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Nicki Minaj

Big Booty Lap Dance

for Lil Wayne

3/28/2011 3:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicki Minaj must be a magician ... because she made Lil Wayne's entire head disappear last night ... when she sat him down for a badonka-licious lap dance during their concert in New York.032811_minaj_wayne_still

Moments before Nicki grinded on Weezy for all to see at the Nassau Coliseum in Long Island, she laid out the ground rules for him ... saying, "You got three rules: Legs open, hands behind your back, mouth shut."

It was definitely a well-rounded performance.


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looks like a bad case of crabs she got!!

1267 days ago


And people think Im strange for playing Behemoth and Amon amarth. What the heck was that?

1267 days ago


What language are they singing in?

1267 days ago


Funny how the fads of your youth effect your sexual desires. Most middle age people think Kate Moss is smoking hot, ha ha ha. Like doing Skelator. In the study of human history, a big lush butt and round, full breasts means health and the ability to breed. Whose body would you trust to nourish an unborn child - curvy vs. straight? It is the media and fads which teach what is 'sexy'.

Posted at 12:56 PM on Mar 28, 2011 by anni

Who wants to breed? Plus a big butt does nothing to sustain an infant.

1267 days ago


tina she look like a ho to the rest ub us!!

1267 days ago


The only thing I don't get is, why is she giving a lap dance to the boss? That is a little degrading because, as a skilled MC, she should see herself as his equal.

@ Jane,

BTW, Jane, you got problems, and if you travelled a bit you'd see that people all through South America and on other continents - many of whom are as close to white as it gets in their particular nations - have big asses. Those genetics don't always come exclusively from African ancestry; people have all kinds of racial mixing (many times with local native populations) in their history. There are also plenty of white women blessed with something to hold their pants up beside a belt, and judging by your disgust and your calling people out as being plastic, I'm finding it hard to believe that you're really even black.

Either that or you've lived EXCLUSIVELY around white people all your life in a small town or suburb somewhere.

1267 days ago


WE(black Men) Like our women to have big asses.It's a Cultural Thing you need to get that through your damn heads We dont HAVE to like what ya'll like and ya'll dont have to like what we like.

That's the breakdown of it stop asking dumb ass questions

If you really wanna know what we like how about you go outside and ask any random black man why he like a big ass if you wanna know so damn bad.

1267 days ago


You like a BIG BOOTY because it reminds you of your Mommas?

1267 days ago


Nicki is half Indian and half African American and has a very beautiful face.

1267 days ago


Imagine if that Fat Greasy A$$ farted on Lil Wayne....LMAO the guy would melt or vaporize!

1267 days ago


Her ass does not bother me that much but what is with her hair?

1267 days ago


Posted at 4:52 PM on Mar 28, 2011 by truth

Thanks pal, just spit my soda on my monitor! hahahahaaaa!!!!!

1267 days ago


I'm all for curves but that butt is f*cking unappealingly HUGE!

1267 days ago


Can anyone explain the rule why his legs had to be spread open?
I get the other 2 rules but not that one.


1267 days ago

jamie dunn    

oh ans u kno 2morrow this will be an exclusive for the dumb ass site mediatakeout.. they claim 2 be a website but all they do is put lies on and then the stories that are true they have them from TMZ..HAHA WHAT LOSERS.. OH BTW
let nicki enjoy her fame HATERS.(:

1267 days ago
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