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Little People Sue 'The Soup'

They Defamed Us!

3/29/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A  dwarf couple is suing E! Entertainment and "The Soup" host Joel McHale, claiming they made scurrilous, false, defamatory and hurtful comments about them.

Cara and Gibson Reynolds are dwarfs who struggled for years to have children. One child died a day after birth, but they were finally able to conceive a healthy baby. 

The Reynolds' did an interview with the Associated Press about dwarf couples who want to screen their embryos for genetic defects in an effort to intentionally have healthy, dwarf children.  They say the article and photo of them was limited to the AP article (reprinted on

Fast forward to 2009, when McHale and company did a spoof on "The Soup" titled, "Fertile Little Tattooed Pageant Parents Who Enjoy Baking."  McHale said it was the newest reality show, and then proceeded to show the AP photo of the Reynolds, saying they are "happy dwarfs ... that can't stop procreating." 

And it got worse.  "The Soup" then allegedly showed a woman purported to be Cara in labor, in the process of giving birth in a bathroom.

Cara claims the piece was so upsetting, she suffered, "depression, insomnia, upset stomach, sleep interference and experiencing feelings of shame and degradation."

The Reynolds are suing for defamation and invasion of privacy.

We could not immediately reach E! for comment.



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Bubbles The Chimp    

Enough with the 'short' jokes.

..their patience must be running 'short'.

Maybe they are 'short' tempered. :P

Their baby would look like TMZ Mike with it's big freaking fat head.

1267 days ago


That bit doesn't even sound funny

1267 days ago


I'm guessing the soup was able to use their picture because of the interview? I can see being upset when your image is used in a way you don't want but if you signed the rights over to someone via an interview or whatever, what can you do. It's humor it never appeals to everyone but if everyone insulted by things comedians sued there would be no comedians left, LOL. I thought you couldn't sue if it was humor.

1267 days ago


Parody that is all it is. A Short parody, a tiny little comedy.

1267 days ago


as for this dwarf talent, we will take our "disadvantage" and turn it into our advantage, where we make "lemonade" out of our "lemons" while the three piece suitor "little people" continue to whine and turn their sour grapes into a cheap bordeaux! enjoy your whine and cheese party!

1267 days ago

Bubbles The Chimp    

Cara forgot to mention she was also 'short' of breath because of the comedy bit. She has a 'short' memory I guess.

1267 days ago


The joke is on reality shows, and the people that produce them. It's just a string of adjectives that build to lunacy. My favorite part is the "who enjoy baking."

I'm sure this couple signed a release that allows the photo to be public domain. I'm sorry if this has caused them duress, but they were not the butt of the joke. Just a couple that unwittingly gave up some rights to privacy.

1267 days ago


So they decide to bring a person into the world knowing what difficulties they will face with a known genetic mutation. And they want to sue Joel McHale? Seriously? Methinks this little couple is a tad narcissistic. Get over yourselves!

1267 days ago


Lesson learned! Don't do reality tv!!

1267 days ago


The incident happened in 2009.

I think their lawsuit is a day late and a dollar SHORT.

1267 days ago


Wow first I didn't think this show was still on. It stopped being funny a very long time ago. Watch Tosh.O a lot more funny then this dumb show.

1267 days ago


Midgets creep me out. Sorry I know it's wrong and bad but at least I'm honest. I'm not proud of it.

1267 days ago


Give me e break!!! You gave up the right to whine when you agreed to air your dirty laundry on T.V. This just a publicity stunt, because their ratings must SUCK!!!! I have watched it one time and she reminds me of Kate Gosselin. ………I guess everyone who commented needs to be careful or they will sue you for short jokes!

1267 days ago

Sienna Sacha    

Suing Soup? Seriously? Maybe midgets can't understand English, but Soup is a comedy program and we live in a land of FREE SPEECH. If they hurt your feelings, get tougher. If they you don't like it, go away. If it really is so emotionally difficult maybe you should just take the first train you can at Kings Crossing, Station 9 3/4 and go back to OZ. . . I am sure the munchkins won't make fun of you.. . .but I can't guarantee you the Wicked Witch won't.

1267 days ago


Joel doesn't discriminate. He makes scurrilous, false, defamatory and hurtful comments about everyone!!!!

LOL AT #1!!!!!!!!!!

1267 days ago
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