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Teen Mom Lawyer on Charges: It's a Set Up!

3/29/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The lawyer for "Teen Mom" star Jenelle Evans tells TMZ ... his client is the victim of a set up, and money is at the bottom of it all.

Dustin Sullivan, Jenelle's lawyer, tells us he has a "serious problem" with the fact that Brittany Maggard -- the woman who pushed Jenelle before the brawl -- and other parties involved were "paid substantially" for pictures and videos related to the incident.

Sullivan says it's suspicious that cameras were present when Jenelle arrived -- indeed, Sullivan says, multiple cameras were present capturing different angles of the impending brawl.

Sullivan is in the process of interviewing witnesses to determine if Britany Truett -- the woman who caught the beatdown -- pre-programmed the melee. 

And, Sullivan says, it's "highly suspicious" Britany waited five days before calling the cops.

032811_fight_videoSullivan says if there's proof of a set up, he will make that a centerpiece of the case when it goes before a jury.


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Ok I think that this is crazy fighting over a guy if that is the case. For one if the guy is cheating on you then he is not worth it sorry. Besides if your going through a lot and trying to do right then get new friends this is not good for Jenelle since she is trying to do good for her son. I mean is the fight really worth it over a guy and then the judge could say ok your a threat to your son the fight is bull ****. I'm sorry I am just being honest what does she get out of the fight? Nothing!!! Now for the Britany girl if she was doing things with Jenelle's boyfriend then that was shady and slutty. If she new that he was seeing Jenelle then she should have been a real woman and said no and walked away. I mean think about it if he cheated on Jenelle with Britany and he leaves Jenelle for Britany then more than likely he will cheat on Britany duh. I mean no guy is worth it if he can not see what a good thing he has then he is not worth it then he is sorry. Jenelle has a son he should be her first priority not that nasty tramp and that cheating loser. As for Jenelle friends they should have been real friends and told her to stop and think about her son. Because of this fight her mom or the judge can make it where she cant see her son anymore. Wow what real friends huh no they just trashy people just trying to be on tv.

1268 days ago


Oh and if it is about being on TV or getting money hey its called a job. Its not that hard to get one so if that is all Britany wanted well instead she got her ass kicked. All this fight was over was over a guy being on TV and getting money wow what trash and lazy people because they cant get a job.

1268 days ago


who cares. the kids will probally be taken away soon enough

1268 days ago

Sick of this kid    

Ok...someone needs to throw that little piece of trash in jail!!!! Keep her son away from her!!!! She's nuts!!!!!

1268 days ago


Dear reality TV: please stop airing these white trash ho's ! They are making us white people look bad

1268 days ago


Why do both these girls have their hair pulled up and bunned on top of their heads. The first thing that girls do when planning a fight is to pin their hair up so it is less likely to get pulled.

1268 days ago


Sounds like a great plan: Let me trick her into attacking me so I can get the crap beaten out of me. That will make me big bucks.

Give it up, lawyer: your client jumped into a fight; help her learn to grow up by helping her take responsibility for her actions. Maybe then she could actually be a responsible mother for her poor child.

1268 days ago


Trailer park white trash through and through!

1268 days ago


this is what is wrong with children having children, they can't grow up ever and they pass this bull**** down to their kids.

1268 days ago

Oval Beach    

Multiple camera angles...can you imagine that? How could it be possible that multiple angles of this fight could have been caugh on tape without it being a set up? I wonder...oh...that's right....SMART PHONES. Her lawyer is an idiot and a baffoon and "little" Miss Jenelle Evans will find it is time to pay the piper.

1268 days ago


Funny Americans... This is the American dream :) Wow!

1268 days ago


LOL what a Lawyer can possibly say when the client was caught on tape ...

1268 days ago


Janelle has some serious issues but that mother of hers is a peice of work. I am not calling anyone white trash.. that is such an awful term. But the mother provokes the girl and the girl is just a child with a child and I do believe the producers would set it up. They let the other woman beat the **** out of Gary in front of the baby. they probably paid the girls and the charges will be dropped and they get a bit extra cash in their pockets.

1268 days ago


@ #3 LOL

1268 days ago


a set up? u went there by choice bitch... it was YOUR CHOICE TO FIGHT. it wasnt a set just your dumb ass listening to rumors.. dumb****

1268 days ago
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