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David Boreanaz Settles Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

3/30/2011 3:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Boreanaz has put a sexual harassment lawsuit behind him -- the one where a "Bones" actress claims he came onto her while she worked on the show.

Kristina Hagan -- an extra -- claimed David sent her "sexually inappropriate text messages," saying he could "make things happen for her."  She made many other lurid claims as well.

0330_kristina_gloria_launchWhen the lawsuit was filed, David's lawyer, legal pit bull Marty Singer, said the allegations were "absurd."

Kristina was repped by Gloria Allred, who sued both FOX and David.

The terms of the settlement are confidential.


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sorry man, but u r ugly

1300 days ago


what did David lose a bet? that girl is just very fugly...only nice thing on her are her white teeth.

the pic looks like possibly David took it with his right arm stretched out in front of them and they had to be quite close almost cheek to cheek for this quaint little pic.

and why did she wait 2 whole years before deciding to sue? did he string her along all this time telling her he was going to leave his wife and he never did so she got pi$$ed?

nevertheless no matter what an idiot David is/was for cheating on his wife, it does not take away from the gold digging whhore who benefitted at least monetarily.

Gloria is not a feminist as she would like us to believe, in fact she is a supporter of the oldest job for females in the world, she also thinks they need to be paid a lot more, hence the millions she sues for on behalf of her prostitute, ooops i mean client!

1300 days ago


my bad,
it isn't "almost cheek to cheek,"

"it is cheek to cheek" after looking at the pic again.

1300 days ago


I would so let me harass me among other things.

1300 days ago


This girl is such a liar. How did he get her number? IF he did flirt with her at work and she thought it was inappropriate then why did she give him her number? And I highly doubt he'd hit on her. This girl is out for fame and attentions. That's why Gloria is representing her.

1300 days ago


OOPS! I meant I would so let HIM harass me among other things. Damn phone!

1300 days ago


Hide your wallets guys it's now illegal to make any kind of comment to a women to try to get a date or have sex with them, they'll make you pay dearly.
Sad when the laws are so abused.

Posted at 12:08 PM on Mar 30, 2011 by Muppet


1. Coerce a subordinate in the work place into having sex.

2. Sexual compliance a condition of advancement in the workplace - not fair to the other employees who aren't given such advantages.

3. Sexual non-compliance grounds for retaliation such as lack of promotions otherwise earned or loss of employment.

So forth and so on. Yep, sure is unkind to be held responsible for such acts.

1300 days ago


The only thing David is guilty of is having bad taste in women. If you are gonna pay out money for harassment, at least pick a hot chick who is worth it. My guess is that he promised to help her career, he banged her, and then dumped her. She's pissed because he didn't help her with her career. That is not harassment. It's kinda like when you bang a hooker and then don't pay her.

1300 days ago



1300 days ago


Really do not like this guy and do not watch Bones because of him!!! His wife would be smart to move on after getting a good settlement!!! After all he has apparently been sexually involved with Rachel Uchetel (ofTiger fame) and who knows who else!!!

1300 days ago


Geez people, just try Googling David Boreanaz. He is still married to wife number 2 that he married in 2001. His wife is a former Playmate and still good looking. Nevertheless, he is/was a multiple cheater - he admitted it. Of course his wife was pissed - see the reference section for more articles. For whatever reason she decided to stay with him anyway.

Oh, and my money's on he took the photo himself - that's what it looks like to me. Probably a cell phone camera. And, how he got her phone number - lots of ways that could have happened including looking it up in an employee listing. No way to say for sure that she even gave it to him, period.

Unfortunately, even if this case is 100% justified, Kristina Hagan probably will take a major hit in terms of her employability - aka retaliation- whereas David will not. He may even gain support for his being a "victim" of "those bitches" - and said support may even take tangible forms such as getting him more work. That's how the "ol' boy's network" works, sometimes.

1300 days ago

Eric in L.A.    

I heard it was settled for only $50,000. Gloria got crap for this one. David screwed them by coming out with the news first.

1300 days ago


Obviously, there is "something" to the entire event and story, or he wouldn't have settled, period. Having said that, I don't really understand why he would have had an interest in this particular woman, other than the fact that "she was there". His wife is smokin' hot in comparison to this very average looking person. He should have spent his extra time working toward improving his marriage, or working toward officially regaining his "freedom". Poor decisions cost money, . . . unfortunate . . .

1300 days ago


For Pete's sake wait till after work.. No one wants to go to work and be harassed... LOL These men and woman just never learn that you never put things in writing or video.. Dumb, dumb dumb.

1300 days ago


umm it is illegal if your married... ever heard of adultry..its a crime

Posted at 12:21 PM on Mar 30, 2011 by MIDNIGHT TOKER

Then that would be up to his WIFE to deal with wouldn't it??

1300 days ago
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