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Zsa Zsa Gabor -- Spitting Blood, Rushed to Hospital

3/29/2011 4:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An ambulance is transporting Zsa Zsa Gabor back to the hospital again after the legendary actress started spitting up blood ... TMZ has learned.

Zsa Zsa's husband Prince Frederic von Anhalt tells TMZ he sounded the alarm moments ago because Zsa Zsa could "hardly breathe" at their Beverly Hills mansion.

Anhalt tells TMZ he's "really worried we may lose her this time."

UPDATE: Crisis averted ... Prince tells us Zsa Zsa was diagnosed with pneumonia and a urinary tract infection.  Docs put her on antibiotics and she'll be heading home. 



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bring back recent posts sure hope she has been getting palliative care at home..she must have been suffering terribly to have gotten to point of coughing up blood...sounds like pneumonia..and really advanced at that...poor woman!

1267 days ago


#50--CCC that is very funny. You are probably correct and raise a great point. No one really knows either one of them or what there relationship is like--I for one do not like to see anyone suffer. Is she Hungarian? I have them for relatives. They can be a tough group of woman. They are all "sue-crazy." Zsa Zsa is tough and as Liz Taylor told they will party in heaven. She is waiting for her.

1267 days ago


I agree that there will be a HUGE legal fight between the "Prince" and Francesca Hilton. Prince Fame Whore will make sure he's represented in the press by TMZ. I still can't believe he came forth as Anna Nicole's baby daddy. What a d-head.

1267 days ago


Wouldn't Francesca Hilton have a lot more money than the Prince?

1267 days ago


To Post #51 Leela - Thank you. The joke about cutting off her arm to level her out was totally uncalled for, but the poster RonBurgandy rarely has anything good to say. Thanks for a little sanity in a postboard full of hate, LeeLa.

1267 days ago


To Post #53 Suzy-Q - (love the name by the way) You are correct. Nobody knows what goes on behind closed doors. He has been by her side for many years, and I believe it was not just to make a name for himself. This is probably one of the most horrible times of his life. This is one tought woman, that's for sure.

1267 days ago


What kind of a husband calls the press obviously before the ambulance arrives. What a jerk. This guy is just waiting on her to die. I hope she has left him out of her will. If she doesn't die soon, I am afraid he will get impatient and end up killing her himself.

1267 days ago



Good question. Don't know her worth, but just because she's a Hilton doesn't necessarily make her rich. Didn't the Hiltons sell off the hotel empire a while back? It will be interesting to see how it plays out.
And what on earth does the person who posted that Liz and ZsaZsa will be partying in the hereafter. I bet Elizabeth was not a fan of ZsaZsa. My opinion - which doesn't matter.

1267 days ago


thank you for putting a pretty picture of her.... I do not want to see any more "bed ridden" pictures or pictures of her husband... she deserves the respect... she has always been very dignified and always did herself up when in public or getting her picture taken.... that's how she should be shown, now and ever more... thank you....

1267 days ago

bring back recent posts    

...ok...I don't mean any ignorance towards zsa zsa...but that Ron joke friggen made me crack up...I'm over the guilt

1267 days ago


It's her time let her go in peace and hopefully pain free.

1267 days ago

Bobo Frog    

It's a pulmonary embolism....most likely caused by a deep vein thrombosis (blood clot) that dislodged from the veins in her legs and settled in her lungs causing the spitting of blood and difficulty breathing. Start her on heparin, stat. I'm a doctor.

1267 days ago


"Legendary actress", no.... she did a TEENY bit of acting but she and her husband are both known for the same thing.... attention whoring and marrying. Sheesh.

1267 days ago

PRO US    

Thank you Doctor Bobo

1267 days ago


It just might be the time for this poor woman to leave the world gracefully. It's reached the point where treating her is like putting a bandaid on a punctured tire.

1267 days ago
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