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Enrique Iglesias -- I'm BAILING On Britney!

3/29/2011 1:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hours after Britney Spears announced an upcoming North American tour this morning -- her accompanying act, Enrique Iglesias, has reportedly dropped out. 


According to, an official announcement is coming soon ... but so far, it's unclear why Iglesias wants off the tour.

The tour is scheduled to kick off in June.

Story developing.1202_britney_bitch_footer


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Hello is anybody in there?    

77. Album sales mean crap is that your new defense strategy for Britney?

1269 days ago


means alot!!! i dont need to defend her shes a self made woman and is going to have a sell out tour you can keep defending your enrique iglesias if you want to he will never ever achieve what Britney has in her younger years and even now. why dont you write to your fan enrique iglesias and tell him to get some nice new clean clothes and to take a shower he needs major help in his hygiene!

1269 days ago


Well, I don't know the scoop on this, but I just saw her this morning on Good Morning America. All I can say is if I paid a lot of money to see her and she did what she did this morning I would be pissed. She acted like she wasn't really with it if you know what I mean. My ten year old would have danced better. And if I want lip syncing I will go to the local karaoke bar. I'm not paying hundreds of dollars to watch a doped-up, half-naked, woman-child look lost on a big stage. I feel sorry for her because it seems that she is not quite back to being the person she was before 2007. However, as much as the promoters are asking for ticket prices her fans deserve better than what I saw this morning.

1269 days ago


Why would he want to go on tour with someone who acts like she'd rather be anywhere than on stage. She can no longer perform for crap. The girl must be on some serious medicine because she acts like she just doesn't care any more. RIP BS

1269 days ago


lori is a moron. album sales don't mean jack crap as far as talent is concerned. It's gullible moron's who love lip sync music and slutty "dancing"

That's all it is. The album sales just shows there's a ton of stupid people in the world, you're one lori

1269 days ago


And enrique iglesias is an alcoholic drinking on stage again face the fact enrique iglesias woosed out of touring with Britney because he will get booed off the stage as far as where she is touring in the USA some people dont even know who he is BUT they know his AMAZING father the GREAT JULIO IGLESIAS!!

1269 days ago


Someone needs to explain to Britney the difference between trashy and sexy. She seems to have them confused.

They also need to quit promoting her as a dancer and just let her sit on speakers and lip sync, since that's clearly what she wants to do.

I would have dropped out of the tour too, after seeing this morning's "performance."

1269 days ago


@82 is this his GF anna kournikova defending him or maybe his middle aged fat woman fans ive seen them before wont b at an eyelash at your comments just proves me right! now i got a life! you try and get one too and not make love to your computer! my last word enrique iglesias is a dirty filthy skany loser and doesnt have the balls to get on stage with the great BRITNEY SPEARS! and youre the morons if you think sales of albums dont mean anything MORON!

1269 days ago


#82 Album sales is definitely what matters to Spears of course, but it does not prove talent. Her new album sounds pretty decent to me if you like that type of dance music, but most of it is due to writers and production--not her pure talent. She has a distinctive voice, so they can manipulate it into a decent album--and I see nothing wrong with that--she has loyal fans who will buy it and love it! Fine--but it doesn't mean she's a talented performer anymore. Her recent performances have proven that to many people, and maybe Enrique Iglesias just doesn't want to be associated with a mediocre show.

My point is that great album sales don't necessarily equal talent.

1269 days ago


oops--I meant #85

1269 days ago


Spears sucks. She has not done a thing new for ever. Her lip syncing even sucks. Who want's to pay that money for a ticket to a crap concert.

Another no talent, over hyped and over promoted. People bood Whitney Houston practically off the stage and she can or could sing.

1269 days ago


Remember Spears did a 3 song test a few days ago, probally for feedback like a test audience and feedback was not kind at all.

I'm impartial, but it was just plain bad. I have no idea what tickets go for but man I would want a refund.

1269 days ago

Byron Green    

Just in shrug shrug wink wink Enrique had a couple to many when he shacked up with Spears and when he saw how ugly and fat she was when he woke up in the morning he has been running ever since.
I mean air brushing gimme a break did you see them pics she should be so lucky to look like that in real life,in her dreams plus hae dancing sucks so does her lip syncing

1269 days ago


Yes, Britney just simulates sex on stage. A light form of porn. She spreads her legs and gyrates and moans. What do you call it then Lori? Talent? Did you see her latest photo shoot? Spreading her thick fat legs. Ewwwww.

1269 days ago


She dresses like a tramp with her leather getup. You might as well give her a whip and chains and great big Danes. She could star in porn. lol Give me! Give me! Give me more!

1269 days ago
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