Willie Nelson Pot Case Let Him Sing for His Freedom

3/28/2011 6:01 PM PDT
Willie Nelson​’s pot possession case could end on a high note -- because the singer may get off with little more than a small fine ... if he agrees to SING IN COURT.

Nelson was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession back in November ... after U.S. Border Patrol in Texas found weed on his tour bus -- but the prosecutor in the case is willing to let Willie off with a $100 fine ... if he sings "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” INSIDE  the courtroom.

According to the prosecutor, the song would count as his community service -- but Willie's punishment ultimately rests in the judge's hands.

No word if Nelson will accept the offer ... but it's a good deal -- because if he gets convicted he faces a maximum of 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.