much???? But keep blogging how disappointed your boy is, you'll get more money!!!(genius, maybe I should do that with my paralyzed son, he's been that way for 17 years)

1117 days ago


That stupid woman. I don't like her show anyway and willnever watch it again now.She is so full of herself on the show and off.What a terrible thing to do.I hope she looses her television show bcause of it.How busy can anyone be to refuse a sick child.?

1117 days ago

Pornosec Prole    

Food station is for glutton people who eat too much. They should let Manson out of jail to finish Helter Skelter on miss fat pig food chef.

1117 days ago


This has been nothing but a ploy by this mother to extort the public and ruin Ina Garten's reputation in the process. Hard to believe that a mother would use her sick child that way, but from the comments on here, she pegged the public pretty well. The mother is sinister, and malicious. Send her money and you are playing the fool!

1117 days ago


My guess is that Ina won't be "too busy" for too much longer...she's pretty full of Ina.

1117 days ago


It was very nice of these two gentlemen to offer their time to make a wish come true for this young boy. As for Ms. Garten, there are always two sides to every story and only one side has been exposed here - and it didn't really have any business here, anyways. Time often becomes our own worst enemy. She must have her reasons, and people should never be made to feel guilty for their cir***stances. If it is meant to be, love will find her way to him - not pressure or manipulation from the media or other individuals who chose to "leak" this situation to bring a good person down. It appears that the goal of this announcement is to tarnish the reputation of an individual who already has a history of charitable giving - past and present, and no doubt - the future.

1117 days ago


I pray that this message gets to Enzo since the guest book for his site doesn't work. Kids today get sick due to toxins in food and poison vaccines. Standard medicine is corrupt at worse and incompetent at best. Chemo helps kill patients. For safe natural alternative treatments consult the sites or It might save the boy's life. This has been a TMZ health care truth post. Please pass it on to Enzo.

1117 days ago

Blah Blah    

Yep the ONLY reason these two nobody's are 'stepping up to the plate' is for publicity. They don't give a **** about this kid... who incidentally is NOT DYING. Three years after the initial MAW he's getting swimming lessons. You bleeding hearts who eat this up are a bunch of self righteous mouth breathers. Countless celebrities, mostly male actors, turn down MAW requests without even giving so much as a NO answer with no reason. Garten's busy woman so piss off. Why don't you bleeding hearts contact MAW if you're so outraged instead of effing off at the mouth behind your keyboards like the sissies you are. LMFAO!

1117 days ago


Blah, your evil lack of compassion is showing. After you're done defending the heartless elitist pig, get back to your sociopaths anonymous meeting.

1117 days ago

Karen Lemieux    

Um, Karen, actually Enzo's mommy is taking donations on her website and griping about Ina not granting his wish. She even thanks her supporters for their "cookbook bonfires" (ie. burning Contessa's cookbooks). Doesn't seem like the last thing on her mind....seems like the first. Make a Wish is supposed to help families feel good....not vengeful if they don't get what they want.

After reading your comment, I checked out the mom's blog. She stated that she was joking about the bonfires. Also, if you read the blogs about medically fragile children, you will find many with a place where donations can be made. Not because of a feeling of entitlement but because there are so many things not covered by insurance that families are often hurting financially and will take any help they can get.

1117 days ago


Michael Symon is a jewel of a guy, humble and always giving kudo's to you chef, you make Clevelander's proud!

1117 days ago


Scotty is right. This is about publicity-seeking and entitlement from the mother, who is trying to make a quick buck at Ina's expense. Ina is a private citizen. She can do charity in her own way. It's not your business PEOPLE! Rather than posting nasty comments about Ina, why don't you guys run off and actually do something valuable for others? Too lazy for that, aren't you?

1116 days ago

Sweetie Pettee    

Kudos to them for stepping up. I was in credibley generous for them to offer their time, especially after Ina " Barefoot Contessa " refussed.

1116 days ago
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