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Michael Lohan's Ex: He's a National Danger!

3/27/2011 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Major is afraid of Michael Lohan coming after her from coast-to-coast ... TMZ has learned she has asked a judge 2,500 miles away to protect her from him.

Kate got a protective order from a judge in Sarasota County, FL -- ordering Michael to stay 500 feet away from her and have no other contact.

The protective order is a byproduct of an alleged incident last week in which Kate claimed Lohan threw her up against the footrest of the bed. She claims in the court filing Lohan "took a wet towel over my mouth + nose + was strangling me."0327_kate_major_doc_rip

Kate goes on to claim that Michael sliced himself with a razor blade and said if she went to cops "he would say I injured him. He is insane."

Michael claims the opposite is true -- she's the one who assaulted him.

Mind you, Michael is ensconced across the country in Venice, Calif. -- but Kate says she doesn't want to take any chances.


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Sad sad    

Pony Princess Ya, have you ever tried that? They make you wait hours for them. Act like it's a nuisance and give you 1 min. to collect whatever and will not stay much longer while they bitch and complain. You are better off bringing some friends and a club just in case.

Michael is obviously a cutter for attention.

1272 days ago


"It doesn't matter that Lindsay wasn't criminally charged in those previous incidents. Meyers can, and will subpoena police that investigated those, and as well as the accusers if she needs to. Lindsay has major entitlement issues, which have led her down this very dark road. If Lindsay is smart, she will take the plea deal. Lindsay won't know what will hit her if the case proceeds to a preliminary hearing, and trial. Meyers is tough as nails, make no mistake about it. Lindsay truly has no idea how bad this could get, and how fast. This could truly ruin her career. Look at the (Winona) Ryder case, her career suffered after the guilty conviction, and she didn't have the criminal record that Lindsay has," the source says. ...Story developing more will be revealed during her CR(Cocaine Relapse) in Aprill...@thecrock where is your team??Left you out to dry on this one??

1272 days ago


If he was in Florida "working"(I use the term loosely)Why was she there?It was probably a planed event.I realize that if she was in one of the other 49 states we wouldn't have to be hearing about her.Its not like the guy is a big mystery.If you are dumb enough to go out with you shouldn't be suprised that this is what you get.

1272 days ago


They're both rash...they deserve each other...why are they fighting it?

1272 days ago


TRASH...I MEANT TRASH...but I'm sure they both have a hey, it worked out after all...

1272 days ago


Lindsay should have a list made of all the crazy things her mother and father have done over the last ten years. Throw herself on the mercy of the court and beg the judge for mercy.

After the judge reads that list all the charges against her will be dismissed, hr probation reduced to an order to stay at least 1 million feet away from both of them at all times for the rest of her life, and the judge will kiss her and tell her she has the sympathy of the court and the population of the whole world.

1272 days ago


She and He are bimbos, She will find a way to suckle back up to him and do this all over again. This is a big country how about the both of you stay at opisite ends.

1272 days ago


Women can claim this BS an the poor guy is guilty until proven innocent which is just WRONG!

Look at that cow and tell me anyone would get upset over anything she does.

Bitch needs hit in the mouth hard enough she doesnt make false claims again.

1272 days ago

Dom The Mover    

One things for sure, theyre both drama queens, what a friggin mess

1272 days ago


Who are these morons and why are they on TMZ every day??

1272 days ago


i think michael is alittle bi-polar but kate is just as well because if she brought it to the courts she was using him to gain finacial support n publicity

1272 days ago

Sue Kusowski    

ML worthless kid is all but washed up and he would be to if the press would quit writing anything about him. Who really cares where or what he or any of that family does?

1272 days ago


@ the rock and sean

Remember, prior acts and the people who testify about them are subject to cross examination. The reputation and integrity of these people is open to destruction! In the case of police officers their accuracy, and completeness and their careers are open to destruction. This is almost standard operating procedure for defense attorneys and very good defense because a jury hates half assed cops and any witness who can be made to look like a money grubber or low life.
A big chance is taken going down this road because the final thought in the minds of jurors is that she was never charged so something must be wrong with the police or the story told by the witness.
One of the instances frequently talked about here is the missing hundreds of thousands of dollars of jewelery from a photo shoot. The insurance company investigated and completely cleared Lindsay so that report can also be used by the defense when these type witnesses are being grilled.
Yes, Danet is tough as nails ... but Shawn is no pushover and her claws will be out when this goes down.
Get your popcorn early!!!!!

1272 days ago


Kate Major seeks fame and $$$ as does Lohan
2 unattractive peeps working the media for more
undeserved cash in pocket

1272 days ago

Pony Princess    

Pony Princess Ya, have you ever tried that? They make you wait hours for them. Act like it's a nuisance and give you 1 min. to collect whatever and will not stay much longer while they bitch and complain. You are better off bringing some friends and a club just in case.

Your right - you do only have about 2 to 5 minutes, but if you've waited hours, you know exactly what you will stuff into that small time.
But I agree get some friends with clubs is probably a good alternate or arrange for the man to be away at dinner or something (again, get friends to get him away) while you're there.

1272 days ago
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