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Willie Nelson Pot Case

Let Him Sing for His Freedom

3/28/2011 6:01 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Willie Nelson​’s pot possession case could end on a high note -- because the singer may get off with little more than a small fine ... if he agrees to SING IN COURT.

Willie Nelson

Nelson was charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession back in November ... after U.S. Border Patrol in Texas found weed on his tour bus -- but the prosecutor in the case is willing to let Willie off with a $100 fine ... if he sings "Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain” INSIDE  the courtroom.

According to the prosecutor, the song would count as his community service -- but Willie's punishment ultimately rests in the judge's hands.

No word if Nelson will accept the offer ... but it's a good deal -- because if he gets convicted he faces a maximum of 180 days in jail and a $2,000 fine.



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the man is pushing 80 and is a model spokesman for the lies told to us by the DEA, who classify pot in the same category as heroin. time to change that law and empty the jails of pot smokers, they are neither violent nor dangerous. love to Willie♥

1268 days ago


"Small town" prosecutors don't set precedent ...only raises eyebrows.

1268 days ago


This is a freakin mockery of the courts and now anyone arrested for the same thing should argue that this should be their punishment as well. That would be nice for all the rappin' hoodies to skate... freaking liberal nut judge I'd bet my freakin Medicinal weed card on... lol

1268 days ago

PRO US    

Willie wheedle it out of him?

Will he weed deal it out of him?

1268 days ago


This "prosecutor" is a disgrace. Sorry, but singing a song in the courtroom is not in any way, shape or form "community service." The U.S. justice system is so skewed in favor of the well-off and the well-known that it's losing all credibility and moral authority.

1268 days ago


I would love a survey on how many people have missed work from drinking the night before and how many people have missed work from smoking weed. Alcohol is right up there with crack and meth. Just as addicting and life destroying. And alcohol is legal ?
They say marijuana is a spring board to other drugs. Bull crap... alcohol is a way larger spring board for making bad choices of all types.

1268 days ago

PRO US    

78 year old Prosecutor C.R. "Kit" Bramblett should run for President.

1267 days ago


This is messed up on so many different levels. First of all, Willie and his weed didn't hurt anyone, so it's ridiculous that he's facing jail time and/or a fine in the first place. But, that's the law, and you can bet it will be applied stringently to everyone who is not Willie Nelson. So, the prosecutor and judge intend to make a joke out of Willie's "crime," and will then turn right around and send the next guy (and the next one, and the next one...) who does the very same thing to jail (or put him on probation, make him attend mandatory drug classes, and subject him to random drug testing, all of which he will have to pay for). What ever happened to equal justice under the law?

Obviously, I don't think that Willie did anything wrong, and I certainly don't want to see him punished. But, if he is feeling up to it, he should tell the prosecutor to **** off and insist on doing the time and paying the fine. It would be the right thing to do, and might open some peoples' eyes to the gross unfairness and absurdity of our marijuana laws.

Whatever he decides, I wish Willie the very best.

1267 days ago


this sounds like the judge is blackmailing him sing for me or go to jail. sing little bitch or i could send you to prison.

judge should do 180 days in jail and lose his job and never be allowed to hold a job that has any power over others

1267 days ago


let the old man smoke his ganja. is it illegal? in the US yeah. but does that make it bad or wrong? i don't think so. greets from the netherlands.

1267 days ago


cannabis laws are ridiculous, willy gets to sing and pay a fine..i had to spend a night in a metal box in nyc sober, no fine. just save peoples time and warn them god damn

1267 days ago


I hope this goes through then every other lawyer in the area can use the sentencing as a precedent setting act. Imagine all the pot heads singing in court.

1267 days ago


only in America!

1267 days ago


well there are 2 reasons he should be put in jail
- smoking pot
- singing country!

1267 days ago


**** off and leave our Willy alone. With rap crap "artists" belonging to gangs etc... the best the cops can do is arrest Willy? Gimme a break.

1267 days ago
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