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All 3 Girls

in 'Teen Mom' Brawl


3/28/2011 6:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

All three girls involved in the crazy "Teen Mom" fight TMZ first posted last week have been officially charged with crimes ... TMZ has learned.

Jenelle Evans, Britany Truett and Brittany Maggard have been charged with misdemeanor affray -- disorderly conduct by fighting in a public place. 

TMZ posted the story earlier that the girls were arrested, but now the Brunswick County D.A.'s Office has officially charged all 3.

If convicted, all 3 face a maximum of 60 days in jail.


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the reason why Brittany (truett) -the victim- was charged is most likely due to the fact that she didn't want to press charges at first. Without her pressing charges they couldn't do anything. So she had to press charges. But since the story went loud and in public they had to do something so they did (using a tricky way but it worked).

1313 days ago



1313 days ago


60 days doesn't even seem like enough time... i think they should have their kids removed from the home, have to go through counseling for violence and parenting... oh yeah and maybe mtv shouldn't put such losers on tv! what is wrong with these people???

1313 days ago


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I wish that Tupac Shukur was still alive and he will write a song for every pregnant teenage girl, like “Amber’s Got a Baby,” "Bristol's Got a Baby," “Maci’s Got a Baby,” “Catelynn’s Got a Baby,” “Jamie’s Got a Baby,” “Jennelle’s Got a Baby,” and so on. Just substitute the name Brenda to any pregnant teen girl’s name. I bet Eminem would sing that song.

1313 days ago


Jenelle is the best mom ever, why is everyone trashing her? She's awesome!

1313 days ago


Kwa me, that's an awesome song, Tupac was so much deeper than a lot of people realize. Dear Mama is the sh-it too, it gives me goosebumps...I love it.

1313 days ago


129. I would bang all three of them at the same time.

You probably could with a little weed and 40oz of malt liquor.

1313 days ago


Ha! Willie!

1313 days ago


Scrum, I think that rugby has caused your banged up head to become a little crazy. Those chicks are nasty!!

1313 days ago


Lori, I was a tutor when I was in college a couple years ago, and a huge issue was that new students were writing papers using texting abbreviations and acronyms. Can you believe that sh it? Terrible.

1312 days ago


Absolutely disgusting display. Grow up!

1312 days ago


i think its retardeed that the girl that got beaten was arrested and faces the same jail tim as the unstable girl that jumped her .im guessing they were male cops and they just wanted to strip search them all. so they took her also.
so they can say hey we arested and fingered all of them even he less attractive one so were not perverts

1312 days ago

Peter Sc    

I believed that the police had better things to do. Waste of time!

1312 days ago


Reminds me, I've got to take the trash out.

1312 days ago


As part of their probation, they must be Drug tested every week. 100+ hours of community service. The state should take any of their children for awhile.

1312 days ago
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