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Lindsay Lohan -- The High Life On a Private Jet

3/29/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan caught a flight from L.A. to N.Y. last night ... but despite her financial issues, she's still above flying with the commoners.


Lohan -- along with her brother Michael Lohan Jr. -- each got their own comfy seats on a private jet.

Sources close to Lohan tell us LiLo is headed back east to take a few "movie meetings."

So far, it's unclear if Lindsay paid for the flight herself.


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You're all idiots. If she's flying on a private plane, do you seriously think she's going to be bringing coke with her? She OBVIOUSLY has the money to just buy it in LA. Wow, you guys are dumb.

1306 days ago


Omigosh! A pap photographer must have been hiding under a seat! That girl gets no peace at all...

Is it legal to smuggle a pap across state lines?

1306 days ago


ernie at #115: "I wonder if the producers of these movie meetings really think Lohan is bankable?"

The odds are astronomical that there are no producers and no movie meetings. Dina's been making claims like this since forever.

My bet is that they're just trying to keep her out of trouble in LA until the next time she's scheduled to be in front of a judge. Or setting up some claim "But your honor, I have to work!" as has been done before.

1306 days ago


"Lindsay Lohan won't accompany businessman Richard Lugner to the famous Vienna opera ball tonight (11.02.10) [11 February 2010] because her shopping spree caused her to miss her flight to Europe... when she boarded she was asked to leave because she couldn't afford the $22,000 the carrier charged for the two-hour delay."

Yikes. It's really not hard to get a credit card with a $22,000 limit. I'm not at all rich but have had close to that on several different cards individually. Also she only had one card with her?!? I always carry several, and although I would gag at the very thought of paying $22,000 for such nonsense... I could have done it easily on credit cards, especially if I were being paid $150,000 for the gig.

More recently, though, I hear that the Austrian fellow is seriously considering legal action to get his money back, since unfortunately he paid her in advance.

1306 days ago


john smith: "her current income is estimated to be about a million a year. ... How does stealing a $2500 necklace while on probation make any sense? "

Just google shoplifting and you'll find tons of information about it. Typically shoplifters do have plenty of money, and typically they do make sure to have enough money to pay for the merchandise actually on their person as a backup "oops" excuse if caught (as Lindsay did). They do it for the thrill, it's like certain drugs for them, and also to "get back" at some unfairness in their life (I suspect Lindsay is just always misdirecting her anger at her parents). They often do walk out the door with the stuff in plain sight, partly to enhance the thrill but also for the "oops" excuse. Lindsay has undoubtedly been doing this for a long time. It's unlikely that a shoplifter would suddenly start in a jewelry store...

Lindsay is a major risk taker, so this is not at all surprising while she's on probation. Why did she take coke while on probation and tested routinely? Why did she drink while wearing a SCRAM? Makes no sense, but she did it.

It's possible that she also sells some things she steals (explaining the really big ticket items gone missing around her). But it's quite reasonable to think she does it for the thrill (as a game), she looks for opportunities but does some advance planning (her prior visits to the jewelry store to check out the situation, to see how easy it might be to distract them), and wearing the goods in public later is part of the thrill for her (since it's a pattern). It's interesting that she came into the store just before closing, which actually maximized her opportunities especially with the tag-team dancing by Patrick to help distract. With the front door locked, she knew that several items could be shown at once and staff would be minimal (and tired). And yet there was nary a sign of any pap outside the door when they left.

1306 days ago


@jwoolman wow,you have to be the last person lindsay wants in the jury box....

1306 days ago



1306 days ago


of course tmz paid for her.

1306 days ago

Jose Cuervo    


1306 days ago


1 million a year minus lawyer fees, taxes, drug habbit, betty ford clinic, valtrex, and 50 gallons of monistat 7, plus clubbing implants, it does not last long. that bitch is broke. she use to buy sam dinner its obvious sam ronchyson has not eaten in months. looks like skeletor. red cloud you might need some of that valtrex too

1306 days ago


the other story on tmz is lindsay and the homeless man check it out pretty funny. he has a sign up reading "i slept with lindsay lohan and need help"

1306 days ago


LEAVE HER ALONE!!!! What part of bullying don't you understand TMZ? You are making a buck off of someones illness. You are worse than ambulance chasers. What is the difference between Harvey Levin and Conrad Murray? Nothing!

1305 days ago


Gotta remind Ya of Nancy Pelosi

1305 days ago


Looks like someone's got a little more cash than the media lets off.

1305 days ago


to the idiot getting ads , I get no Ads on this site-- learn how to use you computer - it is filled with Spyware -- thats why you get ads dummy

1305 days ago
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