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Rapper, NFL Star

Busted Separately in


3/26/2011 8:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Big night for the coppers down in Shreveport, LA -- rapper Rick Ross and Philadelphia Eagles star Jason Peters were both arrested last night in separate incidents.

First, let's talk about Ross -- according to police, he was busted last night for possession of marijuana. Cops say they detected a strong odor of marijuana coming from his hotel room and when police investigated, they spotted approximately a gram of it in plain view.

He was popped and released on a misdemeanor summons.

Now for Peters ... he was busted for a loud music violation and resisting an officer after cops asked him to turn down the music in his car and he refused. Police tell us they asked Peters for his ID several times, but he refused that too. Poor choice.

According to reports, Ross was in town to perform at a nightclub and Peters was one of the celebrity guests. Good times.

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Loud music and smoking a joint gets your mug shot plastered all over TMZ? Big menace to society these two are! Why do I have the feeling that despite all the racist comments this story is guaranteed to generate, there are thousands of affluent non-blacks who do either of these two "violations" on a regular basis. I wonder how many rapes, robberies, and murders were going down in Shreveport while the police were busy busting these two of America's most wanted...

1315 days ago


What were they thinking about, they're were supposed to be at the funeral with the rest of the thugs... but not, they had to be smok'n and acting ghetto.

Give it a break... guys. or You're gonna be dead with the mystery reasons like your boy, Other Dogg.

1315 days ago



1315 days ago


A gram of weed? Wow, the world is safer because he was arrested.
Bet the cop went out and got drunk to celebrate.

1315 days ago


Suge Knight called he wants his look back...

1315 days ago

Jim in Cali    

LOL the irony of OFFICER RIIIIICCCCCCKKKKKKKYYYYY being arrested. Too funny. Need to head over to 50 cent's twitter to see what he is saying.

1315 days ago

what He said    

no surprise here. gorillas belong in cages!

Posted at 4:46 PM on Mar 26, 2011 by big pos

You are both offensive to man and primate which says more about you. Everyone deserves freedom and rights. Gorillas are the most gentle primate and ARE Vegetarians!!!

1315 days ago

queen love    

They're rich bytch.

1315 days ago


#9 god knows i aint surprised yall crackers hating but i also know that i bet none of yall would open ur mouth if u came upon on of us cause if you met me lets just say u wouldnt have time to make a smart remark

Posted at 5:09 PM on Mar 26, 2011 by jasonpoliceofficer
Oh jasonpoliceofficer...you are so full of sh*t. My size 14 boot would probably have 2 inches of room in your big fat as* but I can pretty much guarantee you that the next time you even utter the word CRACKER, it would be on your knees pleading for mercy! Jive...sissy!

1315 days ago

John 8:32    

Another very tired and negative article by TMZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ about black males... especially if they're unattractive... and making bad decisions. This article is so tired ,and by no means newsworthy... it seems to me that TMZ will go as far as the moon or Mars to find a negative story on some black males... even though the story is not even newsworthy... this is not a claim...That TMZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ is a racist website. But it does make a person wonder that if these two men were any other culture will say Jewish... they would have posted this silly little waste of time article in the FIRST place ?!? I think they went way out of there way, to make a story about little of nothing.

"Shame on you TMZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ ZZZ!"

1315 days ago

No comment    

Its funny all the people who say racism doesn't exist or blaming people for using the race card are the ones calling the gorillas, apes, and the N-word. Every single article anywhere on the net where someone in article is black you read these comments. I'd hate to be black and read it constantly. There are adjectives to describe people without being a racist.

1315 days ago


lol 1g of weed haha what a f'd up country.

1315 days ago


when are these stars going to understand that the police watch them more,then regular people. So I think they should just go back to being normal people. LOL just saying if I could get paid every time the police lock up an actor,rapper,and athlete for little things I'll be rich.

1315 days ago


money does not buy class... lol this makes me laugh

1315 days ago


come on REALLY?????? A gram??????? Geeze & loud music?????? WoW I really see no serious crime commited here people!!!!

1315 days ago
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