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Charlie Sheen -- The Pugly Truth

3/28/2011 5:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are back at war, and this time their pet Pug hangs in the balance -- but fear not ... this tragic tale also includes some ADORABLE puppy footage! Yay!!!

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Dear...I am not going to refer to every one of your mini-rants in your response to me, as you obviously take this way too seriously.
Just a few points...
No, there is no conspiracy theory. Just a clear biased attitude of certain people who judge based on the past, instead of present, and refuse to give the benefit of the doubt.
I know PLENTY about addictions, but I also know that AA is not always necessary and it does not always work. Charlie was "serene" years ago after AA rehab? He was. But then he relapsed. That proves that AA didn't work for him. He wants to try something different. Who are YOU to judge whether it's a good or bad decision?
You know people involved in that case? I seriously doubt that, BUT I give YOU the benefit of the doubt. If you say so. However, if it is true, then you obviously are among the people who are Charlie's enemies, so give me one reason why I should believe anything you say about him?
As for his comedy act...You may not buy it or it may not be funny for you, but that only proves that you have a different sense of humor, not that what he is saying is NOT indeed a joke.

All in all...Just accept differing opinions. It will be much better for your blood pressure:))

1281 days ago


People who support Chuckles are in all likelihood alcoholics/addicts themselves. They champion Chuckles because he is able to do what they are UNABLE to do...go on national TV and brag about smoking coke, tell their bosses to f*ck off, call their exes whores, etc. They live vacariously through Chuckles - wishing THEY had the balls to do the same thing. Unfortunately, they don' they come to TMZ to defend Chuckles the Crackhead Clown instead.

NORMAL people find Chuckles' behavior s***my. SOBER people see Chuckles for what he is. PRACTICING ALCOHOLICS/ADDICTS feel the need to "take up Chuckle's sword" and defend the avalanche of accusations leveled against him. Pathetic...simply pathetic.

Posted at 8:21 AM on Mar 30, 2011 by JWLor


Hope that one day someone will tell you straight in the face how low it is to judge people the way you do and accuse them of being addicts without knowing them.
If you were an intelligent person, you'd know that you don't have to be an alcoholic to have an experience with alcoholism. My mother was one, and...she never ONCE has been to AA meeting. One day she saw what she was doing to herself and to me and she stopped.
Your last post proves how incredibly ignorant you are and obviously any kind of intelligent discussion with you is like talking to a tree: pointless.

1281 days ago


I think its "Case Closed" that Chuckles is a serial woman and drug abuser.

He's got that well established!

And after that last twit, dont see it changing much..

Different day, different Chuckles disaster.

1281 days ago


Here is Chuckles PSA to our youth, as told unabashedly to Canning at the "Sober Valley Lodge"...

1281 days ago


As I said in my second post to you JWLor...Talking to a tree is pointless.
I talk to almost anyone, however, I do not debate with ignorants. That part put you in the group of those that have my outmost contempt.

"NORMAL people find Chuckles' behavior s***my. SOBER people see Chuckles for what he is. PRACTICING ALCOHOLICS/ADDICTS feel the need to "take up Chuckle's sword" and defend the avalanche of accusations leveled against him. Pathetic...simply pathetic."

Have a nice life among other NORMAL people.

1281 days ago


Here is Chuckles PSA to our youth, as told unabashedly to Canning at the "Sober Valley Lodge"...

Posted at 9:34 AM on Mar 30, 2011 by Chaps


Actually I find that song hysterical. That's what I call a good spirited sense of humor.

1281 days ago


The song is sheer fun. Great choice of trademark quotes, crafty editing, lovely background voice work and tunes. Plus fully capturing the humor of it all, being true to the spirit.

Besides, I already meant to ask you why you're spending that much time on those bananas on a crusade. I mean, one of them is at least making some sense, albeit having a limited perspective. But the other is clearly detached from any reason or rationality, apparently determined to endlessly move in those narrow circles of stupidity.

Posted at 11:13 AM on Mar 30, 2011 by Raymond

I was asking that myself. LMAO! You see, I have LOVED debating on VARIOUS stuff on messages boards for years, and I LOVE disputing with people who disagree with me. Agreeing is boring. LOL Anyway, I guess sometimes get carried away and miss the moment when it is time to spit on the person and walk away;) And these days I am at home instead of work, sick and bored to death, so I am here. LOL
I think I know which one you see as the one that makes sense, but for me that person is lost due to one of the comments, no matter how much he/she sense is making.

