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Michael Lohan's Ex: He's a National Danger!

3/27/2011 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kate Major is afraid of Michael Lohan coming after her from coast-to-coast ... TMZ has learned she has asked a judge 2,500 miles away to protect her from him.

Kate got a protective order from a judge in Sarasota County, FL -- ordering Michael to stay 500 feet away from her and have no other contact.

The protective order is a byproduct of an alleged incident last week in which Kate claimed Lohan threw her up against the footrest of the bed. She claims in the court filing Lohan "took a wet towel over my mouth + nose + was strangling me."0327_kate_major_doc_rip

Kate goes on to claim that Michael sliced himself with a razor blade and said if she went to cops "he would say I injured him. He is insane."

Michael claims the opposite is true -- she's the one who assaulted him.

Mind you, Michael is ensconced across the country in Venice, Calif. -- but Kate says she doesn't want to take any chances.


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Ladouceur smith    

Oh very sad movement for the Kate Major .this man has been many violence and exploit with this woman.This man should be punished say woman .
African Mango Plus

1249 days ago

Sad sad    

I keep seeing a post talking about him slashing some girl face in Ohio named Susan Hubbert. What's that about? Whatever the case he needs to stay away from sharp objects. A nice straight jacket will do.

1249 days ago


Well maybe this time she'll leave him and not go back to him.

I'm sick of seeing these stupid woman crying about being abused and the next two weeks they're back together with the one they claim abused them.

Posted at 11:42 AM on Mar 27, 2011 by Jodi

Try walking in an abused womans shoes before calling her stupid. Its never that cut and dried.

I hope something like this never happens to you, you would be so stupid if it did, wouldnt you.

1249 days ago


All the present and former Lohans, Lindsay included, need to go away.

1249 days ago


why does this lady keep going back around him and it just ends with the same thing, her saying he hit or threatened her? she is as crazy as he is or more so.

1249 days ago


if she keeps stuffing her mouth with food she will be 500 feet wide..then what will he do??

1249 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

Oh this thing aka Michael is for real "nowhere man".

1249 days ago



........All the present and former Lohans......LOL. I'm going to steal that phrase, sorry. It's so apt.

1249 days ago


@THEROCK @Johnsmith What do you think about the story of Dina killing her brother Chris and destroying Paul's family??I was checking the timeline on Dinas pregnancies and If I was Mike Sr.I would get a paternity test quick because Sancho was gettin busy while you were blowin bubba in the crowbar hotel...IMO

__________just realized MiLo has been (not) paying child support for them so MILO probably already claimed they were not his biological children to avoid paying their child support payments..Oh did I mention Micheal Lohan is a big GIANT DOUCHEBAG DEAD BEAT DAD AND WIFEBEATER..

1249 days ago


I meet the little *** in la oncehe bumped into me on the street insted of saying pardon me told me to watch were i was giong real rude thought he was gangsta f him i through my slushy in the the ***s face he dident do **** i quess he only fights with girls/

1249 days ago


Is anyone here a mental health practitioner that can shed any light on what Michael Lohan's issues truly are? Mood stabilizers? What are the possibilities? Also, I'm of the opinion that Lindsay Lohan's issues are mental before anything else. I don't think it's drugs that make her act the way she does I think it is a genetic mental disorder and the more I see of Michael, the more I think Lindsay inherited some of his issues. Are there tests that can diagnose the father and daughter and look for commonalities in their mental health status?

If Michael is mentally ill he needs to get treatment and it needs to be monitored. It's very easy to call him all sorts of names, and he most certainly is dangerous to people he encounters, but he is also sick. btw, I think Dina has more psychological issues vs. genetic mental issues. She may also abuse alcohol and substances. But she is no where near as dangerous a presence in Lindsay or her children's life as volatile Michael is. And as I said before, I wish media would focus on Lindsay's possible mental condition. If Lindsay stays sober and it's proven, yet she still continues to act erratically, hopefully a focus will be on her mental health and not perceptions and definitions that substances influence her behavior. There's so much that suggests that Lindsay has serious mental issues.

1248 days ago
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