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Gay Wrestling League FURIOUS at WWE Star

3/29/2011 4:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The champion of the Pro Gay Wrestling Federation is OUTRAGED that WWE announcer Michael Cole has not been suspended for posting a homophobic slur on Twitter ... TMZ has learned.


First off ... yes, there is a Pro Gay Wrestling Federation.

Secondly, we spoke with PGW champion -- The Gay Avenger -- who tells us he's upset by Cole's "intolerant and insensitive" comment ... and insists the word encourages a "hostile bullying environment."

PGW founder and CEO Francis Minks adds, "How can ANYONE at the WWE say anything derogatory about gay people?? Look at what they do and have been doing for a living for years! Big muscles, small tights rolling around! I'm just saying, honey."

Minks adds, "People in glass houses shouldn't throw sconces!"

Cole has since issued an apology for using the slur ... and the WWE says Cole will take part in a GLAAD training session in an effort to educate him about the perils of discrimination. 

The Avenger -- along with several other wrestlers -- tell us they're upset Cole did not get a harsher punishment.


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What's the difference between regular wrestling and homosexual wrestling? Don't they do the same thing in the ring? What does being gay have to do with wrestling? The wrestlers are going to rub themselves on each other whether they're straight, gay or bi, so what's the difference? Why have a gay wrestling league?

1305 days ago


Sorry but no such thing as homophobic. If the Homosexual Wrestling Federation was so put out by the Cole's reference maybe they should change their lifestyle. After all homosexuality is a choice. It may be the wrong choice but a choice nontheless.

1305 days ago

Nick Benson Sr    

A queer wrestling match???? Now I guess that in their minds their are no losers! Just winners. I can here it now, "pin me cupcake, pin me oooooooh it hurts so good". A ***got wrestling league, now I've heard it all. Try and get me to apologize for remarks I make, just try.

1305 days ago


Boo effin hoo.

1305 days ago


These deviants should just get back in their spandex closet. They have the right to be deviant, we have the right not to approve or condone their behavior. However, on a lighter note, I would LOVE to see the absolutely disgusting Westboro Church dare to picket one of their fruitcake wrestling matches, the blood would flow, it would be wonderful to see the damage the fruits would do to those vile haters.

1305 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

these whining fruitcake f.a.g.g.o.t.s need to just move to hollywood. then they can see what their kind of real man has in store for them. twittering 'f.a.g.g.o.t' is not something the world needs to heed to and put an end to because it's 'bullying'. real f.a.g.g.o.t.s are the real bullies. check out weHO. = garlic abuse central.

1305 days ago

Howard DeVoe    

what the hell? Why are we so freakin sensitive? It's so embarrassing. Fight back and say something to the guy that said something. Stand up for yourself or it will never end

1305 days ago

Robert Aaron    

Ok look... I am a gay man who has watched wrestling off and on for over 10 years (mostly because a boyfriend does) but I never knew there WAS a gay wrestling thingie, so i would think they should feel accomplished in getting the sensitivity training for the dumba** who let his tounge talk faster than his wife has felt in years. Gaybies get off it already you got an apology and a sensitivity class PLUS PROMOTION! Hell i may start trying to find the queens in tights myself, now just to decide which ones to watch...

1305 days ago


Why does Harvey need to come out an openly admit that he is gay... did you walk into your most recent workplace and say 'Hi, I'm (a moron), I'm heterosexual , and you are?' Or to your first client ' Okay Bob you can sell you that for $..., as long as you know I'm not gay'

1305 days ago


Gay wrestler's, what a big joke. Gay wrestler's. LOL

The gay avenger, LOL.

Why should Cole go to a class to accept them. He does not believe in their lifestyle and that is his CHOICE. Maybe all the gay's need to go for COUNSELING and figure out why they have such mental problem and it's affect on them, being gay.

The gay "wrestler" needs to act like a male instead of a little 2 year old girl.

1305 days ago


How are you gonna be gay and when someone calls you out on it you get mad? Gay people are always trying to force people to accept their lifestyle. If you are gonna be gay accept the slander that comes with it. Stop whining...period

1305 days ago

NFL LadyFan    

Being gay isn't that big a deal. Being super sensitive to a word is! That word gets thrown around by gay people toward each other all the time. But let one straight person use it and all hell breaks loose. Just like the "n" word. I'm so sick of people having such a damn double standard in this world. If you can use it why can't I? (BTW I am in no way a homophobe. I was raised to believe you are born gay or straight and no matter what you are just a person. People are flawed no matter what sexual orientation they have.) In my opinion to be so two-faced about words is ridiculous. Political correctness is a sham. If you don't like how I talk, look or act, don't be around me. Don't read my comments, don't follow my twitter, change the channel, but don't try to sensor me!

1305 days ago

harvey is an idiot    

Cole-sore is such an idiot!

1305 days ago


Ask any wrestlers who used to be in the old WWF about Vince McMahon and what went on behind the scenes with male wrestlers

1305 days ago


If you go on their site "progaywresting dot com" and watch the video under the media section, not only does it look like a borderline backyard wrestling company that had their matches in front of no fans but they also have a non gay character that referred to the other wrestlers as homos....hm, pot calling kettle black me thinks

1305 days ago
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