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Foxy Brown -- Kicked Off Cruise After Nail Disaster

3/29/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Foxy Brown's fingernails have once again landed the singer in hot water -- this time, she was booted off a Royal Caribbean cruise because she flipped out after missing her at-sea manicure appointment ... TMZ has learned. 

Passengers on the cruise tell TMZ, Foxy set up a nail appointment on the cruise ship last Monday -- a day after the cruise took off -- and showed up three hours late.

We're told the people at the salon couldn't accommodate her when she rolled around -- and Foxy went completely ballistic.

According to sources, security removed her from the salon and sent her back to her room -- where she remained under supervision until Wednesday ... when the ship dropped anchor somewhere in the Cayman Islands ... and authorities kicked her off.

We're told Foxy -- who performed on board the day before the incident -- was then escorted to an airport and flown home. Royal Caribbean had no comment. Attempts to reach Foxy were unsuccessful.

Brown has a storied history when it comes to cosmetics -- in 2004, she faced assault charges for allegedly beating up two nail salon employees ... and again in 2007 after allegedly beating up a beauty store employee.


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@ 12,

I think she is an 90's porn star. Not sure. At first, I thought she was a rapper but I looked her name up for hit songs and there wasn't any.

Whoever she is, she is the typical african American that thinks she is entitled. It's really not her fault. It's the culture. Most of these people didn't have a mother and father so there was never any discipline or foundation to provided the skill set to go out in society and contribute in positive ways.

In her little uneducated mind, fighting over her nails is what is important, not patience, understanding or compassion. Had she been alone with this person and there was no way of her being caught, she would have killed this person.

1268 days ago


I've never heard of this "person" until today.. so bye bye stupid woman

1268 days ago


@Tony Johnson - Ladies' Night was Kim. Foxy was Jay-Z's sidekick in the 90s. Also did a bit with P.Diddy. She was pretty successful at the time but couldn't sustain it.

1268 days ago


Oh wait, I know who she is. This is that hooker that was caught with Huge Grant some years ago.

1268 days ago


They should have duct taped her to the salon chair .... Gave her a big bottle of Kmart nail polish ...and threw her complainin ass off the front of the ship for guest entertainment.

They were gonna...but then realized the horrible environmental damage her smelly croutch would have caused the ocean !! :)

1268 days ago



No, why would she get special privileges? She is in effect a contracted employee off the cruise line and no more entitled than anyone else on board.

She's is completely expendable and replaceable as far as an 'entertainer',

1268 days ago



1268 days ago


ayyyyyyy dis ya boi louiy V
jus cuz we b rappin ereybody wanna hate. jus cuz u dont b on dat cruz ship drankin and havin fun somokin l's don't meen we cant.
ayyyyy i jus goyt dat new ifone 4 rappin on a boat! I jus donnot undastand y eyerbody b hatin on da rappas cuz we be baaaaaaaaallllliiin an drankin dat hen dohgg?

1268 days ago


Guess she doesn't realize the rest of the world is NOT on BPT (black people time). NO, we show up for our appointments on time and sit there quietly until it's our turn. The cruise ship is not a black hair salon where you have to spend 8 hours waiting to have you hair "did" because appointments are over-booked,on purpose, and the operator arrives 3 hours late to work. Hello ghetto-ite.

1268 days ago


A "storied" history??? There are stories about her cosmetic history?

1268 days ago


Oh wow.....I didn't know hyenas got manicures!!Learn something new everyday :)

1268 days ago

Samuel Smithers    

Racists love TMZ!

1268 days ago


Ok, to the businesses/corporations that hire these people.....

You know people, like Brown, are s.c.u.m of the earth, so why do you spend money giving them gigs?!?! There are millions of unemployed Americans that would appreciate every dollar that you pay them, so why give your money to bitchy ingrates like her?!?!? The executives of these companies that give money to the lowlifes of the earth, and mainly just for publicity, should have all their money and wealth taken away!!!

1268 days ago

TA Nick    

I clicked on this article because I had no idea who Foxy Brown was. Now I know: a raving, narcissistic loon.

1268 days ago


the TRUTH about cruise, Foxy Brown's side:

she saw something EERIE late thursday night .. & because of that, the radio host is making up some rumors about her.

1268 days ago
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