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D.A. Won't Prosecute Lindsay in Betty Ford Case

3/29/2011 8:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned ... The Riverside County District Attorney has decided not to file criminal charges against Lindsay Lohan in connection with the altercation last December between Lindsay and a Betty Ford staffer.

Lindsay Lohan

Sources tell us the D.A. believes there is "insufficient evidence" to prosecute Lindsay.

The Palm Desert Police Department had been investigating the confrontation between Lindsay and former staffer Dawn Holland, but ultimately the D.A. felt the firepower wasn't there.

So Lindsay only has one criminal case in play now.


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Sad sad    

There was no way they could have. No one had any credibility. He says she says waste of time. I don't know if it was Lindsay who was involved with neg. with the lady but I do remember she talked with Michael and we know his credibility.

1269 days ago


Just for fun I looked up Yo Venice as suggested by another poster- no wonder she had to leave town:

"Anyone want to start a protest in front of her house to get her to move?"

"Is she truly newsworthy? I had never even heard of her before she moved here. And it was two helicopters. TWO! Two very loud invasive horrible helicopters. All for some nasty, shop lifting, junky hag? Sheesh!

She is the suck!"

"Does Lindsay Lohan actually have any celebrity outside of the paparazzi? Without them would anyone even know who she was?"

"Just my two cents, but if Lohan really wants to get her **** together, maybe she should stop making a ridiculous spectacle of herself every single day. Lohan moving to Venice is turning out to be another colossal FAIL in going off the grid, like some other folks have made. If she'd just lay low for a while, this would all stop."

" Having Lindsay Lohan living here is going to be just another curse. You thought the food trucks were bad, well – now we have Lindsay."

"Dexter said "time to start paint balling the paparazzi." Go for it but it is also time for Lohan to move elsewhere. "

"Don't hate the paps… LL fer sher calls to tip them about where she'll be and when – all to make her feel like she's still relevant and to make some dough. It's going to be a long time before any production company can insure her broken ass for a film or tv. So, she'll keep calling the paps."

"I'd rather have her in Venice than either of her parents. "

1269 days ago

Brittany Teal    

I went to an A.A. meeting with Stephanie Seymore once. I was just a little kid. Too young to have ever done anything. I still don't. But I have to say, I watched those vile beasts to more damage to her out of jealousy. Even there in the meetings at the Treatment center, counselors broke her anonymity from the start, lied about her sobriety, just to discredit her. I heard Bitches there claim to have "Relations" with her. False! I knew Steph. Those people do more damage to more people. Every public figure I've seen suffers for thier involvment in this stupifying "Nobodyism". Lindsy was targeted. I've seen jerks at A.A. meetings send lies to the Tabloids, just to gain "Higher Power" in thier Political posturing. And trust me, here in San Diego, at least, they fill the ranks of NeoNazi groups and such. I've been invited!!! I'll have NO PART in ANY NAZI Groups! They are Swine! Lindsay didn't get off. She washed them Off. Pigs!

1269 days ago

Pony Princess    

pony princess do both your dads know you are on the computer before your home work is done. you have to stop trying to put round pegs in square holes.

No, none of my dads know I am on the computer, because I drugged and tied them up in their room. I am being quiet, so I think they think I am with their girlfriends and spending their money. Bwah ha ha.

1269 days ago


Lindsay would be wise to NOT DRIVE first of all. Way too risky for her to do that. She better not even spit on the sidewalk for that matter. The girl needs to be PARANOID about cops and the District Attorneys in Cali.

Let's face it, people over there want to put her in jail pretty bad. They're not going to stop until Lindsay does at least a month or two behind bars. Lindsay has already used up all of her "get out of jail free" cards like in that Monopoly board game.

1269 days ago


Even the sparrows know that Dawn Holand was paid off. Michael Lohan already confirmed that on ROL back than.

Posted at 5:16 PM on Mar 29, 2011 by DANA
Dont be surprised if they go after ML for that pay off
ROL reported that they were going after another person in the case as well

PS I saw that the other Nikki was on the other post commenting under my name again

Sorry everyone, but I do know that you do know the difference between me and them

1269 days ago

Pony Princess    

I'm glad for this. Maybe everybody just needs to back off a little and see if she's turned a new leaf. I don't think the staffer wanted to go after her anyway....

I think you need to get a new supplier, because the stuff you're smoking is definitely not worth the buck you paid for it.

1269 days ago


Hey therock member this:

@ Nikki, Blow me

Posted at 7:43 PM on Mar 28, 2011 by therock
I'll pass on that, but you can rub one out in my honor, dreaming and wishing I would

Just like you do with Lindsay

Posted at 4:53 AM on Mar 29, 2011 by Nikk

This from ROL last night

I'm a read blooded male and I think Lindsay is HotAsHellllll. Hate on her all you want but I'd never kick her out of MY bed....... Oh yeah, that long blonde hair should be permanent, I totally dig it.....

by therock
Posted Tue, 03/29/2011 - 12:04am reply

LMFAO!!! therock is a read blooded male...

So therock DOES wack off to Lindsay....PRICELESS!!!

Posted at 5:07 AM on Mar 29, 2011 by Nikki

1269 days ago


Nikki- Whats even more comical is therock thinks he can be the guy to get Lindsay to straiten out, and she reads his posts. This READ blooded male cant stop believing, just like that old Journey song.

1269 days ago


WINNING!!! Duh!!!

1269 days ago


Heard threw the grape vine Dina is planning alot of photo ops with Lindsay back in town
DL is also pissed off as hell, about the Pap from x17online turning Lindsay in and telling his story...DL is screaming mad
Way too funny

Can tell much right now but I will soon :)

1269 days ago


Hell, I'm movin to LA, I can rob liquor stores, jewelry stores, forget to give things back, expect special treatment, rack up huge bill with no concieveable income, and not worry about a thing...

1269 days ago


Opps Ment Can't

Lucky 130 Iknow
I think he's ML and when hes a drunken READ blooded man, it comes out more..People have question what he did to her when she was little and how he always dates girls that look like her and how hes so obsessed with her
Do you remember when he was going get drunk and do crazy sht just to be with her at Betty Ford
therock is the same way..What do you think??

1269 days ago


Dont think Lying Lindsay is getting off so easy. This case may be ending, because one DA told the other DA that the felony is a much bigger case to catch their fox, so they are letting this one slide threw, to hang her on the other one. Plus the felony has a soild case against her.....They dont want liitle distraction on the big case that will catch that Lohan Fox

1269 days ago


When they said they couldn't get anyone to come forward I figured this case would be dropped. Waste of taxpayers money chasing after this one with no witnesses.

1269 days ago
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