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Celeb Chefs to 'Wish' Kid -- We'll Cook With You!

3/26/2011 4:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two TV chefs have stepped up to the plate -- and have offered to cook for a "Make-A-Wish" kid who was snubbed by "Barefoot Contessa" star Ina Garten ... TMZ has learned.

Food Network star Beau MacMillan and "Iron Chef" Michael Symon are both reaching out to 6-year-old Enzo ... hoping they can fill the void Garten left after she turned down the kid's "wish" to cook a meal together.

In fact, MacMillan tells us he's ready to fly Enzo and his entire family out to Arizona STAT -- put them up in a fancy resort and treat them all to a VIP dinner at his 5-star restaurant.

MacMillan says he also wants to bring Enzo into the kitchen so they can prepare the meal together.
As for Symon -- the chef tells us he'll be in Enzo's home state of Oregon in the very near future and would be more than happy to swing by Enzo's house to "cook a dish" with him too.

Bon appetit!


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Thank goodness America is still a free country. Beau and Michael have just as much right to spend time with the kid as Ina does to say she can't. I find it sad that these offers are coming in as the result of some whiny relative of the kid.

I still believe that Make-A-Wish should require the children to make 3-5 wishes so it's less likely a wish can't be granted. I also don't believe anyone should feel pressured into granting a wish - it's always better when they want to do it and it's done out of the kindness of their heart.

1307 days ago


Get over yourselves. Ina is a cook. People watch her show to get new ideas, learn new things. They will continue to watch despite the ugly hateful stuff that has been posted here - because it is a good show. I watched it today and will watch it next Saturday,

I can't help wondering how many of you write the ugly stuff on this board, and haven't lifted a hand to help anyone in the past month, year, etc. Quite a few I suspect. Wonder how your lives would stand up some scrutiny. But, unlike Ina, people aren't interested in what you do, so you don't have to endure it.

1307 days ago

Heidi Vanderhoeven    

This is my prediction.....Food Network will drop her fat azz from their lineup bc of all this. I don't think those two other chefs stood up for publicity. They want to make something right that was terribly wrong by this so-called cook Ina. She needs to learn how to cook from Jenny Craig..ha. She'll never come back from being so heartless.

1307 days ago


Good for the guys.

Yeah, there always is two sides to a story, but Ina Garten has always come across as snooty-hooty on that show of hers. I mean fine, you go to New England and people like her are a dime a dozen, but in most of America that comes across as snotty. I realize celebrities (I guess she could be considered that) are very busy people and can't take on all requests, but sometimes you have to step back and make an exception regardless. Maybe the kid's parents are being vindictive, maybe not. But Ina Garten should have immediately contacted TMZ to make a statement if she didn't want the bad P.R. to hit the fan as quick as it did, though.

1307 days ago


Thanks Nost! Exactly Bobo, but I can understand Michael J because he had an amusement park at his house. This is a 62-63 lady who cooks on Food Network. He is 6 now and requested it what a yeAr ago? This is fishy for sure.

Posted at 10:12 AM on Mar 26, 2011 by N.O.Lady

I really don't get what could be so hard to understand about this kid making this request. Anyone who has got kids could possibly figure this one out. Sure, of course, this could have originated from the mother of the child. However, kids often choose activities(probably even more so in the case of a gravely ill child) based on the likes/desires of their closest caregiver. In this case no doubt 'mom'. The childs needs are closely wrapped up in those of the one closest to them. This kid probably feels pretty vulnerable I would imagine. Perhaps he is very close to his mom(think this is mentioned in the original article from yesterday) & wants to share something with not only this chef but an activity that would include his mom. Something they both could find pleasurable & enjoy together. Little boys, any little boy, often wants his 'mommy' to be happy. An activity reminiscent of the times the boy perceived as being 'close with his mother' spent in the hospital, when he was the sickest, most vulnerable, & needed her the most. Perhaps he wasn't 'as close' to his mother before & his illness has strengthened the bond she & he have now? I really think that rather than look upon his request with negativism & suspicion, maybe we could apply some compassionate, logical psychology to the psyche of a 6 yr old boy?

1307 days ago


Ina Garten should drive her big Mercedes into a bridge abutment and then ask this poor kid for help. This is shameful behavior of the first order. Maybe she could get a job as the AFLAC duck. Boo on the Food Network for not letting this elitist ******* go (and it's a big *******!)

1307 days ago


I KNEW there was a reason I don't like the Barefoot Contessa....She's a big phoney!!! Kudos to Iron Chef Michael Simon and Beau MacMillan's generosity!!

1307 days ago


Way to step up, chefs!

Ina... that was the last (and only) cookbook of yours that'll ever make it through my front door. Frankly, I thought it sucked, too.

1307 days ago


Ina, don't worry about the fools posting here. They would not know the difference in a Creuset and a crouton. They are not your target audience. Keep up the good work.

1307 days ago


Ina Garden is a talented TV personality, but has no desire to step outside her Hamptons existence and do this sort of thing. It is what it is. She's been very up front about the fact that she "only cooks with her friends." Those who step up and share their gifts are very special for doing so. Ina Garden, one of my favorite celebrity chefs BTW, is not that sort of person. I think we have expectations of people that aren't often realistic. Giving back isn't tied to your status or wealth (or even your schedule); it's part of your ethic. In this case, it's not part of Ina's ethic.

1307 days ago


What a lovely guys!

1307 days ago


1. For anyone saying the kid is alright -- You cannot be on the Make-A-Wish list unless you are in critical condition and dying. All he has known are hospitals, needles and surgeries since he's been 3 years old. He doesn't even know how to swim, for goodness sakes.

2. The mother is not fame hungry. All she does is write a blog about her child's condition, which is extremely common among people with diseases, do***enting their condition for the masses.

I am astonished anyone will side with Ina with this. I am a hard-working, full time medical student, and I still find time to partake in the Big Brothers Big Sisters program and a local shelter I help with.

1307 days ago


No one can tell me that this Ina woman couldn't make some time to make the wish of this child come true. She is just too busy and being too famous for the likes of a dying child.

I hope she chokes on a chicken bone. Bitch.

1307 days ago


That's nice. Probably partly for good publicity. But, still it's nice.

1307 days ago


Please read Enzo's mom's blog about the incident before comparing her to the empty sound of crickets coming from Ina's empty pile of excuses:

1307 days ago
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