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More Arrests in 'Teen Mom' Brawl

3/28/2011 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like cops are going after everyone involved in the "Teen Mom" mega-fight first shown on TMZ ... because the woman who Jenelle Evans punched -- and the woman who pushed Jenelle into her -- have been busted.

Britany Truett (left) -- the woman who got beaten -- as well as Brittany Maggard (right), the pusher, were both arrested.  They were released on $500 bond.

TMZ broke the story ... Jenelle was also arrested for assault.


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trailer skank.

1312 days ago


Classic example of violent confrontation. If you are ever in such a confrontation, run away. Anyone who stays in the conflict will get charged with something, no matter if it was in self defense. I've seen plenty of domestic cases where the husband initiates contact, the wife retaliates, and both are immediately arrested. Legal costs and police trouble outweigh shame. The best defense to a street fight is running the other way. The only justified time to fight another person is when you are trapped and cannot get away.

1312 days ago


the women who pusher should be arrested but not the one who was beaten she was punched before she tried to defend herself. And, the attacker brought a big group of people who if she did start winning the fight would have attacked her anyways. And, all the taunters in the back ground hooting and hollering and saying you got beat look at your face...they should all be arrested.

1311 days ago


my brothers girlfriend looks up too this janelle biotch and now shes out gettin in fights and shes preggo. Janelle and my brothers girlfriend are morons and now my brothers gf thinks its cool to keep popping out kids cuz she sees the teen moms doing it needless to say she has two already and prolly out popping holes in condoms as we speak to compete with these TV TEEN MOMS... thanks MTV for putting this dumbass on TV so young girls can think theyre "cool" when infact she should have her kid taken away forever no self respected mother would act like this...

1311 days ago


This is what MTV wants to put out there ? She should be kicked off the whole show, & she does deserve nothinq but jail time. Like what the hell she does nothing for her son, & then at that acting like trash fighting on the street. Grow up take responsibility & try dating more educated non druggie guys gosh this is just a disgrace.

1311 days ago


People are quick to blame all of this on Jenelle but the truth is dont anyone know what happened that caused this.We know Kiefer flirted with the friend and the friend says she didnt flirt back but we just dont know.I am a female and if a chick tries to mess with my man then it is what it is and she would probley get popped too.People will tell you no guy is worth it but they are the same ones that will throw the first punch.Maybe the reason the chick didnt press charges was because she done wrong.No one thinks about that and no I aint from the trailor park I am straight out of a thing called reality.Their is a consequence for every action taken so now they all reep.It is what it is and they all will be best friends tommorrow.

1311 days ago


WHITE TRASH NO CLASS...ALL should go to jail.

1311 days ago


DUH they setup Jennelle. I mean seriously thats some ****ed up ****.

1311 days ago


Did no one watch the fight video with volume? The piece of trash that got her ass handed to her was arrested because she instigated the fight. If you watch the video with sound you can hear Jenelle saying "What do you want, you called me over here". I think Jenelle really needs to get her act together, but in this case I feel bad and truly believe she was set up.

1310 days ago


i dont understnand the girl who got beat up was aressted, janelle is not fit to be a mother , she shows her mother no respect ,she needs to be lock up, a long with that no good boyfriend , she makes such bad choises , i hope her mom keeps her away from the baby , and makes her go get help that she needs ,

1310 days ago


Janelle is a horrible mother and should be left in jail.

1310 days ago


we should not call these GIRLS women because they are no where near it!!

1310 days ago


i cant belive jennelle knocked the **** out of her friend

1310 days ago


Anyone who knows this county would understand.Ive never seen alot come from it.Trouble.If this was not a set up and I was the girl who got my ass wooped,Id deafently be going back to jail because somebody would deafently be getting an ass woopin.

1307 days ago


If ever the was a preplaned set up, this was it. The people around then egged them on and when it looked like it wasn't going to happen the girl pushed herin the other girl and the fight was on. Jenelle was invited there(See first part of viedo)just so this other girl would be beatup. That crowd of people there were wragging her about getting beat up, and as you can see in the viedo, NO ONE tried to stop it while the other girl was on the bottom getting her A** kicked. As to the question of why Brininy T ruette was arrested, it was because she also commited assualt while fighting because she also hit teen mom. KIDS GROW UP, this wasn't funny and your little plan has caused a lot of other's to be in trouble. Belive me when I say, This isn't over by a long shot.

1306 days ago
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