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Lindsay Lohan -- The High Life On a Private Jet

3/29/2011 12:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan caught a flight from L.A. to N.Y. last night ... but despite her financial issues, she's still above flying with the commoners.


Lohan -- along with her brother Michael Lohan Jr. -- each got their own comfy seats on a private jet.

Sources close to Lohan tell us LiLo is headed back east to take a few "movie meetings."

So far, it's unclear if Lindsay paid for the flight herself.


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This is not the first time TMZ is paying LieHo which usualy exceed 5-10 k $ and wont be the last time. All the stories incl. private photos like this one or the one Lilo and Aly on the balconie are all LIlo source. The other stories involving private informations were coming mostly from Michael Lohan which used to be enormnous until 3 weeks ago when Lindsay stoped talking to him again and he dont have infos anymore.
I wonder if they ever paid him too or he was just trying.

1271 days ago


Kiko, very funny. Does she like feathers?

1271 days ago


I cannot believe this chick. She has got to be the luckiest piece of trash ever.

1271 days ago

Herpies Fully Loaded - The Sequel    

Herpies Fully-Loaded thinks that Lindsay LOHAN is looking old enough that should her friend V(enereal) wish to do another Freaky Friday, Lindsay LOHAN could easily play the Mom in that version.

1271 days ago


I wonder who she stole that coat from? It will be nice when she does just fade away. She's clinging to it hard now.

1271 days ago

listen folks    

isnt it rediculous people that write in the comments about how no one cares about Lindsay 'washed up, old, no talent fame whore....blah blah" YET you all follow ever TMZ posting on her and then proceed to give youre quite juvenile remarks....

1271 days ago

john smith    

There's no way Lindsay paid for private jet! Yeah she's all washed up, a has been, that why producers send their 20 million dollars private jets to pick her up.

1271 days ago


Why didnt they took Nicolenabler with them?
They paid the whole plane no?

1271 days ago


If there is any justice at all in Hollywood, this will be the last private flights she takes anywhere. I hope they nail this b**ch. Except for Sheen and all his lies about how he's sold out his shows (check out Yahoo, CNBC, Drudge how most tickets were bought up by secondary sellers and about 30% are still unsold for this weekend's show in Detroit - sold out my a**), there is no one as annoying as this stupid woman. Hopefully, after her year in jail, she'll just drop off the map entirely and we'll never have to hear her stupid name again.

1271 days ago


I simply love, Lindsay, and wish her nothing but the best!

1271 days ago


And I have to agree with that other poster - those ads are annoying!!! Takes over your whole screen forever. I have no intention of seeing the movie anyway so it's even more annoying. Besides all that, the dancer who actually did the dancing is furious she got labled basically as a 'hand model' in the credits. She says all Portman did were a couple simple moves and the head/arm shots - otherwise, Portman's head was digitally mastered onto the real dancers body.

1271 days ago

weird al yankovich    

movie ? Id love to meet this despserate for attention producer cuz there's definitely no veteran producer who would ever consider her for a legit role. All she is now is a show for the social media like tmz,people mag etc etc. when it comes to the REAL WORLD no one wants to see her in no dam movie. We wish her the best don't get me wrong no one wants to see a drug addict kill themselves but lindsey let it go your time is up that's guaranteed. And a few photoshoots and proposals from companies that are desperate for attention aint gonna cut it. few years from now that will be gone too ....

Lindsey you need some of that humble pie.

You know you dam broke and you still have to "look good for the cameras" by hiring a private jet.
Aint working :)

1271 days ago

john smith    

Looks like Lindsay got busted posting on TMZ on her phone, well Lou there's your proof that she is FriendofLindsay!

1271 days ago


"Hey Michael, Psssst come over here. Take this picture of me so I can send it in and act as if I am still relevant".

1271 days ago


#19 TMZ is NOT going to pay $15,000 for a private jet (unless its Harvy's personal one)just for a photo of a celeb with a NEGATIVE Q SCORE!

TMZ makes money on syndication fees of photos and stories. Who would want to take up space with a useless Lindsay photo.

I still think DINA PAID for this article.

1271 days ago
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