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Teen Mom Lawyer on Charges: It's a Set Up!

3/29/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans tells TMZ ... his client is the victim of a set up, and money is at the bottom of it all.

Dustin Sullivan, Jenelle's lawyer, tells us he has a "serious problem" with the fact that Brittany Maggard -- the woman who pushed Jenelle before the brawl -- and other parties involved were "paid substantially" for pictures and videos related to the incident.

Sullivan says it's suspicious that cameras were present when Jenelle arrived -- indeed, Sullivan says, multiple cameras were present capturing different angles of the impending brawl.

Sullivan is in the process of interviewing witnesses to determine if Britany Truett -- the woman who caught the beatdown -- pre-programmed the melee. 

And, Sullivan says, it's "highly suspicious" Britany waited five days before calling the cops.

032811_fight_videoSullivan says if there's proof of a set up, he will make that a centerpiece of the case when it goes before a jury.


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F I R S T !!

1312 days ago

Brigham Young    


Garbage STINKS no matter what COLOR it is!

1312 days ago


I heard dogs barking but I didn't see any in the videos.

1312 days ago


Is it a conflict of interest if the lawyer shares the gene pool with the lot of them?

1312 days ago


Her lawyer is going to put me on the stand for having a PHONE? I have a camera on my phone so I'm guilty now?

How about no!? That ambulance chaser is grasping at straws!

1312 days ago


The quality of the video makes me believe it wasn't from a cellphone. Someone recorded with a video camera, IMO.
I think it would have remained a verbal argument had one of Jenelle's friends not pushed her onto the other girl.
I hope she's been charged as well. Hopefully with more charges for she incited the whole physical contact by pushing Jenelle. And some words of wisdom to Jenelle, you are the company you keep!
With friends like that who needs enemies.
To all you bashers of Teen Mom, this isn't about the show. Sure she was on the show but this isn't about the show and teen pregnancy.
What this is about is a boyfriend who by all appearances is using Jenelle for her money and will stick around until it drys up.
When 16 and Pregnant started with this new cast, it seemed like Jenelle was a totally different kid. She was happy, making plans about raising her child, and not dysfunctional in any way.
But her mother, Barbara was the wacko. Although all mother's love their children and Barbara is no exception, she was excessive with trying to rein in her daughter.
The damage was already done. She got pregnant. But to keep railing on her is always going to have the opposite effect on a kid. Defiant comes to mind.
But sadly her true colors came out when she had Jace. She totally abandoned him. Refused to care for him and was more interested in partying with her friends. That was her biggest mistake ever.
Children are easy. All they require is love and attention and Jenelle couldn't even provide that to Jace. Sad for the only victim here really her son Jace!

1311 days ago


Dang Jenelle got peer pressured to fight, plus like mma coaches, her "friends" were telling how how to fight!! She needs to surround herself around some positivity before its too late!!

1311 days ago


Don't get me wrong, I love a funny ass-kicking as much as the next gal, but in this case, I think that TMZ should have just minded its own business. There IS such thing as too much of a good thing :-)

On a completely different note.........GOD, HARVEY IS DAMN SEXXY!! (Mwuuhhh!)

1311 days ago


They don't exactly look professional. Someone should tell the lawyer that cameras are in lots of things, like phones, or compact digital cameras, that lots of people own. Looks like iPhone footage to me. That'd be my guess. Which, aside from the lack of an external mic jack, isn't a bad camera in daylight, given the constraints of the size. Notice they are walking backwards and forwards rather than zooming. Aside from the shake typical of small video cameras, another obvious indicator of an amateur is they filmed towards the sun to begin with. That's what lens hoods and polarisers are used for. Without those a mere 45 degree rotation around the fight would avoid all the lens flare and be better exposed from the off. Still, cash for iPhone footage probably made it worth doing.

1311 days ago


Disgusting and not a big surprise. This is the new America. And it's embarrassing.

1311 days ago


And exactly how is this teenaged train wreck paying for her legal fees? Come on. This isn't the first trip to court for this teenaged tramp, and my guess is that it won't be the last.

Thanks, MTV, for subjecting the public to these trash bag w.ho.res whose only claim to fame is spreading them and having a baby loooooonnnnnng before they're ready or able to care for them.

1311 days ago

elan Hunter    

That's just wrong..really Harvey..? Teenage girls/mothers physically assaulting each other....thats ok with you to post that...sleep ok...?

1311 days ago


all she did was get raped at 16 does that really justify this much publicity..less nobodies more celebrities, tmz.

1311 days ago


would have been better if they had torn eachothers clothes off

1311 days ago


Yeah, Brittney is at fault for setting Jenelle up... It's not like Jenelle could act like a mature adult and actually walk away from a fight.

1311 days ago
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