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Sean Penn

Settles Paparazzi Lawsuit

3/28/2011 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sean Penn's paparazzi attack case is now over and out -- almost a year after Sean plead no contest to vandalism ...  TMZ has learned Penn and the pap have settled the photog's civil suit.

Penn got 36 months probation and was ordered to perform 300 hours of community service stemming from an incident where he kicked a photog who was trying to film him.

The photog filed a civil suit, claiming he suffered a knee injury as a result of Penn's attack.

Both sides signed the settlement docs today. No word on how much  Penn had to shell out.


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Yet another frivolous law suit. Stupid s***. Get a real job!

1268 days ago


what does this idiot photographer expect. From the looks of the picture it is a residential neighborhood. The photog should stay on more public streets, not hanging outside peoples houses.

Photographer - get a real job, stop bitching about getting what you deserve and get on with you. You just come off like a typical LA douche looking for a payout...

1268 days ago


Sean Penn is a punk @ss thug.......

1268 days ago


Why does the law protect the paps but not the children of celebrities or the privacy of these people? In Canada there is a Freedom Of Information/Protection of Privacy Act which strikes a balance between freedom of the press (that's the real press of course, not these silly wannabes running around with video cameras)but still protects minors from the kind of crap we see with pictures of Suri Cruise etc. There are also very tough liable laws where you better think twice before you write something damaging because the onus is on the defendant in the case of liable. I am no fan of Sean Penn, but he is one of the few who do stand up against being harrassed.

1268 days ago


@Rafaelle Zuccaro, Post # 47: Again Howie-- Penn should take his new 1/2 Jewish wife and move to Venezuela- where, like Hollywood Jews DIS AVOW the 10 Commandments as they all do ANYWAY_

Posted at 12:40 PM on Mar 28, 2011 by Rafaelle Zuccaro

What would a Jew-hater like yourself possibly know about the 10 Commandments written by God and given to the prophet Moses to give to the Jewish people of Israel as the most basic rules of living and as a confirmation of His Covenant with them?

You think God freed the people of Israel from slavery in Egypt so that you, an ignorant Jew-hating bigot, could blithely spew hateful slurs against them? You're just getting dumber and to tell you the truth, I didn't think that was possible.

Jews like people of other religions, races, colors and ethnic and other groups are not above criticism. But someone who attacks Jews and only Jews can be nothing but a Jew-hating bigot. And that is what you are, Rafaelle Zuccaro. That makes you a pathetic creature.

1268 days ago

fred reade    

Sean may be a cranky guy, but he's spent most of the past year in Haiti helping out after the earthquake. Personally, I wish more celebs would kick pap ass. Paps have no respect, for themselves or others. They are losers.

1268 days ago


"Sean may be a cranky guy, but he's spent most of the past year in Haiti helping out after the earthquake."

Posted at 1:44 PM on Mar 28, 2011 by fred reade

Sean Penn has done so much good for the poor, suffering Haitian people and all Rafaelle Zuccaro can do is attack him because his father happened to be born Jewish. What a lowlife you are, Rafaelle Zuccaro.

1268 days ago


If you don't want to be in the public eye, find a different way to make your living other than making movies. You can't have it both ways. If we don't want to see pictures of you, then we also don't see your movies. Now, if he could just understand that, maybe he wouldn't always be making a jerk of himself. I hope the camera guy got a bunch of $ from him.

1268 days ago


Sean Penn is gross.

1268 days ago


#14, Their ALL TINY! ITs why they go into acting...To be seen! As for Sean's actions, how would you like to have a camera shoved into your face every moment...At the market, getting gas, resturants, etc....Enough is enough...He should have kicked him in the N#%^! (Happy TMZ?)

1268 days ago


penn is so full of himself, goes to poor countries and trys to act like he is so giving. then his wife and he get divorce and he asked the judge to not give her spose support. he wasnt so giving when it came to her. and yes he is a very small man, and angry about it. as far as iam concerned a photo of him is worthless.

1268 days ago


penn snaped lol.

1268 days ago

Mark Santeramo    

And what about the jackass paparazzi filing a frivolous lawsuit? Surgery on his knee after barely being kicked? Please, the guy walked away fine and Sean didn't kick him hard at all, nor did he kick him in an awkward manner that could have created an injury like the loser cameraman is whining about.

Celebrities should countersue because it is 100% obvious now that they are being bated and set up into responding physically. Many paparazzi undoubtedly invade the personal space of the individuals they are trying to film and yet there are no laws or protections for celebs that are simply trying to walk or safely drive away. These paparazzi are doing whatever they can to get injured by the hands of a celeb because they know in the end that they can sue these people and make a quick buck.

It's a pathetic shame that the judge in this case did not throw it out for being absurdly ridiculous and frivolous. Shame on the legal system for setting this precedent; I guarantee you are going to continue seeing more and more paparazzi incite violence out of celebs which in turn they go and sue.

Surgery my ass. This clown should have been thrown in jail for a while so he could dwell on the stupidity of his actions as well as for filing an unjust lawsuit that is clearly untruthful in its accusations. Shame on the judge for letting this crap happen despite us having a video of the whole incident on hand.

1268 days ago


Do people really WANT to see pics of Sean Penn? He should be grateful ANYONE wants a pic of his nasty ass. He's not attractive in the least. I don't know what Scarlett sees in him at all. I shudder to think how gross he must look naked with his old,diseased, shrivelled up peen. Go f*ck yourself Penn. You suck!

1268 days ago


I wish the Paporazo would have kicked his ass. Penn is a punk and an odd ball. I'd love to see someone beat the s-h i-t out of him then send him a one way ticket to Venezuela.

1268 days ago
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