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'Ghost' Crew -- We NEED to Investigate 'Idol' Mansion!

3/27/2011 8:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The crew from "Ghost Adventures" believes there may be DEMONIC activity inside the haunted "American Idol" mansion ... and they want to investigate the place ASAP ... TMZ has learned.

American Idol House Haunted
Zak Bagans -- lead investigator of the "Ghost Adventures Crew" -- insists the alleged paranormal activity inside the Beverly Hills mansion where the "A.I." finalists were staying sounds LEGIT and "possibly demonic."

As TMZ first reported, the "Idol" gang MOVED OUT of the place last week after several spooky incidents -- including flickering lights, mysterious spider infestations, and a FLOATING WHITE SHEET!!

Zak tells us he feels the best way to investigate the supernatural situation would be to bring  the "Idol" finalists BACK to the house so he can use them as "trigger objects."

Zak explains, "If there are spirits or demonic entities present they may have had a connection with one of them ... hence all the activity."

We're told the "Ghost Adventures Crew" has already been in touch with the people at "Idol."

Stay tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuned.


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blinking lights = bad wiring or the lights flicker from time to time.the roof leaks which means the house needs work aka the wiring is most likley bad.spider infestation this happens to many houses.yet these guys will go investigate and get tons of evidence as usual.

1303 days ago


I believe the DANGEROUS MONSTERS are here to stay. Try to figure out WHY they picked AMERICAN IDOL to display!

1303 days ago


So why isn't ghost hunting taught at every major university?

Big pile of crap.

1303 days ago

Don Martin    

I am so happy that we have gone from witch burnings to a modern era where three drama queens can parade around in a dark house scaring the crap out of each other.

I'm working on a reality TV deal myself. The show features me and God himself playing softball with Abraham, Jobe and the Holy Ghost. Its going to be called, "Filed of Screams". Seriously! Trust me folks I never believed in softballs until I came face to face with them.

Gimme a break already.... don't we have anything elsehigher on our lists than American Idol meets Ghost Busters?

1303 days ago


#12, I love your comment. Couldn't have said it better. These guys have amazing credibility. The "ghost hunters" crew is the fake one and GA is in it for actually investigating, not the fame. They have stayed true to themselves for years now so before you criticize, do your homework and open your mind. I hope they investigate this place and look forward to seeing the episode!

1303 days ago


We call him Zac Douchebagans around my house.

1303 days ago


I like their show. Total frauds, but unlike Ghost Hunters, Zak and the gang at least make it entertaining to watch.

1303 days ago


They want the cast to come back? Nah, just one is needed, voodoo dancer Naima. Watching her flail, er dance, last week was definitely disturbing, so it's no surprise sleeping spirits were awakened.

1303 days ago


If you're going to bring in someone to investigate, bring in Ghost Hunters - at least those guys debunk much of what people find... especially electromagnetic fields that cause that 'uneasy' feeling, and creaky pipes that make noises (they're plumbers too!). We watch Ghost Adventures for a laugh... Zak's like the wimpy kid who was beaten up all the time and overcompensates as an adult.

1303 days ago


lol Way to jump on that bandwagon. What a bunch of opportunistic idiots. I just love people like these who not only take advantage of people's irrational fears but do everything they can to make them worse. All to make a buck and get themselves on tv. Bottom feeding frauds.

1303 days ago

Paul Lynde    

Oh please! It sounds like a Brady Bunch Script!

1303 days ago


Maybe all the Wizards brought out the ghost and spiders. Haven't you noticed them in the closets. There always seems to be Tiger blood left behind.

1303 days ago


To the people that are calling GhostAdventures phonies and saying that demons are just fragments of people are ignorant...if you even believe Jesus exist then the Devil does. This is why God let Eve and Adam to their fate...because they probably had the same attitude as you people.

1303 days ago


credible or not the show is fun and entertaining. If they don't find any ghost at the idol house it will still be fun to listen to zak run off at the mouth and comment on his funny hair do. Maybe make an american idol stay in a dark haunted room by themselves. I say go for it.

1303 days ago


It wasn't a ghost at the American Idol Mansion: it was Paula Abdul wearing too much MAKE-UP! =p

1303 days ago
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