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Gay Wrestling League FURIOUS at WWE Star

3/29/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The champion of the Pro Gay Wrestling Federation is OUTRAGED that WWE announcer Michael Cole has not been suspended for posting a homophobic slur on Twitter ... TMZ has learned.


First off ... yes, there is a Pro Gay Wrestling Federation.

Secondly, we spoke with PGW champion -- The Gay Avenger -- who tells us he's upset by Cole's "intolerant and insensitive" comment ... and insists the word encourages a "hostile bullying environment."

PGW founder and CEO Francis Minks adds, "How can ANYONE at the WWE say anything derogatory about gay people?? Look at what they do and have been doing for a living for years! Big muscles, small tights rolling around! I'm just saying, honey."

Minks adds, "People in glass houses shouldn't throw sconces!"

Cole has since issued an apology for using the slur ... and the WWE says Cole will take part in a GLAAD training session in an effort to educate him about the perils of discrimination. 

The Avenger -- along with several other wrestlers -- tell us they're upset Cole did not get a harsher punishment.


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Saul rosenberg    

The funniest thing about this entire article is that there is a Pro Gay Wrestling Federation!!! lol

1301 days ago


There will always be people that use discrimination, and it will never go away. People complain like it's something new.

1301 days ago



Get over yourselves already. Besides, if you have to have your own seperate wrestling league to prove something, that is even more pathetic. You choose to seperate yourselves from society at that point.

I have no issues with gay's what so ever. I do have an issue when you want so badly to fit in-then create your own standards for how the rest of us should be tolerant of your flagrant "we choose to be seprate" actions. You want to be a part of everything or you don't-make up your frigging minds already.

1301 days ago


United Caucasion College Fund
White Entertainment Television
Straight Pride Parade

If any of the above happened, we'd be called racist, biggots, etc. Get off your Gayhorse. Us normal straight people dont give a rats what you do to each other in private (as sick as that is), but you dont need to throw it in our faces and expect us to accept it. Well we don't accept that.... So deal with it!

1301 days ago


GLAAD training...are you for real?? I wouldn't participate in a damn thing because the man has a right to an opinion.

So sick of these f*cking Gays pushing the issue! Why do they need their own Wrestling League? Just ridiculous!

They need to get a life and stop pushing that Gay/Lesbian bullsh*t in our faces! You can be Gay, Lesbian, Alien, or anything else you proclaim to be. Who you have in your bed is NOT my business and I could care less!

So PLEASE...spare us the drama!

1301 days ago


GLAAD training...REALLY? The man is entitled to his have an opinion, whether you agree with it or not! If you want to be included, why the hell do you need your own Wrestling League!

I know he apologized and is taking part in that ridiculous training to save his job, but honestly, I think I would just say f*ck it and call it a day! Be damned if I'm gonna apologize just because someone is offended by why comes out of my mouth! They really get on my nerves with that bull****!

You decided to come out of the closet, don't push that **** in my face and think that I can't speak my mind...and if you get offended, OH WELL!!!

1301 days ago


Lighten up, Francis!

1301 days ago


This entire episode is so gay! Stop it with the drama queen antics already.

1301 days ago


In miami, gay people call each other fa**ot all the time. Just like black people call eachother the N... word. I'm not saying it's right, I'm just sayin....

1301 days ago


Does the winner get to be on top? HAHA

1301 days ago

joe bloggs    

Who cares what was said...............This is pc at its very worse. How has this got so much coverage. Being from the UK i find it laughable that people are reporting on a throw away word which isn't deemed offensive to us. There are more important things to worry about in this world than what a pro wrestling annoucer said on Twitter.

1301 days ago

Smarter Human    

This gives new meaning to the wrestling term, "Pile Driver"...

1301 days ago


Why would a straight man want to rub his hands and body all over the body of another man? Isn't that involved in wrestling? Not saying that all wrestlers are gay or that there's anything wrong with it. But a straight man who enjoys rubbing body parts including his private parts on another guy? Isn't that a little strange? Why would straight guys want to see two men rubbing their body parts and hands all over each other while wearing only briefs? If some guy rubbed his crotch on you, wouldn't that be sexual assault unless you invited him to do so? What a weird sport.

1301 days ago


Man up and stop acting like sissies...

1301 days ago


Andre the Giant Homo.

1301 days ago
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