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Michael Lohan's Ex: He's a National Danger!

3/27/2011 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Major is afraid of Michael Lohan coming after her from coast-to-coast ... TMZ has learned she has asked a judge 2,500 miles away to protect her from him.

Kate got a protective order from a judge in Sarasota County, FL -- ordering Michael to stay 500 feet away from her and have no other contact.

The protective order is a byproduct of an alleged incident last week in which Kate claimed Lohan threw her up against the footrest of the bed. She claims in the court filing Lohan "took a wet towel over my mouth + nose + was strangling me."0327_kate_major_doc_rip

Kate goes on to claim that Michael sliced himself with a razor blade and said if she went to cops "he would say I injured him. He is insane."

Michael claims the opposite is true -- she's the one who assaulted him.

Mind you, Michael is ensconced across the country in Venice, Calif. -- but Kate says she doesn't want to take any chances.


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Pony Princess    

thank you for your product testimonial. I'm sure everyone will run to order it. NOT.

1217 days ago


Other than the fact this nobody is the father of another nobody, why is TMZ wasting their time on him?

1217 days ago


This jerk is "famous" because he spawned a pretty daughter who had a career and then a trainwreck. Kate is a drama queen media whore who has been dumb enough to hook up with this violent loser, knowing he was dangerous, she kept with him, for money, fame, whatever. They are both disgusting and should just be ignored in the hope they will go away.

1217 days ago


I thought she already had a protective order against him or was that another of his women - Jeez!! The guy has a mega temper, his only reason for being famous is that he (allegedly!) contributed DNA to LiLo his famous daughter who's name he can't stop milking lol!! Oh yeah, that and his period in prison for Fraud lol, further embarrassing his daughter - I recall an interview he gave from prison?! WTF?! apologising to his daughter LiLo for letting her down - yeah, like she needed the world to know he was there?!!!

MiLo has just been on a rehab program hasn't he that's about his anger management issues, then GNW this woman let him into her house! Or did he have a key?! I'd be worried about him too and while I'm not claiming her story is the full story since I don't know enough about it, in order to get a restraining order you have to prove more than your word that's he's committed the offence - unless MiLo & lawyer don't even bother to turn up to answer the petition of course lol!!
The guy has a long history of this sort of crap and yeah, I could see him cutting his arm with a razor blade and saying report it and I'll say you did this to me and claim self defence!! Whether he did is another matter though lol!!

1217 days ago


Hey folks, ever to stop to think that these two scam artists are in this together? Selling stories, pics, etc to TMZ, ROL, etc etc. Hey getting themselves arrested if it meant publicity and money ops for the paps, I wouldnt put it past them...

1217 days ago


This nut is more dangerous than I thought. Anybody who'd get involved with him is heading for trouble. And STAY AWAY FROM YOUR DAUGHTER you sorry excuse for a father.

1217 days ago

Khate sucks    

1st....don't believe this weird attention seeking itch! 2nd.....I WISH he did half of what she said! 3rd.....the way it's written seems like she was trying to COVER UP what SHE did! 4th....I WISH they'd kill each other! The world would be a better place! :) Aghhhhh, we can dream!

1217 days ago


What is that slore doing in a nice place like Sarasota?

1217 days ago


Lori, rash and trash...very funny. TMZ's stories suck today, if Michael Lohan is my post of choice. He is a creep, though. No wonder Lindsay doesn't like men. I wonder what the hell he did to her when she was a child. However, she is an adult now and needs to take responsiblity for her life and straighten out.

1217 days ago


I have to say, when I see stories about these two I skip right over them. I don't think they're celebrity gossip.

1217 days ago


Look what your quest for fame has done?

1217 days ago


@ 94 therock

Thanks for the compliment!

A few more points for those who think uncharged actions are the kiss of death:

Juries hate prosecutors who come off looking like they are kicking someone while there down. Using these events can easily be portrayed that way by a good defense attorney.

There is a pecking order for law enforcement, the FBI is thought of better and more reliable than the local police as an example. Insurance company investigators are highly regarded over police because it is perceived as their money on the line. Using police testimony can be a terrible mistake if they can be portrayed as low man on the totem pole, it is discredited instantly when someone higher up the food chain says anything in any way contradictory.
Private citizens who did not file police reports or who took money to be quiet are terrible whitenesses! It is fundamentally easy to make them look like money grubbing clowns. Get ready for SH to eat the store owner alive over selling the tape. One of the people connected with the store told the press that the store had lost a lot of money since the "theft", look for their books to be examined and if this statement is not absolutely true there will be WAR! The book deal will be a knife in the heart of the credibility of the store owner.
If the guy who was with Lindsay tells his story: "I did not hear the conversation between Lindsay and the owner but she walked out with it in plain sight of the owner and I thought she was letting Lindsay make up her mind" and this whole case goes in the crapper. You can bet he will not be paid off with a check so good luck discrediting him!
Given the abilities of the lawyers involved this case is half a court away from a slam dunk. A second offer is extremely likely, the arguing point being felony versus misdemeanor and the amount and type of probation some short period in jail is inevitable.

1217 days ago


I think she is the famewhore this time. She just doesn't make sense with her story and her track record is worse than his. Crazy to think I am actually thinking he might be the one with more than a grain of truth to his story. What was she doing at his place anyway???? She left there months ago, if she was so desperate to get things she left there, why did she not go with a friend while he was at Dr. Drew's place???? This just doesn't fit together right somehow.

Plus he had photos of his "injuries" published somewhere. Looks like scratch marks to me, not something self-inflicted. Just because he cut himself before does not mean he did it this time. I read somewhere that there was an intervention for alcohol done for her at Dr. Drew's place. Makes you wonder if alcohol played a factor in what went down there...

It would not surprise me if there was a verbal argument of some kind and she got a little crazy and attacked him. He seems like the kind of guy that could say things to really get you riled...

Put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig.

1217 days ago


Anyone notice this woman resembles Dina?
She sticks around and/or keeps coming back.
Michael is just as crazy as always...why do you stay around?
Moment of fame? No self-esteem?

Michael picks women who resemble Dina.
Charlie collects wives and prostitutes who look the same.
Men go for the same type.
Women go for the same type.

Everybody grow up!!!!

1217 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

That's not true. I was there and this is what happened. Me Kate and Michael were eating some KFC when I noticed Kate had some gravy on her face. I pointed it out but she refused to clean her face. Michael asked her several times to get a napkin and clean the gravy off her face. Finally Michael grabbed a wet wash cloth and started to clean her face. Kate freaked out and pulled out a gun and knife and started swinging the knife and shooting the gun. Both Michael and I were shot several times in the head and stomach area. By then we realized she wasn't going to calm down so we took our food and eat outside.

1217 days ago
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