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Lindsay's Alleged Victim: The D.A. Wussed Out!

3/31/2011 10:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The former Betty Ford staffer who was allegedly attacked by Lindsay Lohan is griping ... LiLo should have been charged with a crime.

Dawn Holland Video
Holland -- who early-on said she did not want Lindsay prosecuted -- has had a change of heart after the Riverside County D.A. told TMZ they would not prosecute because of insufficient evidence.

Holland says she's "disappointed but not surprised," adding, "It's not fair."


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ex lax    

she got paid to back off an getting workers comp did her crack deal fall out

1266 days ago


Also would love to know what excuse Dina has for the crappy touch up dye job Lindsay has going on, to cover up her baldness

Keep up the drugs and starvation she will be completely bald by the end of the year, if not dead

1266 days ago


Because so far they've seemed SOOOO reluctant to charge LiLo with anything. I'm not saying it's undeserved but "wussing out" on charging Lindsay Lohan doesn't seem to be a real problem lately.

1266 days ago


Oh boo hoo hoo, go cry a river to someone who gives a damned Dawn. "It's not fair"? Lots of things aren't fair, get over it.

I'm so sick of this woman exploiting her situation and selling her stories to TMZ. If anyone scuttled the chance for a successful prosecution it's her with her changing stories. I'll bet the Riverside PD and DA think that's not fair. lol

1266 days ago


She sold her story to the tabloids. Once she did that her credibility was shot and the DA had no choice. The DA will have the same problem with the jewelry store owner who also sold out to the tabloids.

1266 days ago


How dare they even consider prosecuting Lindsay. Lindsay is American royalty. Lindsay is an icon for a generation that looks at her in awe. Who is Dawn Holland? Nuff said.

Posted at 2:18 AM on Mar 31, 2011 by FriendofLindsay

American Royality? Have you seen the pictures of this crack addict on I was in awe of how vile she looks.

1266 days ago

Samuel Smithers    

The new ads on TMZ are GREAT. I actually wish they covered the screen longer.

1266 days ago


I have no doubt some or most of the story is true, but this woman has no credibility after releasing information and later agreeing to be paid off. Absolutely nothing would hold up in court. Please go away.

1266 days ago


DAs talk to each other and Lindsays case with the necklace is way bigger and stronger, they dont need this issue interfering with how they will catch Lying Lindsay stealing a necklace, so they have let this one go

When Lying Lindsay goes back to court in April, Karma is going bite her so bad

There is parts of the video that have not yet been seen

Danette Meyers has got her by the balls

1266 days ago

There's a problem here    

W. T. F. TMZ? I log on here and end up with Anna Nicole Smith's face on my entire freaking computer screen looking like some kind of purple Thanksgiving Day Parade float. Are you hijacked or just stupid?

Oh yeah, and LiLo needs to die. The grim reaper isn't quite as much of a Puss as the justice system.

1266 days ago


Give me a break. This broad works at a place where people who are screwed up come for help. She can't handle herself she shouldn't be working there. Ridiculous.

1266 days ago


@ therock The Store can do whatever they want..Selling the tape out means jacksht in the case
Danette Meyers hs already stated that...Idiot!

Have you seen your honey bunny on Dlisted and how drugged out she looks
Yeah, therock she is hot...LOL!

1266 days ago


Make this woman go away please! She's had her 15 minutes of fame. She can't keep her story straight! Is it any wonder they're not pressing charges? It's her fault, so make her go away now please!!!!

1266 days ago


Gloday, when you are on drugs, you don't eat, sleep, you lose weight and if you are on uppers, you cry a lot over stupid things. This lady is very sick and an addict and you still have your head in the sand. Sad

1266 days ago


Okay isn't it about time we stop reporting on a has been! It's not funny, it's pathetic and tragic. This woman hasn't made a movie since Georgia Rules back in 2004.
She's no longer famous for being the IT girl. She's only famous for the criminal activity that seems to follow her where ever she goes.
I believe Dawn Holland's story about Lindsay coming in late and being her disrespectful self towards this lady. Betty Ford required the testing, not Dawn Holland. Holland was only doing her job and thanks to Lindsay and her b s this woman is now unemployed, got injured that night, and Lindsay could't care less.
If Lindsay had real friends, they wouldn't be covering up what really happened. Lindsay Lohan wouldn't know what a real friend looked like if it slapped her in the face.
And her bitter, bitter mother using the media to continue spewing hateful things about her ex-husband. When will that ever end?
She apparently has forgottent that she married the man and had 4 children with him. Children who have been exposed to her ranting and raving, and hatred. She's damaged her kids so badly that I wouldn't be surprised if all of them wind up in some sort of rehab.
Dina you ain't wearing a halo, so step off the cloud! Stop being a hate filled beuotich and teach your children how real adults act. Oh wait, even you don't know how to do that.
Spitefilled woman!
Lindsay needs to go away, far away from the spotlight. Stay out of trouble if thats even possible, and maybe, just maybe she will get another chance in Hollywood if she stays away for a couple of years and stays clean.
Everyone deserves a second chance, but at this rate, she's ruining all chances of that happening, especially when she gets so stupid and wants a trial for that stolen necklace where she will be found guilty and spend alot of the next few years in jails and prisons. Unavailable to do anything.
Your a laughing stock now Lindsay Lohan. Stay away from your toxic sick mother, and maybe you'll come out on top of all this a better person!

1266 days ago
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