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Sean Penn

Settles Paparazzi Lawsuit

3/28/2011 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn's paparazzi attack case is now over and out -- almost a year after Sean plead no contest to vandalism ...  TMZ has learned Penn and the pap have settled the photog's civil suit.

Penn got 36 months probation and was ordered to perform 300 hours of community service stemming from an incident where he kicked a photog who was trying to film him.

The photog filed a civil suit, claiming he suffered a knee injury as a result of Penn's attack.

Both sides signed the settlement docs today. No word on how much  Penn had to shell out.


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Let Sean Penn live in Venezuela. He is a communist, his dad was a communist and they both hate the united states. His dad was black balled from hollywood and that is why penn is so bitter. I can tell you right now, Sean Penn never spent a dime of my money.

1273 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

@HOWIE #22 The point I was making,{regardless of what Sean IS-} Jew or not??? Isn't it true that Jews- specially Hollywood Jews, tend to marry as many times as they want?? Just name a famous Jew back there, say Larry King- Liz Taylor, Steven Spilburg-SAND DOZENS more- get married many times-- So do other famous Hollywood trash, but most are not of a religious persuasion- most agnostic or Scientologists- What have you got for BRAINS??? Howie ****!!!!

1273 days ago


Hahaha on Sean Penn the LOSER.

Can't wait for the day someone does a beat down on Sean Penn the loser.

Best thing about this case is that its now easier for the next person to sue the LOSER Sean Penn.

1273 days ago


even though I do not like sean penn because of how much he HATES america... and how much he LOVES countries that hate america... i have to admit i hate the papz more. they are just losers who just want to get hit for a payoff. lazy pieces of garbage. i guess so much for the law that says the papz have to stay away from the celeb. penn had a reason for being where he was. the pap was just just looking to be an annoyance. all paps should put their cams down... and get jobs. total losers !

1273 days ago


The Paps call that easy money... get all up in the faces of the celebrities till they get pissed and hit you for violating their personal space in the form of protecting themselves while you're seamlessly snapping pictures of the fun times you had. Then sue the crap out of them while you present to the gullible DA's of sweet Los Angeles District Attorney's Office with the so called vicious assault evidence.

1273 days ago

Mark Proctor    

A very expensive kick.

1273 days ago


Although I must confess I don't know Penn personally, from what I have read, heard, seen, etc.... I don't like him. However, paparazzi are soooo irritating. Sometimes I think they antagonize celebs intentionally so they can sue and get some not so hard earned money. I wouldn't want to be uber famous for all the money in the world.

1273 days ago


Rafaelle Zuccaro, you are an ignorant bigot. People are allowed to get a divorce. That is legal in the United States. Mormons used to allow each Mormon man to marry several Mormon women in the USA in the past but they changed that practice because of all the bad publicity and legal attention they got from the authorities. There are some denominations that are offshoots of the mainstream Mormon Church that still allow polygamy. But Mormons are not Jews, or haven't you heard? And if you think there aren't more Christians in the United States who have gotten divorced and remarried than Jews, then you're even a bigger fool than you've already show yourself to be. And no matter what you think, people who've gotten divorced aren't automatically bad people. They're just people whose marriages ended badly.

You have only attacked people on this website who are Jewish or have Jewish ancestors or a Jewish parent. That's because you're a Jew-hater. You're a one-dimensional prejudiced moron.

Anyone who would say that you are a moron because you are Italian or are using what sounds like an Italian name, i.e. "Rafaelle Zuccaro", would also be an ignorant bigot. You're not an moron because of your name. You're a moron because of your actions.

I don't have to ask what you use for brains. You use the same thing that comes out of your mouth, s-h-i-t for brains.

1273 days ago


Sean Penn is a brilliant actor. I don't care for his politics but apparently, he has done some good work for charity. You, Rafaelle Zuccaro, on the other hand, are a dumbass Jew-hating bigot. All you spew is hatred against Jews and you try to camouflage it by claiming you're only against "Hollywood" Jews. You're not fooling anyone except yourself. And that's not hard to do because you're so dumb and crazy.

1273 days ago


The photographer shouldn't have antagonizes Sean Penn and Sean Penn definitely shouldn't have tried to kick him. Neither one acted appropriately. The photographer was trying to do his job, it appears, but who would enjoy photographers relentlessly sticking their cameras in your face? Sean Penn is a celebrity but he doesn't deserve to be harassed or stalked. Penn should have blown it off or let a bodyguard or the police handle the situation.

1273 days ago


He shouldn't have to settle because it's not exactly a secret that these papparazzo deliberately antagonize to enrage their targets in order to get juicier footage.

1273 days ago


I would have kicked him harder!

1273 days ago

Rafaelle Zuccaro    

Again Howie-- Penn should take his new 1/2 Jewish wife and move to Venezuela- where, like Hollywood Jews DIS AVOW the 10 Commandments as they all do ANYWAY_

1273 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

great. now you can euthanize him.

1273 days ago


It comes with the territory SH Yawn, you *******. You are an idiot and I wouldn't spend a nickel to see any of your lame ass work.

1273 days ago
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