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'Barefoot Contessa' AGREES to See Make-A-Wish Kid

3/28/2011 3:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It's a MIRACLE!!!! "Barefoot Contessa" star Ina Garten has somehow found the time to meet with a Make-A-Wish foundation kid named Enzo ... after TMZ reported she denied his request TWICE.

Barefoot Contessa

Garten's rep released a statement explaining how the Food Network chef only "became aware of Enzo's story this weekend" .... and insists she will be calling the 6-year-old later today.

As we first reported, Enzo is battling leukemia -- and told the foundation he WISHED he could cook a meal with Ina ... because he watched her show with his mom while in bed battling the illness.

Enzo's family, along with the M.A.W. foundation, had confirmed that Garten declined to grant Enzo's wish due to scheduling conflicts -- TWICE -- but now, Garten's rep says she's willing to play ball.

The rep insists, "[Ina] looks forward to inviting him to spend some time with her at the Food Network studios."


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To Posters Queen & Elsa: They did -- Beau MacMillan and Iron Chef Michael Symon :~)

1249 days ago


i thought she was heavily involved in the foundation? if so, then im sure this request passed her eyes. did i read that wrong?

1249 days ago

Davey Boy    

And really, what a half-hearted attempt at a mea culpa. She can't fly out and meet the boy, but expects a child, who is struggling with cancer, get on a plane (which is merely an infected petri-dish with wings), and meet HER?!

Please tell that skank your schedule is too busy and meet with the other two chefs. Heck, the one guy even offered to fly you and your family to meet him AND stay in swanky hotel. How cool is that?!

1249 days ago


Too late, you've shown your true colors. I'll NEVER watch her again or buy her products and I'm telling everyone I know that will listen! She think she's too good!

1249 days ago



Well said. I think "Iron Chef" Micheal Symon would have been alot of fun. Yes, he is a class act. She is not that popular and not a class act.

1249 days ago


Poster Pisces: I agree 100%

1249 days ago


Thanks Barefoot!! Its not going to kill you to make a dish with one of your biggest little fans who happens to be terribly sick. Thank you for doing that!! As a dentist I have come to learn that i don't really care about the money so much any more. Its more and more about giving as I get older.

1249 days ago


Eww...what a bitch

1249 days ago

Hello is anybody in there?    

She only agreed cause of the backlash she should of done this without asking.

1249 days ago


@ #75--yeah pretty much just trolling.

It upsets me that most of the public posts are overwhelmingly negative. She seems like a super nice lady who's had her career/life turned upside down because of this story. She said she just became aware of this and that she will gladly rectify the situation but for teh vindictive people out there, its not enough. They assume she's a vapid evil person, which is just stupid and mean spirited.

And it seems that TMZ is being especially harsh with their part in destroying this woman. So mostly trolling but partially angry. And I like reading TMZ, but sometimes I need to help them find their way back on track. (They need me like that)

1249 days ago


I was a fan of Ina's....NO LONGER!!! A day late and an excuse too many! Enzo deserves so much better!

1249 days ago


bull roar she is only doing this because she got so much flack and bad press...she is still the same mean person she was before,I hope the little guy turns her down , and goes and has fun with the dolphins. God Bless him.

1249 days ago


The intelligence you all seem to lack is astounding. Do any of you have any reading comprehension skills? All TMZ articles should be read with a grain of salt. This is hardly a reliable news source. Are your brains leaking, or have you forgotten that this is the "classy" website who releases a 911 after a celebrity dies? That's top notch journalism...NOT!

This child isn't dying, he's been in remission for two years now, get your facts straight. Yes, it's still a shame that he suffers from "ALL" to begin with. So he was denied twice, it wasn't done personally by Ina, it went thru her agent. NONE of you have any proof to suggest otherwise. Not every request goes straight to the person, that's what agents are for. Believe what you want you TMZ trolls but calm down you look like a bunch of fools. I for one, believe that she just heard of this boy's request(I could care less what you hypocritical beings think) and I'm glad that she is chosing to see him. No PR stunt, just a huge misunderstanding that has been completely blown of of proportion. Way out of proportion.

Don't you people have anything better to do? Everyone on here seems to have all the time in the world to spout their hate, but I would bet my life that not even 5% of you have EVER donated your time and/or money to a good cause. Ina is a very successful and busy woman. How many of you can say the same? I would say not many, judging by the majority of the comments on here.

BTW, the story was leaked by this childs mother, shouldn't she be worrying about the health of her child? Why isn't anyone getting upset at this mother? I would think that her child should be her FIRST priority, not trying to get her 15 minutes of fame. Wake up, people!

1249 days ago

The Truth    

To little to late.

The best way to make your point is not to email the Network, instead boycott the advertisers on the show. She is as phony as her cooking skills. A website has been set up to boycott her show but most of all her advertisers.

She is a shameless “unskilled” media cooking whore.


1249 days ago


Another celeb shows no class then tries to redeem themself. Am I the only one getting sick of this? She can rot for all I care.

1249 days ago
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