1281 days ago


Well, trust me, if I knew any other, REAL forum, where I could discuss things with intelligent people like yourself, I would go there.
I wish him plenty of luck with his tour. Since I won't be able to see the show live, I sure hope it will be posted somewhere.
I am really happy he didn't allow WB, Les and Chuck to bring him down and found something new that gives him energy and power.
As for people here...I doubt any of them are hired by anyone. But you never know...
And I agree that the silence from Denise is actually working in Charlie's advantage. No proof, no case.

1281 days ago


Regarding AA, Charlie already said it didn't work for him on the very interview tmz performed. And judging his ability to get rid of addiction by his readiness to join AA is fairly laughable even when not considering the constant "cult or cure" debate.

On that same interview he said that he detoxed at home with the help of a professional team, and that things were working out out great. Case closed.

Posted at 8:47 AM on Mar 30, 2011 by Raymond


Actually, no, that case is not closed. Read the termination letter again, carefully. Charlie did start out with a sobriety coach at home and WB supported the in-home rehab at that point. Then, Charlie fired his sobriety coach. He declared that he had cured himself with his own mind in a nano second and wanted to return to work (in the TMZ interview and elsewhere).

WB asked for a fitness certification in order for Charlie to return to work. Either Charlie chose not to provide such do***entation or he couldn't get any legit professional to sign off on such. Given his claim of self cure, my guess would be the later although both could be true.

1281 days ago


About the alleged dog abuse.....We don't know what happened and even if there is an investigation we may never know the whole story. What we do know is that aging dogs of any breed need especially close attention and more frequent trips to vets and so on. They often have health issues that require very specific and sometimes complex treatment.

Betty hadn't reached the average lifespan of her breed when she died at age 11 (Pugs avg lifespan 12 - 15). Betty was, however, a senior dog.

Many aging/senior dogs end up abandoned at shelters and such because they are more trouble, more expense, and less the young companion dog that they once were. Old people also become abandoned - dumped in nursing homes and so on - for the same sorts of reasons.

Just because a person has plenty of resources to care for an aging dog that doesn't mean that the dog will receive the level of care and attention needed. Same thing happens to aging people of means sometimes. Owners/family members need to personally keep a close watch themselves over the dog/patient - and many owners/family members are too busy, too distracted, too trusting of the staff, etc...

Sometimes an aging dog develops offensive traits such as increased aggression or bad body odor or incontinence. These traits repulse many people. Even people paid to care for an aging dog will avoid that dog as much as possible - just as paid nursing home staff sometimes neglect an unpleasant patient.

The world is often a sad and dangerous place for the elderly - whether dogs or humans. So, while it is unfortunate that Betty may have suffered needlessly at least she is no longer in pain.

RIP, Betty.

1281 days ago


On the other hand I'm fairly convinced that these dog "news" are actual harassment fire meant to impact Charlie's upcoming tour sales. Just look at the total lack of updates. Obviously, no one of Denise's party was willing to confirm any of the claims made here. I consider them fabrications. And regarding discussion, you can't even be sure who of the people commenting here might be hands hired by WB.

Posted at 12:12 PM on Mar 30, 2011 by Raymond


While I can't speak to anyone's intentions or motives, or who leaked Denise's side of the story to TMZ, I can see for myself how this whole doggy brouhaha was started. It was started by Charlie's nasty Twitter post accusing Denise of being a dog thief. Was Charlie trying to drum up sympathy or ticket sales with that Twitter post?

1281 days ago


How about...he was expressing his feeling in that post. Apparently his feelings towards Denise are the way they are right now, and apparently he is not the kind of man who holds things inside. His choice and his business.

1281 days ago


Yes, Raymond, I saw it. Unfortunately, being on another continent makes it impossible for me to be there. LOL!

1281 days ago



1281 days ago



Chuckles "Torpedos of Colon Turds Tour" Is going to go BUST!

Yeah, anytime you have a freak extolling the virtues of crack and porn stars, you know the end is near!

Its 11:59 PM Chuckles time!

1281 days ago
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