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'Make-A-Wish' Kid -- Focused On The Dolphins

3/28/2011 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Make-A-Wish kid snubbed by celeb chef Ina Garten has MOVED ON -- in fact, we're told, Enzo is so excited about his back-up wish to swim with dolphins ... he sleeps in his bathing suit.


A family member tells TMZ, 6-year-old Enzo -- who suffers from leukemia -- has conquered his initial disappointment and is now focusing on his upcoming swim sesh with real-life dolphins.

We're told Enzo not only sleeps in his bathing suit -- but when he's awake, he spends a huge chunk of his free time learning to swim ... all to make his new wish a reality.

TMZ previously reported, Ina has officially REVERSED her refusal to see the kid ... after twice denying his request for a meet-up -- claiming she plans to call him today.

As of the time this story was published, Enzo's family had not heard anything from Ina.


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It is in no way the fault of MAW, I think honestly this family got in touch with TMZ and they took this story and ran with it without getting ALL the facts. Sadly in the end it has hurt Ina's career possibly and has hurt MAW. People will be careful when dealing with them in the future because they do not want this type of thing happening to them

1276 days ago


To #132 Take a look at the news article from ABC. Ina did turn down the Make a Wish foundation TWICE!!! Only after the backlash did Ina decide to do something. TOO LITTLE TOO LATE!! What comes around goes around. Her greediness came back to bite her in the butt!! If Ina's reputation suffers it's her OWN fault.

1276 days ago


I am sure she had her reasons-she may have had a traumatic experience with a sick child or even be sick herself. Shame on all of you who participated in holding her hostage to this child's wish.

1276 days ago


To #125 That was an awesome comment!! It's good to know that there are a few celebs in the world that will take the time knowing how much it will mean to these kids.

1276 days ago


Maybe the kid can ride Ina, she looks like a dolphin, blowhole and all. If I were that kids parents I'd tell her to stick it where the sun doesnt shine...shes a phony..good for the kid wanting to go ahead with the dolphin wish instead....stick a fork in Ina, shes done!

1276 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

Okay, another post needed to respond, obviously.

Thank you, Amy #133. I also posted something when this story broke on Friday, but it was deleted as I'm sure this one will be very soon. After all, it's okay for TMZ to go after others, but by all means don't go after TMZ!

And Kerri #135, no sorry...I'm not Ina and if you'll read through all the threads regarding this story, you'll see I'm not the only one supporting her.

I feel for this young boy, believe me. I have known three children the past two years who have died from the disease. But I cannot ignore how his mother has used her slick website to promote her own agenda. She practically screams "Dina Lohan," imo.

And for the record, I am a cancer patient and have been posting here under this name for several months. Go chew on that for a bit. Hate to play the cancer card, but there you have it.

1276 days ago


@ Kerri, stfu, you're an idiot. @ Where's KOOKY?, I couldn't agree with you more. Very well said.

Ina's career is still going to continue on. I wish I could say the same for all of you who have expressed your rage towards her.

The devil thanks you for doing his work, and God is shaking his head at you all in disgust.

1276 days ago


to Where's KOOKY?

I'm sorry you have cancer. What kind is it, may I ask? I hope you're free of your cancer soon.

1276 days ago


Enzo momma wants to pimp out all her new cars. Please send her mo money mo money!! Awwww Yeah

1276 days ago


Sorry to hear that Wheres Kooky!

1276 days ago


Oh look, All Ina's cheerleaders gathered onto ONE ITSY BITSY page.
Ina will continue to feel the damage her disgusting denial of this young boy has caused. We are thousands who have turned our backs on her while you are what, maybe a handful--HaHa, you make me sick. Everything that has happened is HER FAULT and I hope she regrets it FOREVER :D :D

1276 days ago

Where's KOOKY?    

#146 Casey, thank you so much for your kind words. I really hate to bring up my own situation because I don't want it to seem that I'm "using" it to make a point.

I had breast cancer 9 years ago that came back 6 years later in some of my bones. My situation is very much like the late Elizabeth Edwards'. It is considered treatable but not curable at this time, but I'm very fortunate that the treatment I'm on has been keeping it contained...for now.

Thank you again for you kind comments.

1276 days ago


Shut the **** up lesbo Kerri............ Send mo checks to Enzo momma

1276 days ago


Bless You Kooky

1276 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

LOL Contessa who?!? Enzo is so cuuuuuuuute I just want to pinch his little cheeks!

1276 days ago
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