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'Teen Mom 2' Star


Over Fight Video

3/28/2011 10:06 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jenelle Evans, star of MTV's "Teen Mom 2," was arrested late last night for assault ... after TMZ posted her rabid attack on another girl last week.

Teen Mom 2 Mug Shot
Oak Island Police tell TMZ Evans was booked into Brunswick County Jail and was released shortly thereafter on bond.

According to Jenelle's attorney, a warrant was issued for Jenelle's arrest after police saw the video of Evans fighting with another girl. The other girl in the video, Britany Truett, initially said she wasn't going to press charges, but changed her mind over the weekend.

Evans is charged with assault and "affray for fighting." She is due back in court April 26.

An attorney for Evans tells TMZ, "Based on the information that I have received, I believe Jenelle was set up."

UPDATE: Get this ... cops had a warrant for Kieffer Delp (the guy Jenelle and Britany were fighting over) based on a cocaine charge from last year ... and they found him at Jenelle's house and arrested him too. 



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Tony Johnson    

I would like to commend the District Attorney's office AND the victim, Britany, for changing her mind and pressing charges against this person who feels she can violate a person and her home. This is a STEP in discontinuing this new and popular form of video taping ASSAULTS which can end up being physically life changing moments in people's lives that can sometimes be irreversable. Just think if this girl would have hit her head and broke her neck, Janelle would spend the rest of her life behind bars saying to herself, "Why did I go over there". The penalties should be severe and carry the maximum sentence in order to TRY AND STOP THIS TREND!

1270 days ago


Trash, trash, trash!!!!!!!! And it's all on t.v. for our viewing pleasure!!! Will these kids ever get the help they truly need and will the producers, writers, ADULTS of the show ever stop exploiting them? Sad for everyone involved.

1270 days ago


i watched 16 and pregnant and teen mom 2 that janelle was in.. and honestly its that boyfriend of hers that is making her such an awful person she is honestly the worst mother i have ever seen in my life!!! i am a young mother to and of course i had to give up partying and all that childish krap and i would never do anything to lose my daughter she means everything to me JANELLE IS IN DESPERATE NEED OF A REALITY CHECK she looks ridiculous. it is so sad that janelle is responsible for another human being and her mother isnt any better she is crazy they do nothing but yell and scream i feel so sorry for janelles poor little boy.

1270 days ago


Ok I wish people would READ the article before commenting:

"What happens to her child? Assault, having coke in her home (although it was possessed by another, doesn't it show possible endangerment to a child/infant). The child needs to be placed out of the home until this chick gets her act together."

The article clearly stated Kieffer had a charge of cocaine possession from a year prior....usually if there's a WARRANT in place it's from a prior cir***stance. Since we don't know what house Jenelle was found at it's kind of hard to assume she was at her mother's house, where her child lives. She doesn't care about anyone but herself....TAKE HER TO JAIL AND LEAVE HER THERE PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1270 days ago


Can you charge someone with winning a fight? The other girl stood up to fight MTV girl and got her ass beat. It's not like she tried to avoid fighting by, say, going back in the house. She squared off and ended up a losing a fight she never stood a chance in because she was alone (MTV girl's friends would definitely have stepped in if she were losing).

1270 days ago


So, that little pig is being charged with "affray for fighting". Here's what that means:
AFFRAY, criminal law. The fighting of two or more persons, in some public place, to the terror of the people.
2. To constitute this offence there must be, 1st, a fighting; 2d, the fighting must be between two or more persons; 3d, it must be in some public place ; 4th, it must be to the terror of the people.
3. It differs from a riot, it not being premeditated; for if any persons meet together upon any lawful or innocent occasion, and happen on a sudden to engage in fighting, they are not guilty of a riot but an affray only; and in that case none are guilty except those actually engaged in it. Hawk. b. 1, c. 65, s. 3 ; 4 Bl. Com. 146; 1 Russell, 271.

ONLY the people actually fighting get charged??? What about the little punks instigating and cheering her on??

1270 days ago


She is such white trash and a POS mother, I hope she never gets that child. Her crazy, loud mouthed mother shouldn't have that child either! They're both trash! Don't even get me started on her deadbeat boyfriend either, ugh.

1270 days ago

Dennis Johnson    

This is white and black trash at it's lowest level.I know if a bunch of punks came to my house and started beating my child they all would be in a better place before it was over.The trash that are standing around instagiting the fight would be the first to fall....

1270 days ago


All of you that are blaming Janell's mother have obviously never dealt with an addict, or raised one! Addicts are notorious for being selfish liers. That is not a product of bad parenting, its a product of bad genes and choices by the addict.

If you had to sit there and watch your child slowly kill themselves and then make horrible decisions without your consent or taking your advice in mind, you would go crazy too!

Her mom is constantly trying to help Janell by doing anything in her power to keep her out of trouble and keep her sober, but when the kid doesn't want the help then what are you supposed to do?!

Her mom did not NEED to raise her grandson, she could have let child services take him or the father raise him. Her mom does not NEED to allow her to come home when she is sleeping in a car. Her mom pulls a ton of strings for that girl and she constantly abuses the love that her mom gives her.

1270 days ago


This girl is giving NC a bad name. She seems to only get dumber as time goes by. Even though she says she loves and wants her child back..her actions prove otherwise. Its only a matter of time before she is knocked up again and then how is grandma going to take care of two?

1270 days ago


Aren't they going to arrest the bitch who kept egging them on instead of trying to break up the fight? She's just as much of an animal as the other.

1270 days ago


As crazy as her mom seems, she is actually quite sane. Look at her whore daughter. Getting pregnant, doing drugs in her MOM'S front yard, stealing, lying, and cheating. Her mom might have raised her, but her mom can only be countable for so much. I think she sees her daughter and is sad. Very sad. She knows her daughter is a monster and she knows she can only help so much. I commend her mom for not beating that little girl down. Seeing the way Janelle acts, I would've. If I were her mother, I would beat her ass. I think Janelle and Keiffer don't stand a chance in society. This is the second time she has been arrested in like a year. The finale of Teen Mom 2 shes gets arrested. And obviously since this was last night, that's not why! Grow up Janelle. Then go away. No one wants to see ur trashy ass any more! HA

1270 days ago

#57 said it best    

Oh I am embarrased to be posting here, and more embarrased that I watch the show!!!!

I am gonna back up mom on this one, she is a hard#^%*, and probably wouldn't win mother of the year, but "I" believe she does love Jeanelle. When they have those moments of "truce" she comes across to me as a parent who is doing the best she can. I think she can be a little cruel when Jeanelle tries to spend time with her son as she says some hurtful things, but Jeanelle has been no role model either.

I kind of feel bad for Jeanelle, she just looks sad and lost to me, NEVER smiles, I think there is only one time where I saw her smile sincerely, I think at son's birthday party...not making excuses for her behavior (the fight video is a bit disturbing and yes kid that shoved her should be charged as well)but she needs to pull herself together

Get yourself together Jeanelle, I think you can - back to school, start working and get rid of the creepy boyfriend -ewwwwww

1270 days ago


W H A T - K I N D - O F - N A M E - I S - K I E F F E R ? !

1270 days ago


Looking back later, this black guy will be a mistake from their youth. I once had a older white lady told me that she regretted dating and having black kids. It ruined her life. I wonder if the mistakes and ruined thoughts have entered their minds.

1270 days ago
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