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Celeb Chefs to 'Wish' Kid -- We'll Cook With You!

3/26/2011 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two TV chefs have stepped up to the plate -- and have offered to cook for a "Make-A-Wish" kid who was snubbed by "Barefoot Contessa" star Ina Garten ... TMZ has learned.

Food Network star Beau MacMillan and "Iron Chef" Michael Symon are both reaching out to 6-year-old Enzo ... hoping they can fill the void Garten left after she turned down the kid's "wish" to cook a meal together.

In fact, MacMillan tells us he's ready to fly Enzo and his entire family out to Arizona STAT -- put them up in a fancy resort and treat them all to a VIP dinner at his 5-star restaurant.

MacMillan says he also wants to bring Enzo into the kitchen so they can prepare the meal together.
As for Symon -- the chef tells us he'll be in Enzo's home state of Oregon in the very near future and would be more than happy to swing by Enzo's house to "cook a dish" with him too.

Bon appetit!


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She's the Barefoot Contessa. Much like the Romanovs, she holds the title but lacks both the backing of the people and the financial standing.

1253 days ago

Bobo Frog    

Karen, is it sad when someone gets cancer? Yes. Does it mean they get to have whatever they want? No. Foundations like Make a Wish are supposed to ease the pain....not make them believe they are entitled to whatever wish they please. Anyone can start a foundation like Make a doesn't mean that everyone in the world has to bow down to it. This is America, and people are free to do what they choose with their time without being harassed by people who feel their are entitled to it.

1253 days ago


I know these guys obviously have a heart a big one, not like Ina Garten, I cant imagine the feeling this poor little boy is experiencing on top of his illness. I know they mean well but this little boys dream has already been crushed twice! I will no longer watch that channel and or her show. what a way to treat your supporters and fans.

1252 days ago


I never comment on these things but had to this time. I'm so disgusted that Ina would not make the time for this precious child. I will never watch her show. As for these guys who stepped up to the plate, kudos to you! Ina, you sicken me! You should rename your show 'The Selfish Barefoot Contessa'.

1252 days ago


she is a cow

1252 days ago


She still hasn't released a statement defending herself??
If not then **** that fat ass white bitch!! That kid can pick a better "celebrity" than that overrated slob of a bitch anyway!

1252 days ago

Anna S    

Life has twice asked Ina to help a very sick and very brave child. Clearly one's reputation is everything, and the generosity one accords children is a pretty strong indicator of character. Ina, fire the PR team, get to OR or at least call Enzo's Mom. Host them in the Hamptons and film a "Cooking with Enzo" series. Box the cookie mix called "Enzo's Dream", with his magic ingredient and donate the profits to Make-a-Wish. This is how you make lemonade from lemons.

1252 days ago


This has been nothing but a ploy by this mother to extort the public and ruin Ina Garten's reputation in the process. Hard to believe that a mother would use her sick child that way, but from the comments on here, she pegged the public pretty well. The mother is sinister, and malicious. Send her money and you are playing the fool!

Posted at 6:40 AM on Mar 27, 2011 by Scotty

Why presume that 'mom' is trying to extort the public? Can you even imagine the medical costs involved in treating a child with leukemia whether you've got insurance or not? Astronomical. She's trying to save her childs life. You can bet that if my child was gravely ill, I'd be doing whatever it took to save their life as well. As the other poster mentioned, many who have websites honoring their gravely ill family member, they often are willing to accept donations. This is not unusual at all. If we presume that every family who is 'willing to accept donations' is suspicious, greedy, or exploitive then what have 'we' become as a society? Jaded & paranoid? Sorry, I'll never become like that. Yeah, there are people out there who will swindle you but I absolutely refuse to assume that about everyone. Wouldn't want to live in a world where I felt I had to think that way. She's disappointed in Ina Garten for her refusal & I would be too as a parent. When you see a child go thru what Enzo is no doubt enduring, you don't want them to suffer an ounce more pain or disappointment than they already are. Not too hard to understand. She's a mom trying to make what may be her sons 'remaining days' the happiest they could possibly be. If we seek the worst in people then we will no doubt find it for sure & what does that say about us ourselves? I think it's particularly telling that Ina Garten has released no statement in defense of herself.

1252 days ago


Thanks you guy's for making this kid wish come true.....

1252 days ago


Ina shouldn't be allowed to have a show on the Food Network. She doesn't have "stage presence" like they portray to want on the "Next Food Network Star" shows. She is boring and frankly I never watch her and always turn the channel when she's on. Thanks to Beau and Michael Symon for wanting to fulfill this child's wish! They have just confirmed my feelings towards them as being kind and caring people with a passion for cooking, and they want to share their knowledge with everyone. Ina doesn't have any know-how or knowledge....she should have her shows removed from the Food Network lineup!

1252 days ago


Wow good for Michael and Beau. I have always thought they were the most "real" personalities on the food network. There are other stars too just have escaped my mind right now. Never cared for that Barefoot woman tho.

1252 days ago


This is awesome! I don't care what excuse Ina has, not good enough! I would drop whatever I was doing if a very sick child asked to meet me. I would be honored!

1252 days ago


It's great to see that these TWO chefs have a generous heart to help out this little boy.

Shame on you INA!!! BOYCOTT INA!

1252 days ago


I find it interesting that her people, not even the shentessa herself has bothered to publish her side of the story, so that means she is even more selfish and snobbish than we thought or her publicity people are complete moron`s, this is going to hurt her image tremendously.

1252 days ago

Jor Brady    

How dare she not have time to help this poor kid???? Is anyone EVER TOO busy to help a child?? especially one who's dying??

1252 days ago
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