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Zsa Zsa Gabor -- Spitting Blood, Rushed to Hospital

3/29/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An ambulance is transporting Zsa Zsa Gabor back to the hospital again after the legendary actress started spitting up blood ... TMZ has learned.

Zsa Zsa's husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt tells TMZ he sounded the alarm moments ago because Zsa Zsa could "hardly breathe" at their Beverly Hills mansion.

Anhalt tells TMZ he's "really worried we may lose her this time."

UPDATE: Crisis averted ... Prince tells us Zsa Zsa was diagnosed with pneumonia and a urinary tract infection.  Docs put her on antibiotics and she'll be heading home. 



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I love Zsa Zsa, and hate to see her suffering. I hope she finds peace.

1269 days ago


For years she was known as a real B. Now it's karma?

1269 days ago


FOR GOODNESS SAKE! IT IS TIME FOR ZsaZsa's daughter to find a way to by-pass that so-called PRINCE to be with her mother. I am not familiar with all the details but, it might be he is desperate to hold on to whatever money there might be in the till.

1269 days ago


Francesca should be able to see her mother. The Prince is a cold cold person to keep a daughter from her dying mother. He should be lock up for this. In Ca. it's legal for the husband to do this. I wish the press would focus on the daughter. Help her see her dieing mother for God sake!

1269 days ago


No...Zsa Zsa did not steal anything from Francesca. None of Conrad Hilton's children were included in his will. They all contested on only Barron (paris' grandaddy) won. The rest ended up with nothing. So technically the only reason Francesca has been able to pursue her comedy career instead of getting a real job is because of Zsa Zsa's generosity. But now after years of the prince squandering what was left of Zsa Zsa's fortune, the money is running out for everyone. Trust me, when Zsa Zsa is gone, there won't be much left to fight over besides the house. They are living month to month and the prince is being forced to make up news stories and sell unflattering photos of Zsa Zsa just to pay the mortgage...which skyrocketed after Francesca forged her mother's signature as a co-signer for a personal loan.

1269 days ago


Also, Zsa Zsa you are total badass. Even from a hospital bed you continue to thwart death over and over again.

I seriously think at this point she is fighting so that she can live to see another day and egg on the prince. She probably knows he is waiting for her to croak, and like any woman, she wants to keep him waiting as long as humanly possible.

Zsa Zsa you are a badass and a rockstar and a princess and I love love love you so much.

1269 days ago


I fear when Zsa Zsa goes he will be over sniffing around Betty White. Run Betty, run!!

1268 days ago


LOL, #149!!!!! Betty would knock his azz down before he thought to ring the first ding dong on her bell. I think she'd sic half the L.A. Zoo on him before he said howdy doody. I'd pay to see that-lol!

I'm still trying to figure out just exactly what this dude does to make money-Oh that's right-he sells BS titles-didn't he sell one to some other dude who put Zsa Zsa in the Madoff financial hole-or is that another VonAlnut BS story?

1268 days ago


what is he doing to her...why is she always sent back home too soon, only to be rushed back

1268 days ago


They always go in threes. We lost Liz Taylor now could Zsa Zsa be next?

1268 days ago


Her husband seems HORRIBLE. Who would give a blow by blow to the media about their dying spouse, if they really loved them?

1267 days ago


THIS IS FOR JOHN, #23, 3-29-11 Just want to stop by and say how much I enjoyed your comment. Crisp, clean and to the point. Makes good sense!

1267 days ago


Why does she get sick everytime she goes home? My daughter thinks Prince von a hole is slowly killing her himself. But does she have any real money left that he could inherit?

1266 days ago


She takes a licking and keeps on ticking.

1045 days ago
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