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Lindsay's Alleged Victim: The D.A. Wussed Out!

3/31/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The former Betty Ford staffer who was allegedly attacked by Lindsay Lohan is griping ... LiLo should have been charged with a crime.

Dawn Holland Video
Holland -- who early-on said she did not want Lindsay prosecuted -- has had a change of heart after the Riverside County D.A. told TMZ they would not prosecute because of insufficient evidence.

Holland says she's "disappointed but not surprised," adding, "It's not fair."


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Re PRO US: Don't feed the trolls people, it only encourages them.

1249 days ago

Squeaky Shoes    

aaaaawwwwww *tear*

whassa matter bitch? didn't get your money and pissed off you lost your job for taking this tiny thing public and making the entire betty ford clinic look bad?

stupid moron... she's only whining to TMZ cuz they're paying her to

1249 days ago


oh forgive me pro us you are the master of the english language. but have not made one statement that justifies lindsay from being innocent. you have wasted your time. high school must have been the hardest 7 years of your life. any troll hands give me a reason she should not be in jail. her father needs to go there as soon as possible

1249 days ago


public service announcement having sex with any one from the lohan family may result in loss of wallet, vd , and alienation of affections from friend and family members.. the fastest way for a movie company to have a small fortune is to have a big fortune then cast lindsay in a movie. if they want to go broke put that fugly michael lohan jr. in it with her and it would not make you tube

1249 days ago


@ 201 andyconda

My opinion is that jail should be for violent criminals first, and the cell space not wasted on petty misconduct. There are better punishments for people like Lindsay than jail for a fraction of the sentence because the jail is crowded. Every day a non violent woman is jailed the total time spent in the jail for violent persons goes down because they get released to keep the place within federal limits on crowding.

Now that she is facing a felony charge prison is a very good punishment and appropriate for the crime and her record. The prisons are no less crowded but there she would do about 75% of the sentence she might get.

Here where I live the jail is not crowded and everyone, men and women do 85% of their sentence. Judges are very fond of imposing curfew as part of probation and back it up with long sentences if you violate. If she had been kept off the streets from 10 PM to 6 AM for six months in 2007 things might be different now.

1249 days ago

Henry The Horse    

Lindsay's got her connections. She ain't gonna go down. Powerful people are probably watching out for her.

1249 days ago


cregis at #22: "Who can believe Holland when she went to the media first? "

She didn't. Lindsay made it public by calling 911, which backfired since both the police and the insurance company (deciding disability benefits) determined that Lindsay was the aggressor. Once it was public record, TMZ got wind of it and pursued Holland. There is no evidence at all that Holland approached the media herself, and the timing of the TMZ story makes it clear that Holland did not contact the media herself. I suspect she wouldn't have been tempted by the $$$ dangled in front of her by TMZ if Lindsay & Co. hadn't started immediately trashing her in public and that BF was caving in favor of the princess. Lindsay & Co. has a habit of ticking people off that way.

1248 days ago


I should point out that not pursuing charges is not the same as feeling the person is innocent (linnocent?). When someone broke into my home while I was away for family reasons, the police said they were pretty sure who did it - there was a "young guy nearby who always seemed to know when people were away" is what they told my cat-sitting friends who reported it. The cats were unreliable witnesses, however, and useless to the police artist... The thief dumped the only thing of value he could find (yes, I am pathetic, this was pre-computer days and I had taken my typewriter with me, the thief had no interest in my raggedy clothes or my collection of nuts and seeds in the freezer and yes - he looked inside, the cat-proofing tape was broken): a portable shortwave radio that my friends had pulled out to listen to while feeding and watering the cats. He must have thought it was a boombox, tried to tune it to a local radio station while it was on shortwave mode and heard only static, and so tossed it unscathed in a neighbor's trash can. Therefore they couldn't catch him with the goods in this case.

So police often do know more than can be easily pursued in a court of law. The police who responded to Lindsay's frivolous 911 call most likely figured out pretty quickly what was going on, explaining why they trying to get the DA to charge her (she probably annoyed the heck out them with her attitude, among other things). Their report would be very interesting - surprised TMZ hasn't ferreted that out and posted it. What happened to their CIA-level skills?

1248 days ago


No one forced her to turn down pressing charges- it's her own fault.

1248 days ago


I can't imagine that the patients in an addiction clinic will always be nice and polite and well-behaved while struggling to control their addiction. Where does this woman Dawn get off? Some people steal and commit other types of crime to feed their addiction. I can't imagine then that they will be on their ps and qs. This idiot is an opportunist who should rot in hell.

1248 days ago



1248 days ago


Your lack of cooperation caused them not to pursue the case. They couldn't move forward without you and you made it clear at the beginning that you wanted no part of it. NOW you're disappointed??!!

1248 days ago
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